Nose Sores

Painful sores are generally very uncomfortable and considered not a very serious problem but rarely these sores can be a dangerous issue to look into.

Sores or ulcers can develop on the skin inside of the nose and on examination they resemble little pimples or scabs. They may be red, white or yellow. There are many factors which can damage or irritate the skin inside the nose. Some of them are painful but not a cause of immediate concern or emergency excepting some rare conditions.


These are some minor and major issues that can result in nasal sores.


Sores sometimes develop as a result of trauma followed by an urge to scratch inside the nose and infection. Picking the nose can irritate or break the skin and lead to sores. Nose sores and scabs can also develop from major injuries like from a fall or strong blow to the face. When nose sores are because of trauma a person may also experience pain and swelling in the area.


Many kinds of infections can lead to sores inside the nose. Among them are nasal vestibulitis, a common bacterial infection. The body gets exposed to the bacteria causing nasal vestibulitis by picking the nose, plucking nose hair, blowing the nose excessively and doing nose piercings. It’s symptoms can include pain, swelling and tenderness in the given area. The bacterial infection tuberculosis (TB) can form sores or ulcers inside the nose. The bacteria responsible for TB can spread in air too. Some people having the infection can have no symptoms but some may experience a persistent cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer, have a chest pain and cough up blood or phlegm from deep within the lungs, weakness, extreme tiredness, a loss of appetite, chills with a fever and night sweats.


It is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation and pain. In this condition some people develop sores and ulcers in the mouth and nose. Everyone with lupus experiences different symptoms and they can develop anywhere on the body. The symptoms may include:-

  1. Extreme tiredness
  2. Painful, swollen joints
  3. Swollen hands and feet
  4. Swelling around the eyes
  5. Headaches
  6. Chest pain
  7. Sensitivity to sunlight
  8. Sensitivity to fluorescent light


Vasculitis is a term that refers to inflammation in the blood vessels. It obstructs the blood from delivering oxygen and nutrients and it can develop in any blood vessel in the body. It’s symptoms depend on the location of the inflamed blood vessel but when those present in the face are affected vasculitis can cause sores in the mouth and nose.

In this condition people may also experience:-

1.Muscle pain

2.Joint pain

3.A fever

4.A loss of appetite and weight loss

5.A headache



In rare cases a sore inside the nose that does not vanish has it’s base in paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer.Some of it’s other symptoms include:-

1.A stuffy nose

2.A runny nose

3.Sinus infections that recur and donot get better


5.Sinus pain

6.Face, eye or ear pain

7.Swelling in the face

8.Teary eyes

9.Vision loss

10.Tooth pain or numbness

11.Tooth loss


The approach of the treatment of the sores depends on the cause of it. Uninfected sores and scabs clear up by themselves in a few days. One should not scratch or pick at the sores in their healing period.Doctors generally treat bacterial infections with antibiotics.For eg, TB or tuberculosis can be fatal without treatment where a combination of drugs has to be taken for about 6-9 months in a continuous period.

Lupus is a long term condition which has no cure. It’s symptoms keep on flickering where they appear and disappear together and the treatment requires taking drugs like steroids and immunosuppressants to manage the condition effectively. If paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer is the cause of the sores the treatment usually includes a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

To ease discomfort from nasal sores one should follow these guidelines:-

1.Take over-the-counter pain relief medication.

2.Apply a soothing ointment like petroleum jelly.

3.Avoid further irritation like picking or rubbing the area.

The doctor consultation time

If the nasal sores last for more than a few days then a consultation with a doctor is important. It becomes more so if there are other health indications like symptom of TB, lupus or cancer.

The skin inside the nose is very sensitive and easily damaged or irritated which can lead to sores or scabs. But the good thing about most of them is that they heal by themselves in time.

But if the sores are persistent and there is the presence of other symptoms as well then it is important to speak with the doctor.

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