LIFE….as you don’t know it

The hard path is undefined and lingers longer. But holds its secrets intact. Spring passes by bringing others lined up in a queue. Similar to joys and celebrations which usher trouble times. Only to be handled with grit, courage, and determination on our parts. Life is a puzzle, good, bad and ugly and cannot be categorized logically pertaining to any set criteria for a set class of people. It is awesome and awful, it is a blessing and a curse depends on your ability and intelligence to justify it. We are part of each element and aspect of this life. Sometimes we feel sick, terrified and hopeless. Thinking how did we ever get caught up in this merry-n-mess.The challenge is near and its real. We just need to get ready and keep going steady wherever we go. Sometimes looking at it from a different perspective, we may feel life is our one golden chance to prove our points and worth in this ever beautiful show. Life may be one thing or another but it is really a game of adventure where you smell the roses, catch butterflies and even get devoured by crocs and ugly vultures. What we know about life and world may be less than complete and to perfect it, we need to become a superhuman with magical powers. It opens, step by step, unravels its mixed bag of constituents and the mystery gets unfolded in the ever magnificent show of life with all the drama, thrills, horrors, comedy and all else. And boy, it really is something majestic. Life gives us a chance, only one. And in that, we have to prove that we are awesome. We work, we eat, we fight, we sleep. A cycle keeps going on from a weary dusk to a dreamy dawn and we toil hard to keep things going in balance. Yes, the ultimate challenge. I sometimes wonder if the afterlife is better and more inviting. But can I be sure? I wish I could in life find my perfect fit, a way to understand in layman’s sense, the purpose of my existence, the hidden gems inside me and the meaning of life being a bit taxing at times. I wish I could. I wonder whether what we see is the end and solution of all our queries and whether for our births on this planet we should be sorry. We come here in pomps, become connected to everything happening around us. We strive to survive with pleasure and pride but we are taken even on unwanted cry rides. I wonder what is my story out of so many others, some highlighted, some not. Where do I stand, have I played my role well, is there something more to be done and what more lies ahead? There remain many unsolved doubts, voices which scream for solutions and many canvasses unfinished without the magical stroke still remaining to be splashed. We wonder when will the journey of life breath its last? We love life at one point and at another we hate it too. We sometimes cry being clever heroes and smile blind shot being smart fools. Life gives us lots and I wonder what does it need in the barter. And then I realize life is a design, a plan made by God to make us wiser, brighter and smarter, accomplished in our positions but it is executed keeping us confused all throughout. It has everything, it needs only our patience, power and our versatile abilities to do their best in keeping up with life, understanding and forgiving it at times when it shows more of its harshness. God and life want to test our patience, they want to put us to work and judge our performances altogether, in this show of color, in this beautiful than anything life. Life sees how well we laugh,how we cry,dance,sing,love,hate and how we sign off with our signature touch creating our individual masterstrokes in this arena of love, work, fancy, beauties, beasts, sacrifices, promises, luck, efforts and above all the fighter spirit in all of us which never says die. The beauty of this life comes from us in our ability to put up a brave fight and don’t quit without doing our bit and having that last laugh. Each of us are special, perfect to be showcased and imperfect in a sweet way. We do our do’s well. And it is the beauty spot of life, the never-ending celebration which is a wondrous thing. Life gives us all certificates which prove that at one or even more points in time we have proved to be superhuman beings worthy of accolades and appreciation, only to make life sweeter, better, more beautiful and a never-ending, ever superb celebration.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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