Marriage, from him to her with love

An article on marriage, its meaning, value and importance in a couple’s life.

Our world is so beautiful. And God, our creator had plans to make it more so. He thus made the sky, the river, earth, flowers and much more including an Adam and Eve and thus the celebration called Life.
Marriage, as we all know, is the bonding of a man with a woman through rituals and ceremony into a relation of equality, love, care, and concern which is to be maintained keeping societal norms in mind. The tradition of marriage, matrimony, wedlock and the how, what, where and why it began can be found only in one original source on earth, in the Holy Bible. Marriage is a bond that unites a man and a woman, legally, economically and also emotionally. Marriage is basically a union of hearts the bedrock of it being love, care, concern, and truthfulness for each other. In a successful marriage, the couple have to sustain a relationship based on trust, cooperation, understanding, love and commitment and they must be ready to create a world of bliss and togetherness for each other. It is a one-word universal phenomenon. With the start of marriage, in a couple’s life, there remains no you and me it all rounds about to ours. It is the one sweet relation where you fall in love with the same person every day. The relation should be in rhythm holding its trust in the couple’s heart and it must be a pleasure paradise made with love, for love to increase bit by bit, day by day.
Marriage holds a very important place in a couple’s life if both of the partners are willing to be in a steady relationship. Each of the partners have to fulfill roles and responsibilities towards each other not trying to run away from them. It’s not a game and in here you need to compromise on many aspects for a better and beautiful life.
A perfect couple is a happy couple that learns to enjoy each other’s differences and works together every day to create something special. Great relationships need effort and dedication to create perfect bliss. To be a perfect couple we need to follow some guidelines starting with being the best partner by earning your partner’s trust and keeping it that way. One must be a reliable and trustworthy partner. If one says that he or she will do something then one must surely mean it. One must fulfill all the promises made to one’s partner. One must not lie to the partner or exaggerate the truth. One must confide in each other about things and share secrets with one’s partner. It will help in building trust in each other. One must be at times willing to make compromises. Disagreements happen in even the most loving relationships, but it is important to address them maturely. One should avoid a winner or loser mentality and instead try to meet somewhere in the middle on issues. One must listen intently to the other, avoid being judgemental and sometimes try to see from the other’s perspective too. Then each of the better halves should also practice patience and forgiveness. One must mean what is said and sincerity should be incorporated in the relationship. Acceptance and support of each other’s activities must be totally practiced. Then some time must be reserved for both the husband and wife which must be without each other. One must cultivate separate interests for self because it will help them grow as individuals and make them experience-rich. And spending time away from your loved one will help you remind your partner’s importance in your life. A relationship with course of time gets clouded by work, responsibilities, and commitments. But in this period too each partner of a relation must take out time to cheer and celebrate each other’s achievements. One must talk about his or her hopes and dreams with each other and be supportive in each other’s pursuits. One must respect the other and should not focus on own self only. He or she must show that his/her partner is irreplaceable and very valuable and that he or she is of great value for each other.
One must always try to fall in love with his/her significant other over and over again. To keep the charm in a relationship at times one must do something amazingly thoughtful and out of the ordinary trying to incorporate an element of surprise to it. Like treating one’s partner to a special dinner on an otherwise normal day, tucking a loving note into his/her pocket reminding him or her of their love and creating a blissful atmosphere around, gifting him/her their favorite dress or playlist of music. One must do something special on a regular basis. Make your partner’s favorite meal and a special cuddle or kiss too can help. One must do things for someone your partner loves. It could be your in-laws, friends or colleagues which will show that one cares for the other truly. One must sometimes try to eye gaze and make a loving environment whenever you can. One must try to reignite the blown out flames between each other by boosting the chemicals of love, which means increasing the levels of oxytocin in self by watching romantic movies together, holding hands, and maybe having sexual pleasure if wanted.
Some things must be strictly avoided in a marriage; the first of it being one must respect the other and be ready to compromise on some issues. One must not underrate or compare one’s partner to others. One must keep self-fit and try to look attractive too to retain an interest of the other half in a good relationship. One must not continue holding grudges for each other. Rather one must forget the past to usher in a better present and forgive each other in the heart. One must control emotions well and give each other ample space to be their natural self. One must learn the love language of each other. Hurtful teasing and dishonesty must be avoided. All bad habits should be removed if one wants to create a better rapport and tuning between each other. Temper tantrums must not be showcased.
Marriage is a pious institution if balanced and maintained well. One partner should give proper space, freedom and should be very well emotionally and affectionately connected with the other. No relationship can hold well without wisdom, love, and understanding. A marriage should make you a wiser, better and more beautiful person. It can be a celebratory affair and a reason to smile for a lifetime. Being married a person grows into a reasonable wiser being, experiencing blissful existence and he must evolve as a great person who can cooperate and is full of compassion. It makes one understand love, its different shades. The relation needs a true heart and love with a touch of magic, wisdom, and blessing of God.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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