Keyboard Shortcuts

A small piece on keyboard shortcuts, its presence, uses, and importance.

What is a keyboard shortcut?
In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that invoke a command in software or an operating system.
These shortcuts can expedite common operations by reducing input sequences to a few keystrokes. These shortcuts can provide an easier and quicker method of using computer programs. These commands are commonly accessed by using the Alt key (on PC computers), command key (on Apple computers), Ctrl and Shift in conjunction with a single letter.
These shortcuts are for the following programs and applications—
1. Word
2. Windows
3. Internet Explorer
4. File Explorer
5. Windows System Commands
6. Firefox
7. Excel
8. Mac
9. Finder
10. Chrome
Shortcut keys in Microsoft Word
1. F1 Key—Get help on a selected command or use the Office Assistant
2. Shift and F1 Key—Review text formatting
3. F2 Key—Move text or image
4. Shift +F2 Key—Copy text
5. F3 Key—Insert an auto text entry
6. Shift+F3 Key—Change the case of the selected text
7. F4 Key—Perform the last action again
8. Shift+F4 Key—Perform a Find or Go To action again
9. F5 Key—Displays the Go To Dialogue box. You can also get to Find and Replace from here.
10. Shift +F5 Key—Move to a previous revision
11.F6 Key—Go to the next frame or pane
12. Shift +F6 Key—Go to the previous frame or pane
13. F7 Key—Launch the Spell Checker
14. Shift +F7Key—Launch the thesaurus
15. F8 Key—Extend the current selection
16. Shift +F8 Key—Shrink the current selection
17. F9 Key—Refresh
18. Shift +F9 Key—Switch between a field code and its result
19. F10 Key—Show Key Tips
20. Shift +F10 Key—Display a Shortcut menu (same as right-clicking)
21. F11 Key—Go to the next field
22. Shift +F11 Key—Go to the previous field
23. F12 Key—Open Save As, equal to the tools menu
24. Shift+F12 Key—Save the document, equal to the tools menu
25. Ctrl and A—Selects all in the current document
26. Ctrl and B—Bold text
27. Ctrl and C—Copies the item or text
28. Ctrl and D—Displays the Font dialogue box
29. Ctrl and E—Switch a paragraph between the center and left alignment
30. Ctrl and F—Displays the Find dialog box to search the current document
31. Ctrl and G—Displays the Go to a dialog box to search for a specific location in the current document
32. Ctrl and H—Displays the Replace dialogue box
33. Ctrl and I—Italicize text
34. Ctrl and J—Switch a paragraph between the justified and left alignment
35. Ctrl and K—Create a hyperlink
36. Ctrl and L—Left align a paragraph
37. Ctrl and M—Indent a paragraph from the left
38. Ctrl and N—Create a new document
39. Ctrl and O—Opens a new document
40. Ctrl and P—Prints a document
41. Ctrl and R—Switch the alignment of a paragraph between left and right
42. Ctrl and S—Saves a document
43. Ctrl and U—Underlines text
44. Ctrl and V—Pastes the copied item or text
45. Ctrl and X—Cuts the selected item or text
46. Ctrl and Y—Redo the last action
47. Ctrl and Z—Undo the last action
48. Ctrl and Enter—Insert a page break
49. Ctrl and F2—Select Print Preview command
50. Ctrl and F4—Closes the active window
51. Ctrl and F6—Opens the next window if multiple are open

Windows Shortcut Keys
1. Windows Key +R—Opens the Run menu
2. Windows Key +E—Opens Explorer
3. Alt+ Tab—Switch between open programs
4. Windows Key+ Up Arrow—Maximize current window
5. Ctrl +Shift+ Esc—Open Task Manager
6. Windows Key +Break—Opens system properties
7. Windows Key +F—Opens search for files and folders
8. Windows Key +D—Hide/display the desktop
9. Alt +Esc—Switch between programs in the order they were opened
10. Alt+ Letter—Select menu item by underlined letter
11. Ctrl +Esc—Open Start menu
12. Ctrl +F4—Close active document (does not work with some applications)
13. Alt+ F4—Quit active application or close the current window
14. Alt + Spacebar—Open menu for an active program
15. Ctrl +Left or Right Arrow—Move cursor forward or back one word
16. Ctrl +Up or Down Arrow—Move cursor forward or back one paragraph
17. F1—Open Help menu for an active application
18. Windows Key +M—Minimize all windows
19. Shift+ Windows Key +M—Restore windows that were minimized with the previous keystroke
20.Windows +F1—Open Windows Help and Support
21.Windows +Tab—Open Task view
22. Windows +Break—Open the System Properties dialog box
23.Hold Right SHIFT key for eight seconds—Switch filter keys on and off
24.Left Alt+ Left Shift+ Print Screen—Switch High Contrast on and off
25. Left Alt+ Left Shift+ Num Lock—Switch Mouse Keys on and off
26. Press Shift five times—Switch Sticky keys on and off
27. Hold Num Lock for five seconds—Switch Toggle keys on and off
Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys
1. Alt+ Left Arrow/Backspace—Go back to the previous page
2. Alt +Right Arrow—Go to next page
3. F5—Refresh the page
4. F11—Toggle between full-screen and regular view
5. Esc—Stop downloading a page
6. Ctrl+ (+ or -) —Zoom in or out of page by 10%
7. Ctrl +Enter—Adds the beginning and .com to the end of any text entered in the Address bar
8. Ctrl +D—Add the current site to your favorites
9. Ctrl +I—View your favorites
10. Ctrl +N—Open a new window
11. Ctrl +P—Print the current page
12. Ctrl +T—Open a new tab
13. Ctrl +F4—Closes tabs in the background
14. Ctrl +Tab—Switch between tabs
15. Spacebar—Click the notification bar
16. Shift+ Spacebar—Move up one page
17. Alt+ Down Arrow—Move a selected item down the favorites list
File Explorer Shortcuts
1. End—Display bottom of the current window
2. Home—Display the top of the current window
3. Left Arrow—Collapse the current selections or select a parent folder
4. Right Arrow—Display the current selection or select the first subfolder
Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Command-Go back a page
macOS-Command +Left Arrow
Alt+ Left Arrow
2. Command-Go forward a page
macOS-Command +Right Arrow
Alt+ Right Arrow
3. Command-Reload current page
4. Command-Toggle between full screen and regular screen
macOS-Command +Shift+ F
5 Command-Stop page from loading
5. Command-Complete a .com address
macOS-Command +Return
Windows-Ctrl +Enter
7. Command-Complete a .net address
macOS-Shift +Return
Windows-Shift+ Enter
8. Command-Complete a .org address
macOS- Command +Shift Return
Windows- Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter
9. Command-Clear recent history
macOS-Command +Shift+ Delete
Windows-Ctrl +Shift+ Delete
10. Command-Add a bookmark for the current page
macOS-Command +D
Windows-Ctrl +D
11. Command- Display available bookmarks
macOS-Command +Shift +B
Windows-Ctrl +Shift +B
12. Command-Display the download window
macOS-Command +J
Windows-Ctrl +J
13. Command-Open a new browser window
macOS-Command +N
Windows-Ctrl +N
14. Command-Print current page
macOS-Command +P
Windows-Ctrl +P
15. Command-Opens a new tab
macOS-Command +T
Windows-Ctrl +T
16.Command-Close the tab
macOS-Command +W
Windows-Ctrl +W
17. Command-Close window
macOS-Command +Shift+ W
Windows-Ctrl +Shift+ W
18. Command-Undo the close of a window
macOS-Command +Shift+ N
Windows-Ctrl +Shift +N
19. Command-Undo the close of a tab
macOS-Command +Shift+ T
Windows-Ctrl +Shift +T
20. Command-Moves through each of the open tabs
macOS-Ctrl +Tab
Windows-Ctrl +Tab
21. Command-Go to bottom of page
macOS-Command +Down Arrow
22. Command-Go to top of page
macOS-Command +Up Arrow
Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys
1. F2-Edit the active cell
2. F5-Displays the Go To Box
3. F7-Open the spelling dialogue box to check a selected range

4. F11-Create a chart of data in the current range in a separate sheet
5. Alt +Shift+F1-Insert a new worksheet
6. Shift+F3-Opens Insert Function Dialogue Box
7. Shift+F5-Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box
8. Ctrl +Shift +Colon-Enter the current time
9. Ctrl +Semicolon-Enter the current date
10. Ctrl +A-Select all content in the worksheet
11. Ctrl +B-Bold highlighted selection
12. Ctrl +I-Italicize highlighted selection
13. Ctrl +K-Open the Insert hyperlink dialogue box
14. Ctrl +U-Underline highlighted selection
15. Ctrl +5-Apply strikethrough formatting
16. Ctrl +P-Brings up the print dialogue box
17. Ctrl + Z-Undo
18. Ctrl +F9-Minimize a workbook window to an icon
19. Ctrl +F10-Maximize a selected workbook window
20. Ctrl +F6-Switch to the next workbook window when multiple are open
21. Ctrl +Page Up-Move to previous sheet in a workbook
22. Ctrl +Page Down-Move to next sheet in a workbook
23. Ctrl +Tab-Switch to next tab in dialogue box
24. Ctrl +Apostrophe-Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected
25. Ctrl +Shift +!-Apply the number format
26. Ctrl +Shift +$-Apply the currency format
27. Ctrl +Shift +#-Apply the date format
28. Ctrl +Shift +%-Apply the percentage format
29. Ctrl +Shift +^-Apply the exponential format
30. Ctrl +Shift +@-Apply the Time format
31. Ctrl +Arrow Key-Move to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet
32. Ctrl +Space-Select an entire row in a worksheet
Shortcuts for Mac
1. Command +X-Cut selected text and copy it.
2. Command +C-Copy selected text
3. Command +V-Paste copied text
4. Command +Z-Undo previous command
5. Command +A-Select all items
6. Command +F-Open Find window to search text
7. Command +H-Hide windows of the front app
8. Command +N-Open a new document or window
9. Command +O-Open a selected item
10. Command +P-Print current document
11. Command +S-Save current document
12. Command +W-Close front window
13. Command +Q-Quit the app
14. Command +M-Minimize the front window to the dock
15. Command +Spacebar-Open Spotlight search field
16. Command +Tab-Switch between open apps
17. Command +B-Bold selected text
18. Command +I-Italicize selected text
19. Command +U-Underline selected text
20. Command +Semicolon-Find misspelled words in document
21. Option +Command +Esc-Choose an app to force quit
22. Shift +Command +Tilde (~)-Switch between open windows
23. Shift +Command +3-Take a screenshot
24. Fn+ Up Arrow-Scroll up one page
25. Fn +Down Arrow-Scroll down one page
26. Fn +Left Arrow-Scroll to beginning of document
27. Fn +Right Arrow-Scroll to end of document
Finder Shortcuts
1. Shift +Command +F-Open All My Files window
2. Shift +Command +K-Open Network window
3. Option +Command +L-Open Downloads folder
4. Shift +Command +O-Open documents folder
5. Shift +Command + U-Open Utilities folder
6. Option +Command +D-Show or hide the Dock
7. Shift +Command +N-Create a new folder
8. Command +Delete-Move selected item to the trash
9. Shift +Command +Delete-Empty Trash
Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
1. COMMAND-Open new window
2. MacOS-Command +N
3. Windows-Ctrl +N
4. COMMAND-Open new tab
MacOS-Command +N
Windows-Ctrl +T
5. COMMAND-Reopen the last closest tab
MacOS-Command +Shift +T
Windows-Ctrl +Shift +T
6. COMMAND-Move to next tab
MacOS-Command+ Option +Right Arrow
Windows-Ctrl +Tab
7. COMMAND-Move to previous tab
MacOS- Command+ Option+ Left Arrow
Windows-Ctrl +Shift +Tab
8. COMMAND-Open previous page in browsing history
MacOS-Command + [
Windows-Alt +Left Arrow
9. COMMAND-Open next page in browsing history
MacOS-Command +]
Windows -Alt+ Right Arrow
10. COMMAND-Close current tab
MacOS-Command +W
Windows-Ctrl +W
11. COMMAND-Close current window
MacOS-Command +Shift +W
Windows-Alt + 4
12. COMMAND-Open Bookmarks Manager
MacOS-Command +Option +B
Windows-Ctrl +Shift +O
13. COMMAND-Open History page
MacOS-Command +Y
Windows-Ctrl +H
14. COMMAND-Open downloads page
MacOS-Command +Shift+ J
Windows-Ctrl +J
15. COMMAND-Open Find Bar
MacOS-Command +F
Windows-Ctrl +F
16. COMMAND-Print current page
MacOS-Command +P
Windows-Ctrl +P
17. COMMAND-Reload current page
MacOS-Command +R
18. COMMAND-Save current page as a bookmark
MacOS-Command +D
Windows-Ctrl +D
19. COMMAND-Toggle full-screen mode
MacOS-Command +Ctrl +F

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