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A collection of some informative knowledge about life and more.

When and where did guitar originate from?
A universally popular string instrument played by plucking or strumming. The guitar is the proverbial instrument of chivalrous courtship. The word guitar can be traced to the Greek kithara, but there is no similarity in the structure or sound of the two instruments. The guitar in its present form originated in Spain in the 16th century and spread all over the world. The standard instrument has six strings and frets along the fingerboard to indicate the possibility of the notes of the scale. The strings are tuned in fourths, with the exception of the interval between the fourth and fifth strings, which is the major third-E, A, D, G, B, E, the lowest string an E in the middle register of the bass clef.
JOKE-Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
One profits more by the mistakes one makes by own talk than by doing the right thing on somebody else’s advice.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
No stoppies in studies, be the best one, the favorite of all buddies.
GK rounded up, smartness grounded up, there’s going to come great sounding stuff which will blow out the bluff, it’s you of course.
Rattofy and ghassofy, from working hard don’t be shy. With flying colors and fantasies of fun fly high.
When going to shop in the bazaar of life, top it with the bhaji of masti and don’t compromise with cheez sasti.
If you don’t know, don’t show. Some glow, some blow but do not stop the shop. Life is a river that always flows.
Study lots, get the smart slot, make for yourself a position hot, be fresh and cool and let critics rot.
With your efforts some are pleased, some are poisoned, to have a balanced setup have a broad and unbiased vision.
Cool cannabis can lead to schizophrenia-The group of youngsters busy blowing rings of smoke at snazzy hangouts, come to the defense and say, marijuana is not a drug, it’s just the done thing. Marijuana, hashish grass, weed, charas, ganja, all are forms of cannabis, officially termed a soft drug.
Women are seldom allowed to watch tearful soaps in peace. They are teased and bullied by families.
Viewing television is liberating for women.
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.
Joke-Teacher-Did your father help you with your homework?
Student-No he did it all by himself.
I only go to work on days that don’t end in ‘y’.
Liberty trains for liberty.
Live in the real world. Try to achieve, succeed with hard work and dedication, a great combination for success’s creation.
Masti udao, susti bhagao.
An oblique expression is the soul of poetry.
Riches are plenty if your brains are not scanty.
To find the most important moment, just smile to find the most important person and cast a look in a mirror, no need to go for miles.
Joke-It’s difficult to understand God, he makes such beautiful things as women and then he turns them into wives.
If a man is happy in this world he is supposed to be going insane and should well be blessed with a curse.
What works is what is wanted, what does not work is totally haunted.
I have basic, normal life fundas, which are plain, not requiring the guidance of a steady intellectual brain every time. It feeds only on instinct that too coming from a free mind and a loving heart.
You may like or dislike but excuse me, I am just ready to manage and rule my life on my own terms.
No one is less, no one is more. Life is with mixtures, it is not pure but you have to do something in it really, that you be sure of.
Unleash the hidden power to bring a showdown, show no mercy.
To evolve or to sustain requires that you have enough stock to entertain and never let fall life’s curtain. Sometimes I find it personally hard to really stand up and fight for my soul, peaceful mercy and merry existence.
If you are not good, you don’t feel good and when you have to work for that you cannot feel good in all ways. But you must have confidence in hard times which say you are correct. It’s survival of fittest every moment from now to eternity.
Be the ruling eyeball, the dream come true diva and don’t forget to love, laugh, be crazy and be you. Love yourself and then wink it, pretty babe!
Stress Out-Stress stifles you out with its monstrous power, it is a catalyst that can induce a host of ailments in one’s body, mind, and soul. Stress gives rise to Generation Rx. Children suffer from burnout due to acute stress to live up to their parent’s expectations. There is blind ambition and reckless consumerism. More type A personalities in the world. Don’t be susceptible to the pitfalls of stress.
Image boost can do something good to the roots.
When you’re following a map of life, you are following someone else’s lead.
Why must a woman be reduced to a cleavage? It does not suit men to reduce a woman to a sum total of body parts rather than acknowledging her brains.
Spirituality is about introspection and an inner voice telling the right from the wrong.
You need an ideal some time to get an act together. Nowadays most of the friendships fall through the cracks. It’s because the relation after a time starts to gather boredom and overfamiliarity to ego and envy.
Friendship is like a china cup, precious, rich and rare, once broken can be mended but the crack is always there-Maudlin Prose.
Work, in reality, dream in fantasy, all the time keep having infinite good qualities.
One must focus on changing the course and direction of life; make it better, meaningful, musical and nice. Work for good ends and great starts. Make self-powerful and smart. Live life, make it beautiful and do the class act. Confidence can make the needed difference. An awesome person is always inside you, just look deep.
Give good people more and rightful importance and respect.
Harsh words may shoot when things do not suit.
What is a game—A game is about playing, it’s not only about winning, it’s about having the right spirit and spreading brotherhood all around.
Dreamboats should consistently float.
You must have the heart to feel and endure and have a head to think right and make things get better for sure.
There may come sorrows and more sorrows but in the arena of challenging life, it is making me more thorough. I have become more broad and bold with more of brains and they are asking me to change lanes, never feel lonely and strange anymore.
Interruption is needed when there seems to be lethal corruption.
Imagine and ignite the fire of promise and let it burn bright.
Always know boundaries and limits and when the time is right better to break them too if it could make good change and usher in a revolution you wished there should have been.
Psychologies need to be molded in a positive framework and given the name of normalcy for every step a mortal takes and every rule that he consciously breaks.
Think good, feel good, enjoy the glow grand on your face and just take strong, curvy steps to be ahead of all mortal race.
You can never really manage the higher levels if you cannot command the basics. To be superficial, partial and a vague boost in knowledge and intelligence about life is really shameful and so tragic.
Flowers are there for friends, for foes ready is the gun. One has to make a life by own effort and try to stay at position number one.
A fool’s framework can be life; a fanatic’s design could be life too. Fantastic fun can also be life. It can be equally bad or nice. After all its life.
Wise words must accompany even smarter works.
Work hard or die off guard. Some work for perfection, some can never come out of the saga of confusion.
The greatest success story is made by a simpleton.
Truth wins, lie dims.
Without effort, there is no award, without bravery you are a coward.
A listing requires the best effort to reach the standard stand.
Wisdom makes you play wise, bad knowledge makes you do stuff otherwise.
When you switch on from the thinking mode to the doing mode, you can accompany success in your humble abode.
In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.
If you take all, even give some. When you fly you can also fall. Short can become tall but do your duty. You have the right to make fun and mess together. Answer to nature and God’s calls.
Flattery can get you nowhere except back to the pavilion.
Joke-Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world’s population.
Change is inevitable except from a vending machine.
I need ease, ecstasy, enjoyment, and existence.
Don’t bask in wrong achievement’s glory. Something for which you later have to be sorry.
Ping pong, ding dong, I am the supremo King Kong.
As you got all, so I also got all. If you are big, even I am not small. If you stand, even I do not fall. So hey, when ready to fight just give me a call.
Always define a person with the wisdom eyes that leave nothing unjudged.
Bring the talent from deep down inside, leave problems aside. Work with power and at night keep satisfaction by your bedside
Have creativity as a student, power as an individual, and goodness as a human being. Try to accept changes so that you don’t feel strange.
You cannot boost without a talent backing, if you do not love the feeling called love, then you have something in yourself lacking.
Love is given where love is got. But where only nastiness dwells all else is a bad shot.
This is life, you got to kick it to start and leave it to end. Live life and be ahead in all trends.
Concentrate, create and remember. Life is cool like a cucumber.
No good effort goes unnoticed. So good effort’s making should in every heart be practiced.
There must be a steady effort to keep enjoying the sensation of success.
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.
Have to at a time follow, at a time lead. Take responsibility being a part of life and making life a part of me.
Fairy tales may excite, but to enjoy its presence the fire of hard work one needs to ignite.
Without strong roots, no amount of boosts will bear sweet fruits.
Give to gain, love and live life with power, pleasure throwing out all the pain.
Just be normal always, there come testing days. But you stand a winner when you have tough ways.
Accept the challenge, not defeat. Make success sweet and give your enemies a deliciously dangerous treat. Have your feet, your head. Make it properly sure you make it to life and not go dead.
Don’t irritate, try to fascinate, be the beauty of the heart. Make living a beautifully mastered art. Your personality truly is yours. Walk by the head or dance on all fours.
Strange stories are sometimes big success stories.
With tension and worry, life’s leading is in a mad hurry.
You don’t sacrifice your life, joys and moments for anybody. Don’t be sad; be happy, life is short. You never know when you have to this life abort. Be a happy sport.
Have some eccentricities, have some specialties. Have everything that goes into the making of a personality.
Definition of Love—According to me, love is an imaginary mutation of the mind, which makes you blind and puts pressures on you of many kinds. Love is a poison valley, where no one, at last, is your ally and where everything goes wrong mentally and physically. Logically speaking love is nonsense and a matter to make you extremely tense. So leave love from where you took it, it will make you the greatest bullshit.
What you don’t know can’t hurt you.
A taste of silence—There are moments when we don’t need to talk and that enhances the experience.
Have total conviction, no stopping anywhere. Just dare to fair.
Do not be a frog in the well, try to in every mind imprint and in every heart dwell.
Start your day with energy and end it with ease. If not everyone then yourself you must please.
Every day get up and get groomed with booming confidence and potential talent.
Your life will not become superficial, but something that contains depths beyond depths. A fundamental law of existence is that if you can deepen your experience in any one dimension, you become capable of deepening your experience in other dimensions to the same extent.
Enjoy being something different, some dark secrets, some truths transparent.
Two can be tension if you don’t have cooperation’s extension.
Life’s reign man needs great support to stand.
Punishment positively can be seen to be a policy to evolve human quality.
Never say a yes to a value less no.
Be independently established. All doubts will automatically vanish.
Sometimes you need to love and lash out hard to win out all the cards.
My start, my end, my bends, but after my life a great wagon for me, God will send.
Joke—How do you save a man from drowning?
Take your foot off his head.
Manhood at the most basic level can be validated and expressed only in action.

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