Everything Going Up

A small piece on what all is on a going up spree and if part of it is evil, how can man combat it?

Hello dearies. I am Ambika and I have been thinking about what should be my state of reaction on life where we have taken a love for new highs as nothing ever seems to come down, everything’s going up. Finally, the rate of global warming is going up bringing in lot more of summers, something we hate to have, but yes, we are left choiceless here along with a mix match of odd weather patterns. Then rates of general necessities have gone up, good food, good flight, good clothes, all these have reached the level of our ceilings and we have attracted more heart attacks towards us with a guarantee certificate of no healing. The highs have left us down in lows and we are giving ourselves a free set of kicks and blows. Emotional atyachar too has been affected well. Now girls ditch guys for no reason swearing to mutating them badly, sending them to carefully made first-class hells. The rates of romances counterbalanced with separations have gone up too. ‘Now I will kill you’ has taken the forefront and no one can be fooled or tricked for free to say or even whisper, ‘I love you’. And the miscellaneous malpractices of stuff like cheating, bribery, forgery, molesting, terrorism, corruption, on the whole, has gone up too. The price of goodies has gone up, the price of goodness has gone up too. You do someone a favor, you don’t expect a return for your endeavor. Now small is the new big and crazy is the new gig. The price in meters goes up, the rate of deceivers goes up, the less of the goods, more of the bads, less of the happy, more of the sads, the pressures go up. The tensions mount, the fever to be superb than all is paramount. The risks, the turmoils, the cools and the boils, the roses and glories, the moments for which we have to be sorry, the loads, burdens of carrying this heavy life, all have gone up. But then has man been able to walk the walk and do stuff to check this insane flow of mayhem and can he be seen as the messiah or guardian angel of life? To protect it, removing clutters and correcting many of its haywire aspects. We don’t know what to do or how to find a solution to our problems, we are proving useless and becoming the butt of jokes. Reality is getting heavier, we may not be able to handle stuff well. Life is taking turns to reach the destination of hell. What should we do? How should the hero, the protector be born? We have the answer right in front of the mirror, in our own selves. If we start to show wisdom, courage, understanding, and a fierce dedication to rebel against wrongs, we will fight and achieve our goal of reaching freedom from the ills and evils surrounding us, our lives, and we will see that the sun is born again in the blue sky to scatter rainbow colors and blessings alike on those who have shown that they are not play dolls, cowards and good for nothing scoundrels and they will not tolerate bad done to the world anymore. So don’t look back for your leaders. You be your best support and lead the pack. You do the needful. You change rules, make new ones, you slay dragons. You pass judgment, you make laws, you change entire systems removing every single flaw. Yes, show that you are no ordinary soul of flesh and blood. You know what to do, where to stop and you will resurrect life in such a way that no evil eye will dare to cast a spell and do anyone harm because of lifesavers and heroes like you. The world will be so much gratified by your help, you will like a noble spirit and messiah of God in every heart and corner of the world dwell. You alone will bring changes which will change the face of life and you will win the balance position in life which remains a very tough challenge to achieve. It will be possible only if you, in yourself will believe.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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