Come Up Now!!!

You are somewhere there, yes. Maybe in deep clutters and mess. You seem distressed. With the way, things have worked for you, by beautifully going astray. You were by the demon forces destined to go crazy in the frenzy and the fray. You have badly suffered and then you sadly wonder, was this the last gift that life could have offered? Enough of this negative hoopla-hoo though now. It’s time to shake up and come back in form. To authorize your power and shun the ill speaking norms. To take a winning shape and pattern. Change from blacks to browns and from reds to auburns. Change your thinking, your ways, to usher in power days. Change your style, strut your stuff, now different. You will click supers hot hundred percent. Leave behind memories, good or bad. They are not the only possessions that you have had. Try to mess with your boring and set self and try to shine out with the new one being your best help. By denouncing old facts and fiction, get a new meaning for your life. Do a thing and more that will sprinkle and shower happiness shunning pride. Make out a more concrete set up for self which is new, is tougher, is more correct. What you have been thinking and doing till now was not at all perfect. Try bringing the old bold self back. Improve where you lack. When can’t get better ideas into your deep inner self, make a clever hack. With a new vigor, new aura, new spirits, and qualities get packed. Think from a new perspective now. Take on a brand new avatar. It’s you and it’s your life, no one’s in between to stop the story of a superstar. It’s time to come up new and natural. It’s time to bang the drums again. And dance in thunderstruck, clouded pittery-pattery rains. It’s time to complete the line of logic, to restore the gone magic. Come up and shine. Tune things fine.Eat,sleep,love,live and laugh.You and your charms are never enough. You can be the next world-changing phenomenon, better know it. You have got your chance to prove it, don’t blow it. Life needs winds of change, a passion maker and a boost up. Come up, it’s not time to look down deep in hell. It’s now sweet spring, it’s celebration time and forces want you to make things work again and good motives and ideas in action get propelled. Come up now, make it the moment right. Stop the conflicts, the nasty fights. Forgive and forget, what was bad has now gone. To leave you hopeful, steady and strong. It was a dark hour when you could not cope and click. But now you are a changed charismatic chick. You are your own motivation to create wonders. Be your own rainfall, lightning, and thunder. So come up and try a new taste of life. Come up and recognize your potentials vast. Keep on setting things right and keep on being the silver star till happenings last. Come up and know where you stand. Add the magic spice to the cup of your tea which stood till now purely bland. What and who could oppose your revolution to bring changes to life and living? There could be no one like you as your feelings are so genuine reflecting the best sides of a great human being. You are where you are but you will go the whole world round to make negatives change their shades. You are a sharp cutting edge, to bring forth standard and value in life, needing not the help of world’s blades. You should know that you have to traverse long distances and visualize brighter scenarios. For the best of life and world, you have all the power to create the best and say cheerios. Come up now, do not hesitate. Make haste in actions and thoughts, let not the spirits go to waste. Come up now to ignite the fire and give it some fuel, to show to others that you can change all and really rule. All have got what it takes to do the best. So don’t look over other’s shoulders. Look inside your heart and self. Sometimes you are what you thought you could not be. Come up and inaugurate the start of your endeavors with a confetti of colors and joy. You are in a sense your own God and you hold the key to your wellbeing. Open your eyes again. Come up now. You are the show of life. Start, perform and gather the applause. World is waiting for the fireworks to glorify and unleash the power inside you who rises again to make things right. Steer the course of life straight. Come up again to do what was left undone, to sing the song of success which was till now unsung. Come up now and soar highest. You are the beauty spot in the night sky. Let your light beautify life. Let all the mighty forces to support and celebrate your comeback come alive. You are what is rightest. You are the mightiest. With you in command life will justify your existence in glory and glitters. You are the power which will showcase it’s magic, now and later. Come up, mighty man. Yes, you can and you will. The power will be unleashed. THE POWER IS YOURS.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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