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The 7 best food joints to visit in Hyderabad this monsoon

Introduction–The South Indian city of Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana. It is the center of the technology industry and is home to popular, upscale restaurants and shopping hubs. It has artistic historical monuments that attract thousands of national and international tourists and ranks high in presenting the beautiful cultural heritage, customs, and traditions of our country. It is known as the ‘City of Pearls’ as it was at one time a flourishing pearl and diamond trading center of India.

The Hyderabadi cuisines are influenced by Mughlai and French but more of it comes from Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, and native Telugu and Marathwadi cuisines. The Hyderabadi streets have their beauty in brimming, hungry crowds who throng their favorite eateries daily, anxiously waiting for their turns to taste some lip-smacking, delicious and addictive, truly out-of-the-world food and worth a mention. Each preparation has its secret in the use of special ingredients and a flavourful mix of spices well concealed in its taste which can be savored and thoroughly enjoyed.

hyderabad-foodHyderabad is famous for its Ramadan or Ramzan dishes which are wonderful and showcase the vibrant colors of its rich and varied culture and tradition of this city. And nobody can ever miss the glitterati of the Iftaar celebrations, the communal meal is taken after sunset, truly delectable and a piece of gold.

Here I am sharing a list of some of the best food and beverage joints that you should surely visit if you happen to visit the city of Nizams and royal class.

Best food and beverage joints of Hyderabad not to miss on your next travel stop:-

  1. Sardarji’s Chat, Gachibowli—- Located in Gachibowli, it is a popular landmark for that spicy treat for your taste buds. It stands perfect in all parameters like sanitation, hygiene, quality of food and fair pricing to suit your visit. It is located on Old Mumbai Road, Indira Nagar. Dishes to sure try here are-Aloo chat, Panir Butter Masala, and Pani Puri. The restaurant is open from 12 pm to 3:30 pm and from 7 pm to 10:30 pm.
  2. Ohri’s Chowpatti Banjara Hills—-

This place is a heaven for finding street food delicacies in a variety of options with the best taste you can bet for and is a typical, fun hangout zone for foodies. It is located in Ohri’s Banjara, 12. The signature standout dishes to try here are-Aloo Toast, Rabri Malpua, Chats, Pav Bhaji. It is open from 1 PM to 11:30 PM.

  1. Golden Point Tea And Snacks—-

It is a great hangout zone for parties and having fun. The eatery offers the best noodles and is a unique party place to have all the fun in. One of the best places for all your light feels snack and party needs. It is located beside Sri Chaitanya Junior College; near flyover street 14. The must-try dishes of this place are-Egg and Chicken Noodles, Fried Rice, Samosa. It is open from 5 am to 12 am

  1. Momos Point—-

Momos Point is a great joint to savor the best momos in all variety and tastes served for an out-of-the-world Chinese experience. This is served with tangy, spicy chutney. The joint is located at Balaji Arcade, Studio 11, and Habsiguda. The best momo to give a try to is the Chocolate Momo. It is open from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

5.Lakshman ki Bandi—-It is the perfect stop point for south Indian delights and delicacies which is budget-friendly, mouth-watering, quite satisfying and which must make its place in your travel plan if you visit the city. It is located near Mangalhat Road, Begum Bazar. Its best dish is Melting Butter Idlis.

  1. Hotel Shadab, Charminar—This place is a must-visit place for its mouth-watering Hyderabadi biryanis. Hotel Shadab is on Ghansi Bazar Road which serves the most delicious, authentic and special biryanis. Served with a Mirchi Ka Salan(a dish of green chilies cooked in a spicy gravy of onion, tomatoes, and peanuts). The other eatables defining the special moment of Ramzan are—stuffed paranthas, dum pukht biryanis(both veg and non-veg), kebabs, rogan josh, and sweet dishes namely sheer kurma, shahi tukda, and seviyan.
  2. Shah Ghouse, Charminar—This place serves the best incomparable and unbeatable Haleem, a stew made from pounded meat which includes a combination of wheat barley and lentils. The place is all jam packed bustling with people, soft music and the aroma of heavenly food around. It also serves the best sweet delicacies like shahi tukda, double ka meetha, sheer kurma, and burfis.

header-img-places-to-get-north-indian-food-in-hyderabadHyderabad is a beautiful historic city complete with monuments, gardens, and eateries to really amuse and satiate the residing foodie in you. There may be more stop points for food lovers here but I have narrowed down the number choosing some best food destinations for you on the chart. It has mouth-watering, compelling and satisfying restaurants, diners, cafes with a marvelous combination of unique ambiances and quality food served here. So guys if you plan to visit this exotic city of nawabs, adventures and want to splurge on the food part then surely visit these joints and you won’t be disappointed. Hyderabad can be your priority destination this time if you wish to indulge in heavenly food experiences, round-the-clock travels and adventures, some history-digging and having complete fun.

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