Lucky Me

I am so living it. The life I once wanted to possess. I am properly into it without no hassles and regrets. Purple, blue, green colors, splurged all over. Life has got at this stage a completely new makeover. The question though remains that what went right to bring luck’s light into this dark hole? And to be honest here, only my real, determined self-played the heroic role. When the deserts started getting unending, when hopelessness was hopefully circling in. I was trapped in a dangerous, mysterious black magical game. And for my state of permanent failure, I could not afford on anyone any blame. I had wanted to ride high on dark horses and checkout zones extraordinaire. Never did I want to get paralyzed in troubles bizarre. I wanted to have money, power, fame and leave the lonely lane. I wanted to perform beautifully in the show of life and believe in miracles and transformations. I wanted to adorn my life with heavenly decorations. But wishes could not fly and reach destinations and flower. I was soon caught in the grey world of gloom from where I saw only dying angels and despaired souls flying with torn black wings. In better seen days, I was a happy one, a sprinter, a painter, a dancer, an achiever but meeting an unfortunate mishap was paralyzed for life with not being able to walk and hear. I was tormented by this sad state for long but I tried to let go off my fears. I took the plunge when one day humiliation could not damage more, ushering in the light. Bright, beautiful and inspiring me to live, laugh and love life as I could fight out the night, the bad friend and my incapacity all together and feel worthy again. By some magic made for me, I could balance my posture and stand upright without crutches and feel the power. Yes, now I could see that I had beautiful eyes and a lovely smile and best walks, yes they were killing. And the feelings at this moment were thrilling. This sudden turn of fate was not automatic nor induced or product of some empty wish made in the kingdom of God. It was the result of my fierce feeling, my wish, my self-power to mold my capacity, my deep desire and my motivated heart’s wish to get back on my feet once again. To feel the power of life, run with my legs and make me valuable to this life and world again. I could not believe it. Yes, I could walk again and as I said hurrah, it echoed so loud in the auditorium I could feel the words dance in my ears loud enough to drown the sound of clappings, the cheers, and the whole merry scene was made totally memorable. I became the rockstar, the superstar and the hottest gossip of Jacksonville and I was lucky me again. Lucky with a never leaving smile, the love, appreciation of friends, people. Luck is no assumption, no magic, no God’s design or mercy. Its the selfwish, a deep desire or passion to get something, achieve something, it’s really the second name of hard work and there’s no shortcut to it. It’s a one lane magic and when it happens it makes you rule being the greatest. But it starts from scratch, takes you to the top leaving you unmatched. Luck is your own wonder, your power to break the odds and emerge mightiest. It is your winning signature on your destiny’s placard which says, when you wish you do and when you do life loves you.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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