Oh!!! Stay Happy Please

Life is one big chance for all human beings on the blue planet. We are mortal beings, the very rare and made-with-care species by God. Despite having it all, we are basically selfish beings who never feel that ‘it is enough’. We are in constant need for many things in life starting from basic need items, exotic material necessities to luxury accomplishments. And the list keeps on growing. But before anything and after anything we need one thing very truly and very basically without which every effort and expectation will go in vain. And not being surprised it is just a simple, beautiful and precious treasure which multiplies when we give and share it. It is happiness of course. The one special feeling which always makes everything perfect and fine starting from our moods, our activities, performances, relationships, and life. Happiness is surely priceless and it is addictive too. It is a feeling that makes us prettier than we are, abler than we think we can be and removes unwanted doubts in our minds. And well then, life starts to shake its bonbon too. Happiness in itself is the sweetest feeling, the most awesome one that leaves behind a trail of the ‘dust of bliss’. No strings attached. It is a state of mind, a very powerful and productive one of the moment, which can change many things making them inclined towards positive results.

According to me, to stay happy we should take some time out of our busy schedules, analyse the pros and cons in our lives and think out about how successfully we have tried to correct our mistakes, find solutions for our problems, how nicely we are coping with our situations and how we are paving our way towards a progressive and proper life. We should glance back at our past to learn from our mistakes and to make better decisions in the future. We must develop a passion and adopt a healthy and fruitful lifestyle. We must have a pastime hobby and we should not keep ourselves in a rogue position, a jobless nutcase. We must try to keep ourselves busy and occupied for the day and try to remember the positive activities we have done in the past week and about happy events, memories of the past forgetting the gloomy ones.

We become taxed and pressurized by the multiple numbers of chores we have to do regularly and which cannot be omitted from our verified and diversified routines. We may sometimes get annoyed by the continuous barking of that annoying dog, every time we thought we were luckily feeling sleepier. We also feel annoyed, unhappy with the workload we need to handle at work and at home too. The mind work done to solve every kind of problem arising from the innumerable situations in life like taking care of the home, looking after the baby or attending grandfather leaves us flustered and tormented. But still, with so much work stewing in our hands and ideas steaming inside our heads, we need to reserve a moment for self and breathe a little. We need to press the pause button and please self from time to time. Self-care and pampering or pleasing self is really a very useful exercise we need to do incorporating the same in our howsoever busy routines. We can try to voice our ideas and immediate plans loud whether or not we have an audience ready for the dialogues. We need to say loud how we spent the previous day in the best way and how our prank game caught our friends unawares. In this way, the negative things come out in the open and are neutralized making us breathe back without getting poisoned. Another tip to keep staying happy and making all others happier is not slouching for long durations on the couch and banning the tendency to be a couch potato every time we want to fool ourselves. If we are tired then we can read, nap, do yoga, stretch or do something peaceful and creative. We must be ready to walk briskly and engage in some mild form of exercises. We must modify our schedule of daily chores in an equal amount of time reserving some free time for ourselves and our interest areas too. We must try to stay healthy, which means taking care of our beauty, sanitation, our activity schedule and don’t avoid taking medical assistance time and again. It keeps us and our doctor on par with your health condition and helps to make it better. Eat smart to avoid those lazy moves, fleshy curves, and smelly farts too. Don’t also go for the ‘super skinny me’ idea too. Don’t push yourself that far. Don’t think skinny, think healthy. Eat in a balanced way, avoiding fattening things and harmful ones like carbs, fatty foods, extra oils, sugars, and spices. Instead include fresh fruits and juices in your diet along with lots of nuts too. Drink lots of water and take lots of herbal beverages. Find your happy moments, your tools for happiness and your crazy ideas to feel blissful and blessed. Thank God for giving you so many goodies in your bag and for keeping you cheerful. It will leave you refreshed and with a pleasant outlook towards life. Not often but spend that extra buck when you need a manicure or want to see the baseball game tomorrow night. You must remember that you are yourself and you are worth it. Accept yourself and strive to make it better in every possible way. You were put on the radar of life for a reason. God wants you to know it too. Go out, work, fight, laugh, dance, sing and claim out your share from life that is rightfully yours. Find a sport or hobby to occupy your dwindling mind. Friends improve everything so surround yourself with people who make you feel special and appreciated. Support and help others and the feeling of giving will make you happy. Exercise more and get some fresh air, it helps to stay calm. Plan out your busy schedule of a day and focus your mind and energy on doing it correctly. We can make ourselves happy and others too by doing likable things. Happiness is the greatest virtual treasure everyone can afford so nobody should try to steal it from anyone. It sure is priceless and so are you. So stay happy and do stuff that makes you so. And well, didn’t someone tell you that you look like a diamond when you smile.

Happiness is our treasure, it’s very positive as it spreads lots of colors in a person’s life. Without the spirits and enthusiasm to be somewhere or do something we will be lost, in a frenzy. Happiness channelizes our energies, talents and ultimately charges our soul to do the good work for everyone and everything. Happiness does not need much fancy, luxury, big time wonder scenario or cheating show off to do its job. It has the sole job to spread compassion, brotherhood, cooperation and lots of glitters in our lives. Imagine your feeling when you could never smile or feel its effect inside you. Would be so pathetic. So learn to live and let live and learn to laugh making others do so too. A happy soul without even bare bones is the beauty of survival of mankind.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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