The Writing Saga…

A piece of my heart on writing, my inspiration for this art and how it is the best escape to a perfect place created by you.

Writing is important to us. It’s our necessity, our pleasure, a great help, it’s our way of life. It is the best form to express ourselves regarding any aspect of our life. Through writing one tends to share his thoughts, feelings, concerns to drive forth an actionable motive and set the course of things right. It is our birthright. Writing is the best form of communication to let the world understand us in the most logical and proper way. It is a great habit to possess and it allows us to be truly creative and wiser regarding life. We need writing to bring forth different views and concerns from different strata of people to make world colorful, merrier and have more magic. It is a way to reach hearts and heads in a proper, sane way and to make living easier, rosier.
Writing according to me is a golden art. It can be a savior for us in many ways. It bridges the gap between two persons or communities. It is the best way of creative expression to give way to understanding life and its norms better. It teaches us to lead. It is both a traditional and modern phenomenon that beautifies our world to infinite limits. Writing is having the second special vision to be enthused to commit a world-changing beyond the obvious. We can through writing express the unsaid or unheard pourings from our heart unapologetically. We to a great extent with the power to write solve our problems. For some writing is their favorite pastime and their comfort zones and it entertains no competition whatsoever. Writing is the best form of free, unbiased and creative expression. By writing, we tend to give vent to our thoughts and feel better. If one lives without writing he/she is living a stale, dead life with more than fifty shades of greys blocking his/her mind and choking the soul. When we write we get out of that dark, spooky corner which is trying to suppress us within, layer to layer and which will lastly end us by erasing our spirits, enthusiasm, positiveness and our tuning with life.
Writing clears virtual clutters, misunderstanding, the shadow of doubts slowly opening doors of the biggest treasure of life, wisdom. By writing, you ignite the unending fire of creating a revolution and you yourself become a real game-changer. With each letter scribbled we come closer to understanding our potential along with that of others. Writing is my constant, steady companion through the start of a meaningful journey never to end and making gold all along. We write to share our opinions on things happening around us which affect us positively or negatively. Writing is the war we wage against failure, prejudice, incompetencies and all those unjust things around us. A pen is sure the only powerful and meaningful weapon we can use to make changes and wage wars. The tendency to write shows that we are not passive; rather it shows that we are very competent, sensitive and possess leadership qualities. It shows that we really are mighty without needing bloodshed to create changes we want to see. It kind of is a way to end the mess universally. It is a positive quality to pursue and nurture to help us with a rewarding and bright future.
1. My inspiration to write comes from my reading and writing habits I had acquired since early childhood. I was an avid reader and wrote whatever I could think of which sometimes was good enough.
2. I also developed this knack from my maternal grandfather who was an English professor and who could never be seen without his pen and paper and a ton of ideas blooming in his mind.
3. I also get inspired by the start of my day in which I observe every activity happening around me starting from sunrise, the daily buzz of life, all the hustle-bustle and the mad yet beautiful streak of life with every person painting it bright in his/her way.
4. I am also inspired to write when I read soulful beautiful articles written by my friends, from the so many national issues in our country like the constant poverty, unemployment, lack of education, lack of administration, lack of law and order, from crimes targeting women and so many other deep-rooted, profound problems holding our country in bitter shackles.
5. Writing is my excuse to be my best reflection I always wanted to be. It is my breathe that I take. It is my pleasant escape from the real mortal world to a world of my desires, hopes and dreams where I conjure through thoughtful and meaningful lines, my plans to make a worthy and credible contribution to my life and of others too. I write to satisfy my unending urge to learn and share my piece of mind with an audience and to be really at par and in pace with my friends and world. I believe there is no other way better than writing to be worthy, to be special and beautiful together. Its soul food and trans music to my ears. And I should continue this journey to be always in cheers. I write to reflect the best part of me and to let my audience get a taste of my mind on issues. It is fun, it is constant learning, a way to pass my time creatively, it energizes me more and it puts me in the right gear to start anew in life, with fresh spirits, enthusiasm, knowledge, zeal and an urge to make everything around me perfect.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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