Family number one

Come on let us meet the Jha’s today. And know what is the special ingredient of their life. Well, they make a good, cozy family of four with the addition of a little princess in it who makes us feel so good, so nice. The boss head of the family is the father who is so caring and dedicated. His feelings and his actions to express his love and concern for the family are never complicated. He has stood by his family in times golden and grey. He has made nights moonlit and colored rosy each and every day. He has taught Dipu, the daughter in the house to work hard and keep smiling and has nurtured her to grow into a girl fine. He has taught his family to fight whatever be the situation and never lose the bright shine. From teaching geometry to geography, from shouldering anyone fallen or torn apart, from counseling and guiding through rough tides to playing the role of Jimmy, the jester he has done it all. The mother is equally devoted. She can never withstand harm being done to her bundles of joys. She makes great dishes garnished with her love. She is the light of the family and has always prayed to God for her family’s wellbeing above. When Dipu was confused in academics, she was the torch in the tunnel. When Priyu was down and the light was flickering to go out, she blew all over the joy bubbles. Be it any emergency they have acted fast and their contributions towards this family do not seem to last. Well, the bro and sissy are super cuties along with the adorable baby girl. The brother has grown into a smart, young man married to his lady love, the angel in disguise of Khushbu, ya that’s her name, and the sissy has turned into a darling beauty. This family does everything together and no one ever can come posing being bother bodies. From playing basketball to cricket, from making pasta and pizzas to playing pranks to grabbing high ranks and taking care of each other in the rough tide period, this family has done it all. Who’s the one who made this family proud with his talent, yes it was, of course, dad. Who was the one who prayed and showered her blessings on us and supported us in all goods and bad, every moment? It is mom. Who was the one who with his innocent eyes loved all and proved to be a big help whenever possible along with spreading his cutie charms all around? It is bro. Who is the one who is always booming with new ideas and bursting the ‘all-knowie girl wisdom bombs’ along with addictive smiles that keep us all hooked to her all day, always? It’s my sweet bhabhi who spreads her scent everywhere, sweeping it all in perfect swag, Khushbu. And I have been a silent witness to their greatness and antiques which have always amused me making me damn proud of them all. This family tries to love all. Be it the neighbor, friends, relatives, and the whole world. They are there for all in times of need. The Jha’s have been together for so long and will continue to be so. They are the peaceful messengers of God. A family that stays, eats, plays, and dreams together. Of making life a paradise, love the most important essential to carry in all their hearts, each second and minute. They are angels on this earth in disguise. They shower love and kindness towards all keeping a beautiful mind. They want to stay together forever wanting the betterment and progress of their family and the whole of mankind.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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