A Second Chance

When you thought you were doomed but for the presence thankfully of that second chance.

It all seems too awkward. That time is silently passing by. But my soul is making a lot of noise. Lightning is striking from my eyes and thunderstorms are pouring from my heart. I just want to search for myself again, for my life, which has slipped past me and fallen apart. I am in a trauma, the drama of life posed for me seems a white lie very secretly shading its true identity from me. I want to open my eyes, to see colors, breathing, being and feeling free. In life until now, everyone has cheated me and easily walked the distance leaving my sadness entirely to myself. I wonder how could I be such an unsuspecting fool throughout, opening the doors to my joys and secrets and giving them the treasure keys. I really have to pity myself. And wondrously the whole evening is making up faces to tease me up. The winds are whispering things in the ears of trees and it seems that more is to be felt than is being done presently. The air seems poisoned with so many bitter feelings of universe conjuring a darker night there. Why do we fall victim to our own self and feel embarrassed pretty soon because we were too good, too innocent? This life does not follow a defined set of laws. It does not give you many chances to make things right. You have to survive being in the flow, and keep on presenting a successful show of your existence, of your spirits. Well, though no one for any of your efforts will give you ever any merit. I am lost because I am alone in the sea of life. All seems just to be a shadow of truth. I wonder what is more enjoyable, rough existence or easy death? When you love life, you come into the realm of expectations. But you must know that no one can be the perfect creation to give you even a moment of rest and satisfaction. You may naturally feel that the world is in utmost need of massive humanization. Now I am beyond doubts that life is just a come-n-go affair. And meeting worthy people and experiences can be very rare. Life gives you some, takes away more. And I sometimes feel I want to quit for sure. But then comes down bright sun rays through my window pane and the sun is all smiles at me as if saying not all chances hit jackpots, only some do. I look around, birds are flying, chirping the song of sustenance, flowers are dancing and the breeze is so full of a ‘living the life anyhow’ essence. My little angel Anaisha, my one-month-old bundle of love is gazing with hopeful eyes, saying, Mom, good morning, how are you? I am so eager to grow up soon and play with you, do good things for you, make you smile and ensure your well being always. This look and feeling crosses my mind and heart simultaneously and I say to myself, Well I have lost the first chance given to me by life but this seems to be the second one and I must not ignore this. Let this be a lucky start for us to love, live and be together to cherish special moments as such. Life is after all giving me something secretly special. So for this second chance thank you life very much.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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