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Where did graffiti originate?

The underground art of graffiti has its origin in the late 1960s in Philadelphia. Writers Cornbread and Cool Earl went about town writing their names just to gain attention from the community and media. The practice spread to New York and its various boroughs in the early 1970s and different styles such as tagging and scalding emerged. Graffiti is the practice of defacing a surface which if done without consent is considered vandalism. With consent, it’s an art form often used as a powerful political tool.
Where did belly dancing originate?

Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world and has been practiced for thousands of years. A specific place or time of origination has never been determined but its roots are in various ancient cultures of India, the middle east and the eastern Mediterranean regions.
What is Hogwart’s headache?

When the book Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix were first published two years ago, an American pediatrician noticed that otherwise healthy children developed headaches after reading the mammoth 870-page novel.Dr.Howard J Benett called it the ‘Hogwarts Headache’ and even wrote a letter about it in the New Zealand Journal of media.
Why is the USS Nimitz called the ‘Old Salt’?

An ‘old salt’ in English speaking novel series is often a raconteur or teller of sea stories. Much of the history and traditions of the navy are passed from generation to generation to service members by these sea stories as told and retold by ‘old salts’.Sea stories maybe truthful, half-truths of falsehoods however they enhance the reputation of the naval and marine units or individuals. Being one of USA’s famous ships with a long naval history, the USS Nimitz is referred to as ‘Old Salt’.
What is a Persian Astrolabe?

The Persian Astrolabe is a historical astronomical instrument used by classical astronomers and astrologers. Brass astrolabes were developed in much of Persia(Iran) chiefly as an aid to navigation and as a way of finding the Qubla the direction of Mecca. In the Islamic world, astrolabes were used to find the times of sunrise and the rising of fixed stars to help schedule morning prayers. It was the chief navigational instrument until the invention of the compass and the sextant. Its many uses included locating and predicting the positions of the sun moon, planets and stars, determining local time given the local longitude and vice versa surveying and triangulation. Astrologers of European nations used astrolabes to construct horoscopes. In the Islamic world, they are and were used primarily for astronomical studies, though astrology was often involved there as well.
What is druidism?

Druidism was the religious faith of ancient Celtic inhabitants of Gaul and British localities from the 2nd century B.C until 2nd-century A.D.In parts of Britain which the Romans didn’t invade, Druidism survived until it was supplanted by Christianity, 2 to 3 centuries later. This religion included a belief in the immortality of the soul which at death was believed to pass into the body of a newborn child.
Which is the largest university in the world?

In terms of campus area, the Berry College on American private liberal arts college in Mount Berry on the northernmost boundary of Rome-Georgia is arguably the largest university in the world. It has approx 2100 students on 28000 acres of north Georgia hill country. In terms of the number of students Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan is the world’s largest university with around 1.8 million enrollments followed by IGNOU, New Delhi with approximately 1.4 million enrollments.
How are diamonds cut?

Diamonds are cut with special diamond-bladed edges because they are very hard. Diamond cutting is an art, skill and increasingly a science of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. In relation to diamonds, cut has two meanings. The first is the shape, round, oval and so on. The second relates to the specific quality of cut within the shape. The most popular cut shape for diamonds is brilliant. This shape resembles that of a cone. Diamond cutting includes several steps like planning,cleaning or sawing, bruting, polishing, final inspection.
Why are Eastern Crowned Cranes called so?

Eastern or Grey crowned cranes are named for their characteristic crown of gold feathers. They have a pale grey neck and red throat wattles. The rest of their bodies are black, white and gold in color. Grey-crowned cranes are 39 to 43.3 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 6.6 to 8.8 pounds. They have a wingspan of between 71 and 79 inches. Grey-crowned cranes are found in some areas of eastern Africa. These are frequently found in trees individual nest in wetlands or grassland areas. Instead of building their own nest, Grey-crowned cranes frequently use ground nests that have been abandoned by other large bird species.

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