Writing, It’s LIFE…

A piece of writing, its invaluable presence in our lives, my inspiration for it and how it makes the needed difference.

1.Writing is me.It’s my identity and my way to serve my soul and life.It defines my personality and enhances my usefulness and beauty.I write to create bliss in my mind, to remove confusion and any darkness creeping in and to stay focussed all along the way.Writing for me is the permanent change I wish to see in myself and this life with positive motivation.Writing is my way of mirroring myself to others and to fix unwanted dilemmas of the mind.It’s my way to seek truth, motivation and to be ready to make changes, improvements, and diversification around me.
2Writing is important to me.It’s my necessity, the best form of creative expression to share my thoughts, feelings, concerns to drive forth an actionable motive and set the course of things right.Writing is my pleasure palette and a great help to me to identify myself when I am down and out and to charge me up for facing the coming day confidently.It is the best logical, sane way to make the world understand us rightly.It is my best habit I am proud of because It makes me colorful with the rainbow colors of wisdom painting me and guiding me towards my goals.
3.I write to showcase my varied views and concerns to my audience and to make them understand how I feel what I feel and why do I feel.It lends me a helping hand to bring my ideas closer to others and to by writing I also feel confident and maturer, more responsible and in line with things.It makes me a more organized person and develops my overall persona.It creates a bigger picture for me and a bigger scenario for me to do my do.
4.It is the most trusted, my dependable way to create a stir, reach hearts and heads in a sane way and to make the experience called life too enriching and worthwhile.
5.Writing according to me is a golden art.It bridges the treacherous gap between two people or ideologies and communities.It is according to me best form of creative expression to give way to understand life and its norms better.It teaches me to think, and to lead in life.Writing is having the second special vision to do a world-changing act and address so many underlying problems and issues in our lives.
6.Writing is the sincerest form of sharing knowledge and pouring my heart out on anything unapologetically.It is my sincerest form of time pass, my best comfort zone.It is to me the best form of free, unbiased and true expression.It really charges me up and makes me feel better, more confident in my approach and is my perfect getaway from this world for some time with only me, my pen and my idea world so merry so fun.According to me if we don’t write we are shutting selves out from the real drama and picture of life.If one does not write he/she is living a stale, dead life with more than fifty shades of grey blocking his/her mind and choking the soul.
7.I get out of a dark, spooky corner inside me which is trying to suppress me layer to layer and by writing I feel happier with a clear vision and spirits ready to roll and do something.Writing makes me more organized, spirited, enthusiastic, positive and tunes my life in sync with properness and bliss.
8It clears clutter from my mind, misunderstandings, shadows of doubt, slowly opening doors of the biggest treasure of life, wisdom.It ignites an unending fire and hunger to make things perfect, to create balance all around and in me too.
9.Writing delivers me gold all along, feeling better, focussed, proper, meaningful and sensitive towards my life and happenings in it.It is my war against my self-made incapacities and a way to check my flaws, overcome failures and shape up being more aware, smarter and successful.This tendency shows that I am not a passive being.It shows that I am competent and sensitive enough.
10.I write because I have this knack from very early childhood.I get inspired by the start of my day in which I observe every activity starting from sunrise, the daily buzz, all the hustle-bustle and mad yet beautiful streak of life with every person painting it bright and colorful in his/her way.
11.I am also inspired to write when I read great articles by my friends and when I read about the so many national issues in our country like poverty, unemployment, lack of education, health issues, administration, lack of law and order, crimes targeting women and other so many deep-rooted, profound problems holding our country from progress in bitter shackles.
12.Writing is my best excuse to be myself and to see my best reflection in the mirror.It is my pleasant escape from this real mortal world to a fantasy land of my desires, hopes and dreams where I conjure through thoughtful and meaningful lines, my plans to make a worthy and credible contribution to my life and also of others.
13.Writing is my soul food and trans music to my ears.It puts me in the right gear and focus to start every day anew in life and lead it with spirits, enthusiasm, knowledge, zeal and an urge to make everything around me perfect.I write to create a perfect day every day and I write to do the balancing act, again and again, to make life really a celebration, a beautiful memory, a wiser reality.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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