Stacey Dear

Don’t disappear from my eyes, I said

Don’t evade my heart, I cried

I know life teaches us what is wrong and what is right

I wish for a good life starting from now, I will wipe all my tears

But when I remember him, I am filled with fear

Now I say to him, okay, enough is enough, I won’t let you destroy me again

My being in love with you was sadly a crazy bargain

But the confusion and evil shades from my heart have now all drained

And now I am out of danger and strains

I am so relaxed and happy with this beautiful change

I don’t want from true  living and reality, feel strange

I am waiting for the miracle to happen, to change my life from good to better to best. For that, I will fulfill my duties and then only take rest

I will dance, sing, laugh, cry, zest and try to decorate my muffins of life with merry cherries in its fest. If you could never love me truly, well now I am not surprised

You with your vicious presence and foul play taught me to be under pressure wise

Now I have my plans, am ready for a new story. Don’t even want to remember our stuff, it’s gone in trash zone history

I will love a true soul, a man who would not leave me for another

I now want a carefree life with least bothers

I will live, love, laugh and then say goodbye with a smile on my face

I will do all for the world and more but never leave my grace

I now seriously wish to win after losing helluva lots in life’s good bad race.

So, Stacey, I say to myself, it’s time to grow and grope the best offers coming your way in life by handfuls 

Be the best you can be in your quest to find true love which will be thoroughly beautiful, crazy yet mindful.

It’s your moment to understand life and abide by your self-made,experience-enriched and cheat-proof, rulebook.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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