The unfinished chore

Everything is now in balance. Stands steady, holds it’s grace. The furniture is dusted, teak wood glimmers all golden and fine. Everything is rectified, happy, then what has actually lost it’s glossy shine? From morning glories to afternoon worries, she is the one found responsible for every catastrophe, made a subject of suspicion. She does not know nor can understand, she stays obliged to what undone mission? The little birdie wakes her up to a world of uncertain events, people and experiences. On her part she too doesn’t expect any gold here. She works, she falls, she tatters but never disappoints even amidst tears. The day has begun, the kingdom is ready to roll. Everyone from the king, ministers to army are waiting for the drum roll. But then this soul is sad and perplexed at her disposition. The one who has to be perfect by hook or crook and value traditions. No one thinks how she manages her life. How much pain and pleasure she feels perfecting roles of a daughter, mother, sister, and wife. No one talks about the regular wars she wages each day to keep her family, society, life satisfied and gay. No one feels a stir to mention her worth, even at the end of the day when she is the most important chapter of life’s story. And she sometimes at her fate and that of the world feels so sorry. She is now well-settled in her avatar, all dreary, wanting, wretched and drained. She was never understood, credited for her contributions. She was always found guilty and surrounded by delusions. By all logical analysis, she should rule being the drama queen, the prime character of her film and appreciated for her over-the-edge caliber. The way she has served each day and night her folks and how she is worth a mention in the book of “Life’s Outstanding Contributors”. She can never be found wrong or blamed. She has done all she had to, extending her ability and over timing not wanting in return any accolades or global acclaim. Till now she was never wrong but we were. To understand her, love her, respect her and value her efforts. But we can still make amends. So let us start by finding verses in her chapter rhyming. With words, actions, expressions, and emotions of love, care, compassion to make her smile. Let us finish our unfinished chores, make our roles worthwhile. The housewife is simply special, all capable and beautiful. She does more than is expected, out of her concern and love for all. We must surely do the needful to credit her efforts with rewards special yet simple. She has no fancy requirements, wants only a single morsel with a glass of water. Let’s light her world with joys, cheer her with laughter. Let us finish our responsibilities first then call her anything.  After the mess and magic of this life is over we will see that she was an angel, the incomparable human being.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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