Daddy Dong Diaries

A write up to mention the role of a father in the development and progress of his kids who is no longer passive in any of his capacity when it comes to handling his baby and managing the balancing act a lot too well.

Today is different, tomorrow will be even unique. In measuring the diverse fields where progress has dominated, we cannot restrict the listing to a certain area. Similarly, in the field of parenting too, the daddy role has changed, modified becoming worth a mention. Daddies no longer take their backseat roles for granted and are evolving even better than moms. They are no longer relaxing and watching passively as the mom of the house goes about completing her mommy duties. Now in the moment of action from changing diapers to feeding, from making tree houses to becoming donkey dads, camping adventures and bonfire mischiefs, dads become the next all-in-one solution center for all their kid problems. This shift of focus and the reverse gear sweet gesture is coming as a needed surprise for mommy darlings. And dads are too happy to say more for this preoccupation and new lease in the area of parenting and patriarchal supremacy that they are enjoying this best. This move on daddy dearest’s part is really proving very healthy and satisfactory for the growth of kids and their wellbeing. The personal time between a father and his son/daughter is healthy, energizing and fruitful for both as they benefit from this gesture in separate ways. Children become stronger and more motivated by this interaction and develop a wiser and healthier mindset to fight with life and achieve their goals. The journey of a father in life is also a very special and blissful period for him in which he comes to recognize his not-so-regular qualities and feels to be a maturer, more feeling, and complete person than he ever felt before. This phase of nurturing his offspring gives him powers making him a Hercules hero to nip the buds of probs in their infancy. A dad is never the forgotten aspect or a lesser looked upon influence in molding and grooming his kid. He loves, he cares, is concerned and advices his child keeping his best interests in priority. A dad sometimes has been seen to do double duty of a mother or the very proper guardian and he passes this test without a flaw. Dads are reinventing their roles in full bloom and with the wonderful and creative capacity to make moms run the race for their position because they seem to be drawing an equal line here. And by the promotion of a dad more than the mother, a child gets more proper care and help in having a complete and holistic physical, mental, emotional development. Regarding the likeability meter, a son is more inclined towards his mom and it’s vice versa for the father-daughter duo. And today both of the kids want the attention, the pampering of their dads, whether he is a busy bumblebee or a lazy, jobless one. And if they don’t get it, they start getting depressed and sad. The daddy innings are meant never to stop. And today daddy knows best for his baby. The times are beaming and are ripe for a world of fathers which promises adventures, fun, learning and more of everything. If the kid is a toddler, dad knows what to do for him and how to keep him cheerful. If the kid is on the threshold of adolescence daddy stands again for worthy advice and takes care of all kid woes and probs. Men may be taking baby steps towards their new role and ‘daddy dearest avatar’ but it is worth it to erase old notions which had chained men in old, useless and mundane activities not letting in any newness and good thinking and holding back from expressing true feelings and doing their share. Today, in India, an orthodox county by beliefs and practices, we can see some good revolutionary changes in the views of men, not considered the sole wise and strong sex, where they give space and shoulder responsibility with their female counterparts. Men now realize that running a household, taking care of children and doing trivial to important chores is no easy talk, no child play, and no dumb balderdash. And we see almost all the celebrity dads going ga ga over their special, fun and blessed time they spend with their kids who are a gift to them from God, carrying deep meanings and holding a very important place in parent’s lives. Dads are now wiser, abler, concerned, cooperating and more into the childcare plan. Moms too feel the burden shared now which gives them chances to enjoy their ‘me times’. Celebrity dads like Hrithik Roshan, M S Dhoni, Sandip Singh Dhaliwal share their blessed cutie moments and thoughts with us saying a family is the ladder of success for many and they cannot thrive without having a loving wife and sweet children. So it’s time we salute the spirit of a dad wanting his bundle of joys to stay safe, secure, happy and healthy come what may and to rise, shine and conquer like a true champion, a true person.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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