Make Your Space Extra Large, More Fun!!!

An informative piece on how you can make your rooms feel larger by creating a wanted sweet visual illusionary break and palatial feel together.

We all want to live a dream life. We all want to have a house on a mountain with a stream flowing nearby and flowers blooming everywhere. Or maybe we would like to own a condo on Beverly Hills. We may love to settle around the scenic beauty of Switzerland or dive in the waters of Maldives. But it is not always so. Because of constraints on our budgets, lifestyle limitations, various socio-economic problems and overall hassles of living a mediocre life we do not afford every rich and fancy available in this world. But on the positive note, every one of us has access to three basic necessities of life, namely, food, clothing, and shelter, whether decent or not. If we are lucky enough, we may be residing in a ten-room lavish apartment with lots of colorful space, decorations and elegant touch to make the house living heaven or a beauty to keep gazing. But if we are not lucky enough then still we have to find ways to make our humble abode beautiful, cozy and something very close to our hearts. We have to find out ways to make our tiny pads feel like a palace.
We can paint our rooms or wallpaper the ceiling to make a room look taller because anything that draws the eye upwards makes a room look 30% bigger. Light colors on the walls and floors can make a room look magically larger. A dark colored wall can though make a room feel cozy but it also absorbs light instead of reflecting it and thus makes a space feel smaller. An illusion of spaciousness should be created by pulling the furniture away from the walls and each other. The bigger decoration pieces and other stuff in the room must be kept in the last row after everything has been settled in. The hidden storages and multipurpose items like armories and cabinets must be used and must be merged in with the color of the wall behind. Some shelves and hanging decoration pieces styling the room in a fanciful way must be hanged from the ceiling so that the gaze goes upwards. The cantaloupe rule can also be followed. According to home stylists decoration pieces smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room. One can try the alternate option of keeping fewer decorations larger in size. Statement furniture must be opted for. In small living rooms, one large couch instead of multiple small pieces actually decrease the cluttered look and make a room feel bigger. Use stripes to elongate the space in the form of striped cushions, rugs, table cloths, and other furnishings. Colour code your shelves to create the look of structure. Any object and decorational stuff of any size color if arranged in a pattern or definite way makes a room bigger. One can use a clear shower curtain in a tiny bathroom. Sometimes one must leave windows uncovered to give a room more depth. More light gives space lots of depth. To maintain privacy one can try roman shades or blinds to give a less-crowded look. Sometimes one can use dramatic art pieces to make a room expansive. Try to choose art pieces that are large and bold instead of a gallery wall. One must buy glass or Lucite items. Avoid overhead lights. Harsh top-down lighting concentrates all the light in one space. Smaller lamps must be used to spread light all around and draw the eye everywhere in the room. For the walls, rugs, and furniture using different shades of the same color creates a visual coherence that makes space feel open. One must use furniture with exposed legs. Place the mirrors strategically to create an illusion of more space. One can break the rules too regarding the treatment of a living room. Just because it is a living room it does not need to have a sofa, a TV, a spic and span setup and no fun. Make it a bit surprising and unexpected with a new style of arrangement, layout to make the space more open and fun. Put a bean bag, a rug or a recliner to create your personal touch and some magic too. Decorate it as your heart says, not as a strict rule criterion or any set orthodox standard. Put in a swing, a cushiony rug or both. Have fun and go wild, where your heart wants you to go.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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