A Trip To Udaipur

A write-up on visiting the beautiful and so full of lakes, Venice of east India, Udaipur worth seeing and feeling.

We had become too much bored with our continuous stay in Baroda and we needed a desperate change. So we decided to take a break and leave for Udaipur. We started from our place on the 16th of August,2009 after attending and enjoying the Independence Day celebrations held on the previous day in our community club. The car we hired was a black Inova and the driver was a young man of 22 years named Kiran. We came across many incidents on our journey which were thankfully interesting by the holy blessing of God. We left home after having an early breakfast around 7. The morning was very beautiful, all hazy and the lovely feeling of the slow start of the hustling taking shape in our hearts. I was still feeling a bit hungry as was up on just a packet of top ramen noodles. I started to feel energized and into the mood already. We took off to the highway road and it was so smooth sailing and the car was speeding well enough to make our minds race with it too. We left the Baroda border two and half hours from starting, all singing and cracking jokes, having total fun and entered Rajasthan, the land of sands and lots of sun. We stopped nearby a small shack-restaurant and had a cup of tea with one samosa each filled with special potato batter spiced in a special Rajasthani spice and a not so red chutney which tasted better than it looked. I was really occupied in taking random pics and listening to my mp3 nonstop, to mention. Now started the round of chips, fruit and plum cakes, some dark chocolate and giggles, everywhere. The whole of Rajasthan is really a dusty, hot and breathtaking country with lots to see and feel too. It has a great defined and layered culture full of promises of everything so beautiful to be delivered to its people. Its a land of colorful attires around beautiful women, sweet smiling children, really hardworking and efficient men. Its really the second paradise of sands and is awesomely a special destination to be checked out by everyone if you feel you need to dive into something too special to be true. We arrived finally at our destination, a 5-star hotel called Jagat Niwas. It was a big palace now being converted into a motel. I was totally confused with the number of narrow lanes or galis, and I really wanted to count them exactly but could not. We entered our rooms, they were really so bright, thanks to the colorful local lanterns lit in every corner. The window opened towards a 7-star hotel called Lake Palace. I was not much tired as we did not encounter traffic jams of any degree. Our hotel was also near a beautiful lake called Lake Pichola. Being into this paradise-like environment I surely felt like a princess, maybe a lost and never found one of Rajasthan. We went sightseeing, shopping, and lots of dunga-mushti(fun)that evening. I bought two lehengas, two beautiful jewelry boxes, and a doll. We ordered a simple vegetarian meal for all and signed out for the day. The next day, we visited all the big historical palaces, markets and also a Sreenathji temple. We took our lunch. Then we went to haldighati, to see the brave Maharana Pratap and his loyal horse, Chetak’s statue and meet bravery face to face. I really felt like saluting the great man. Next, we headed towards Meera hotel. In the evening we went to a rooftop restaurant, did some clicking along with exchanging butt kicks between sis and bro. I took a samosa, a chocolate milkshake with ice cream toppings and a chicken roll. Quite too much na!!I could not control my shopping sting and did a lot of craft hunting, all handmade gorgeousness. We visited many areas nearby the lake Pichola. It was fun, taking pics of self and others and visited a fair too which happened to be scheduled for 4 days and we had lotsa time to do our dos. We enjoyed the boat ride of Lake Pichola and visited the infamous Lake Palace too. Then the Ahar Museum, Jag Mandir, the super-duper Monsoon Palace, Haldighati, the wax museum and I had the best time of my life. After an activity-smeared week-long visit, eating what not, clicking, dancing, singing and being the best crazy selves that we could afford we said goodbye to this heavenly paradise of palaces and lakes with a super salute promising the fun times to strike back again with us and really do something show-stealing. The morning we left for our home again we had a breakfast of the specialty item of potato-filled Rajasthani kachoris with hot and super sweet jalebis which I ate for 3 helpings, unbelievably. We reached into Baroda zone and I was totally satisfied by this outing and started to like everything in and around me and hoped to make a good start of my life totally fresh and fun. So I slept only to get lost in the journey to sandy paradise, Udaipur and wished to erase all other things out of my memory, remembering only me and my magical moments, in the Land of Lakes or The Venice Of The East. Now time to sign out. Cheerios!!!!

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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