It’s Party Time Guys…

Some game gyan for making the party fun and mood terrific.

Well, are you bored to death or having a downtime? Well, it’s time to play some fun party games which may jog a few memories. Check out this list of games too good and too fun for you all to enjoy.1. FAMOUS PERSON CHARADES—Everybody writes the name of a famous person or fairytale character on a scrap of paper and puts in a hat. Somebody draws a slip of paper and has 60 seconds to get everyone to guess the character using silent gestures.

2. MARSHMELLOW TOOTHPICK CASTLE—Split into teams of two or three. Give each team 15 marshmallows and 15 toothpicks. The team that builds the highest marshmallow structure in 10 mins wins.

3.SARDINES—A classic! Give one person 5 minutes to hide somewhere(specify if the outside is okay) and then everyone looks for him. People hide with the person when they find him until the last person finds the group.

4. ALPHABET CATEGORY GAME—Sit in a circle and pick a category like ‘animals’ or ‘food’.One person starts by naming something in the category that starts with A(like avocado). The next person has to name a B item(bananas) and so on. If someone can’t think of one in 10 seconds, she’s out.

5. GUESS THE ANIMAL—Grab a marker and write an animal on as many pieces of masking tape as there are people. Put the tape on each person’s forehead without them reading it. They have to walk around and ask each other yes or no questions to figure out which animal they are(like, do I have 4 legs?)

6. PASS THE PARCEL—Wrap a gift with multiple layers of gift wrap. Then have everyone sit in a circle and pass the gift around until the music stops. Whoever has the gift then unwrap a layer. Repeat until someone unwraps the gift, the lucky person gets to keep it.

7.MEMORY—Sit everyone around a table with a bunch of little objects on it. One person closes her eyes and somebody removes one object and hides it. The eye-closer then has the 3 guesses as to which object was removed. Return the item and repeat it with someone else.

8.DETECTIVE—One person leaves the room. Everyone else agrees to have something in common. All pretend to be characters on a TV show, be afraid of heights, etc. When the detective comes back, she has to guess what everyone has in common using yes or no questions. People can give the detective clues(like I hate going up on ladders).

9.WHO’S THE CAT—Blindfold one person(the guesser) and make him sit at the center of the circle. Have the guesser point in a random direction. Whoever is pointed at meows like a cat and the guesser has to figure out what it was. If he is correct, the meower becomes the new guesser. If not the guesser points in another direction.

10. DON’T LAUGH—Put everyone in pairs. Each pair takes a turn trying to make the other person laugh by saying, Ha, ha, ha in an outrageous fake voice. They go back and forth until someone actually laughs.

These are some of the games that I used to play and I hope you like them—–11. I CHOOSE THE COUNTRY OF—In this game, there can be as many players but they should be more than two. One person will be denner. All others should pick one country’s name for themselves and form a round centering the denner and each one has to forward one foot encircling the denner. Now we need to give each player’s country name choice to the denner. As the denner says, start, all need to run and then denner will say,’I choose the country of—say, America’ and the player with the particular naming will just stop along with all others and then the denner needs to touch the named runner of country America by jumping 3 times and touching the player’s feet. He has the option to step back and if he does then the denner again becomes denner and the game continues so forth. But if the denner manages to touch the runner’s feet then the latter will become denner and so forth.

12. CUT THE CAKE—In this game, the denner will catch the runners and they will need to hold the denner’s hands like in the game of chain-chain but if one free running mate crosses in between them saying ‘Cut the cake’ then all players become free once again.

13.CHAIN-CHAIN—In this game say there are 6 players in total and 1 out of them is the denner. The denner and all others will run and denner has to catch the other running mates. When he catches them they have to join hands with the denner and continue the same process till all players are caught and no running mate remains.

14. LOCK AND KEY—In this game, suppose there are 7 players, and 1 out of them is the denner. He will run and catch players and will lock those who happen to get caught and they will need to sit down without moving. Now one running mate can come and place a hand on the ‘caught’ mate and open her lock by saying key and then she can run again. Basically, the denner has to protect her locks from keys.

15.CROCODILE-CROCODILE—Out of maybe 6 or 7 players,1 will be a denner. He will be the crocodile. The 6 players will stand on 2 opposite sides and will play regular basketball and the person in the middle has to catch the ball and run to a point chosen beforehand without being caught. If he is able to do it, he becomes king, otherwise, he becomes a donkey and has to go through some punishment.

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