My miscellaneous Gyan sutra

Some collected miscellaneous factoids from me to you hoping to be helpful in gathering and enjoying in the world of knowledge and keeping up the learning spirit.

1.Be game for life. Have the party on your feet. Specky Mr. spectacle proves no miracle.

2.Have no compliance with controversy. Your life should not be at anyone’s mercy.

3. Nothing is easy for the unwilling.

4.Earth’s solar system is not unique. There can be billions of habitable planets. The number of known exoplanets(planets outside the solar system) is 236.A planet has been found like Neptune orbiting the star Gliese-436.It appears to be covered with water albeit rock hard hot water in a most un-earth like chemical state because of the intense pressures on the planet. This planet is 50% rock and 50% water with perhaps small amounts of hydrogen and helium. This planet has a rocky core and a giant thick envelop of water. The structure of the extrasolar planet is intriguing them. Milky way has 200 billion stars and out of that 10% are habitable.

5.Obesity is bad for the bones. The general belief that obesity increases bone mass and is therefore good for bone health is wrong.

6.Calcium, vit D cut cancer risk—Young women can cut the risk of breast cancer by eating extra calcium and vit D. Foods rich in nutrients like milk, oily fish and vegetables could be the latest weapon in the fight against the disease.

7.Phone makers have developed a phone which can alert the user to the threat of a lightning strike by sounding an alarm telling the person to move to safety. The new handset detects radio waves given off by the lightening up to 100s of miles away.

8.An apple juice a day can keep asthma away.

9.Drinking apple juice a day as against eating raw apples and bananas can halve the risk of getting cancer.

10.Increased exposure to ETS (environmental tobacco smoke) can lead to asthma.

11.Global warming linked to hurricanes. Hurricane Rita attacked the Gulf of Mexico in 2005.

12.Americans should bulk up on whole grains like oatmeal, barley and brown rice to help lower risk of clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes. A serving of 2.5 gm whole grains per day would shed the idea of contracting this disease. Whole grains consists of bran, germ-rich in fiber, nutrients and endosperm, contains starch and protein. The highly processed grains like white bread or snack foods are stripped of the bran and germ.

13.There will be a victory of mankind if towards spreading love and brotherhood, mighty mortal man is not blind.

14.Soft drinks can wreck children’s DNA.

15.A commonly used preservative can even cause Parkinson’s or Liver Cirrhosis. The preservative is E-211.It is found in drinks sold by leading cola makers. It can switch off vital parts of DNA causing serious damage to cells. The preservative has sodium benzoate which damages an important area of DNA called Mitochondria. This carcinogenic substance is found naturally in cranberries, prunes, greengages, cinnamon, ripe cloves and apples.

16.Water pipe smoking may pose the same health risk as cigarettes according to WHO. Using a water pipe to smoke tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking. To consume Shisha, a mixture of tobacco, molasses and fruit flavors. UN health agency has issued a strong policy to ban smoking at indoor workplaces and public buildings.

17.Tobacco is world’s leading cause of death accounting for 10%of adult fatalities and 5.4 million deaths in a year.

18.The Japanese martial art of AIKIDO is the coming of mind and body together. It means the way of harmonious spirit. It is developed from elements of jujutsu, samurai sword, art of kenjutsu. It’s aim is to immobilize rather than kill or hurt, finding harmony in conflict.

19.Your education is worth what you are worth.

20.Walk the fire with gusto.

21.Play any role with ease, don’t react to ill-fate’s tease.

22.Sugar can’t undermine the importance of lime.

23.Donot pigeon hole self into wrong frames, try to build good names and enjoy to play a role in life’s tricky game.

24.APJ Abdul Kalam was the son of a boat owner in Tamilnadu.

25.Dhirubhai Ambani, one of the most enterprising Indian entrepreneurs had a typical rags to riches story. He rewrote India’s corporate history and built a truly global corporate group.

26.Dr. Vikram Sarabhai is the father of the Indian Space Program. He was a great innovator, industrialist and a visionary. Thus Physical research Laboratory(PRL) and ISRO came true.

27.Some want to retain their own independent identity as they get ready to chase their dreams.

28.Honest criticism is hard to take particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger.

29.If success sweet did not come knocking at your door in the first chance, give it another try and redefine success according to your fancies.

30.Startling new evidence says that women who worked on night shifts had a 48% greater cancer risk than those who did not work nights. Evidence also indicates that watching TV or sitting in front of the computer till the wee hours can produce the same results. Late night exposure appears to be harmful to human health.

31.I believe in showing what is good, changing what is bad and lastly being happy in what I have.

32.I ran and was crazy for the wrong, it was bad. I was left with the good at last and unknowingly, I was a more happier person.

33.We gonna sleep surely make our worlds beautiful. I am there always for you. Develop your confidence. All is good if you see rightly. If I am good I want a good partner, if I love you, I want it in return. We can work and make ourselves good for each other. We can together to create a rainbow world.

34.Have love in your heart, have power to cure and care for things. If I am special for you, you are everything for me I love you, only you for free.

35.Sweet feelings are in her heart, innocence shows on her face I want to love her more and more and change her dubious fate.

36.She is so beautiful, gentle, calm. It’s a lovely charm. I feel so proud in life that she is my beloved wife. I can say lots for her and everything makes meaning. She cannot understand what for her are my feelings. I love you and will always do so, you are a lovely companion, a special boast, I will always be yours for free. You have a special heart and you are my specialty, my prized property.

37.I love you darling. We are there to make our worlds very beautiful. You are the tender flower in my garden which spreads a marvelous scent. You are the lovely bird which sings the sweetest song. Dear I am sorry for anything I have done wrong. I want a blessed life, a lovely family, I want you to be there and love me warmly. I gonna make you happy and feel blessed. I gonna give you all my love before you say or wish. But I want a kiss, I am for you. You are for me, our world is a love pool. You are my princess, I am your pet mule. My love for you will never become less. Hey I have brought you a new dress. And see the baby has made a mess, so let us buckle up and clean everything. You were my favorite dream which luckily came true. Shaina I love you…Forever.

38.At times what you expect, you don’t get. But what you sometimes get is also what you did not expect. But whatever you get, try to be happy and never upset.

39. One should go for a body composition analysis done frequently. A pap smear is advised every 1-3 years if one is sexually active or older than 21 years.

40. Brave the odds for a taste of the exotic.

41.Pure perfection is simply a misinterpretation of our possible calibers and leads to idiotic consequences and weird thought patterns because perfection is an incomplete word in itself as life is all about something half correct, imperfect bliss and many times about the I’s without the dots and words with no meanings.

42.Fear can sometimes be funny. Paranoia makes people do strange things.

43.Earth’s solar system is not unique. There can be billions of habitable planets. The number of known exoplanets(planets out of the solar system) is 236.

44.A planet has been found like Neptune orbiting the star Gliese 436. It appears to be covered with water albeit rock, hard hot water in a most un-earth like chemical state because of the intense pressures on the planet. This planet is 50% rock and 50% water with small amounts of hydrogen and helium. This planet has a rocky core and a giant thick envelop of water. The structure of the extrasolar planet is intriguing them. Milky way galaxy has billion stars out of which 10% are habitable. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies.

45.Obesity is bad for the bones. The general belief that obesity increases the bone mass and is therefore good for bone health is wrong.

46.Calcium, vitamin D cut cancer risk. Young women can cut the risk of breast cancer by eating extra calcium and vitamin D.Foods rich in nutrients,milk,oily fish and vegetables could be the latest weapon in the fight against the disease.

47.Phone makers have developed a phone which can alert the user to the threat of a lightning strike by sounding an alarm telling the person to move to safety. The new handset detects radio waves given off by lightning up to hundreds of miles away.

48.A glass of apple juice a day can keep asthma away.Drinking apple juice a day,not eating raw apples and bananas can halve the risk of getting cancer.

49.Increased exposure to ETS(Environmental Tobacco Smoke)can produce asthma.

50.Global warming is linked to hurricanes. Americans should bulk up on whole grains like oatmeal, barley and brown rice to help lower risk of clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes.

51.2.5 servings of whole grains per day would shed the idea of contracting this disease.Whole grain consists of bran,germ rich in fibre and nutrients.Endosperm contain starch and proteins.Highly processed grains like white bread or snackfoods are stripped off the bran and germ.

52.Soft drinks can wreck children’s DNA.

53.A commonly used preservative can even cause Parkinson’s disease or Liver Cirrhosis.E211 found in drinks sold by leading cola makers can switch off vital parts of DNA causing serious damage to cells. Sodium Benzoate damages an important area of DNA called Mitochondria. This carcinogenic substance is found naturally in cranberries, prunes, greengages, cinnamon, ripe cloves and apples.

54.Water pipe smoking may pose the same health risk as cigarettes according to WHO. To consume Shisha, a mixture of tobacco, molasses and fruit flavors. UN health agency has issued a strong policy to ban smoking at indoor workplaces and public buildings. Tobacco use is world’s leading cause of death accounting for 10% of adult fatalities(5.4 million deaths /year.)

55.Japanese martial art of Aikido is a peaceful martial art about coming of mind and body together.It means the way of harmonious spirit.It is developed from the elements of Jujutsu, Samurai sword,The art of Kenjutsu’s aim is to immobillize rather than kill or hunt,finding harmony in conflict.

56.Walk the fire with gusto.

57.Play any role with ease, don’t react to ill-fate’s tease.

58.The power girl has got powers to make things from bad to good.

59. Don’t get typecast in any role,dabble in various genres.

60.Sugar cannot undermine the importance of lime.

61.Netting a potential role,even a blink-and-miss role is important,is up for grabs.

62.Do not pigeon hole yourself into wrong frames.

63.TOP OF THE TOPS—-1.APJ Abdul Kalam was the son of a boat owner in Tamilnadu.

2.Dhirubhai Ambani, one of the most enterprising Indian entrepreneurs has made a rags to riches story come true. He is the one who rewrote India’s corporate history and built a truly global corporate group.

3.Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, father of the Indian Space Program was a great innovator, industrialist and a visionary who made the dream of PRL(Physical Research laboratory) and ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) came true.

64.Some want to retain their own identity as they get ready to chase their dreams.

65.Good is not good enough.Young Indians demand better than the best now. Luxury, according to the well healed,globetrotting Indian is passe.He/she demands nothing less than super luxury and is ready to pay for it.

66.The way your offspring have turned out are the truest reflection of your achievments.

67. Startling new evidence says that women who worked at night shifts had a 48% greater risk of cancer than those who didn’t.Evidence indicates that watching TV or sitting in front of the computer till the wee hours can produce the same results.

68.Beware of social cuckoos-There’s a new trend of thieves on the loose.They don’t go for valuables or cash.They steal your friends and social life.Welcome to the world of social cuckoos, ruffling society’s feathers.

69.A child’s behaviour is shaped by his inheritance as well as his experiences.

70.Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee lead to dehydration.

71.Green tea may help reduce risk of HIV-The benefits of drinking tea have gone beyond just cancer and heart disease for it has been found by research that a component in it may also help keep HIV at bay.According to research a component called Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG)helps stop HIV from binding to immune system cells and beating the virus to the cells leaving no room for them to hold onto.

72.Calcium wards off colorectal cancer.People who consume relatively high levels of calcium and dairy products and take vitamin D supplements seem to be protected against colorectal cancer.It is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer and dietary factors are considered to be important in it’s risk.

73.Sedentary ways linked to blood sugar. People who tend to be sedentary as indicated by the amount of time they spend watching TV are likely to have high levels of glucose in their blood, even though they may not be diabetics.

74.Type 2 diabetes increases Parkinson’s risk. Patients with type 2 diabetes are most likely to develop Parkinson’s disease because of excessive body weight. Being overweight and not exercising enough are linked with type 2 diabetes.

75.Burning away lung tissue to fight asthma. Drug free treatment that helps asthma patients breathe easier has been developed by British scientists. The heat therapy which burns away lung tissue blocking the airways is said to offer significant improvement. The therapy is known Bronchial Thermoplasty which uses tiny probes on wires placed inside lungs which emit radio waves. These waves reduce the lung tissue which has been thickened by asthma attacks. More than 5 million Britons suffer from asthma, including 1.4 million children.

76.Greener buildings can slow warming.Better architecture and energy savings in buildings could do more to fight global warming than all curbs on greenhouse gases agreed under the UN’s Kyoto Protocol.There must be blinds to keep out of the sun switching to energy efficient light bulbs,better insulation and ventilation.

77. A biodegradable plastic has been invented which can be dissolved into nontoxic components in seawater and which is eenvironmentally safe to ditch disposable forks,spoons,wraps and other waste overboard.

78.Storytelling plays an important role in the development of a child’s personality. It helps them to develop language skills.

79.Playful days unfold themselves into calm, thoughtful nights.

80.Reading nurtures the imaginative and innovative side of the human mind so be an avid reader.

81.Storytelling sessions give various dimensions to a problem and make children especially teenagers open to a number of possibilities.

82.You may have tangible wealth untold, caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I, you could never be.I had a mother that read to me.

83.Defend life as you live it on your own terms.

84.Awareness is a key to better understanding .

85.Only a lack of imagination saves me from immobilizing myself with imaginary fears.

86.Get things rolling,temperature of enemies boiling and unwanted efforts spoiling.

87.Locals have the power to go and rock global. Work hard, feast harder.

88.The empowered woman is a subject of a good conversation.

89.The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your actions.

90.In nothing do men more nearly approach God than in doing good to their fellowmen.

91.Omega 3 acids could protect from blindness-Increasing the dietary intake of Omega 3 fatty acids found in some fishes , nuts and vegetable oils may protect from blindness. Because it helps in the growth of blood vessels in the eyes.

92.Everyday medicines can fuel obesity-Patients taking prescription medicines for everyday conditions are gaining dramatic amounts of weight as an unexpected side effect. Drugs handed out for common ailments like diabetes, epilepsy, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure are responsible for Britain’s obesity epidemic. Some patients put on 22lb per year because of medication. Olanzapine and Clozapine, 2 drugs used for psychiatric conditions resulted in lot of weight gain.Insulin increased weight by upto 13lb per year.

93.Betablockers are used to treat high blood pressure and heart disease.

94.Some say size does matter but look at these small national treasures and we may have to think again.

CHAMELEON-The BROOKESIA MINIMA is the smallest species of chameleon being just half an inch.

HAMSTER-Only slightly bigger than a 50 pence coin,PEE WEE is the smallest hampster in the world. Weighing les than an ounce, the golden hampster stopped growing.When he was 3 weeks old,his bro and sissy went to grow and measure 4 and 5 inches.

TORTOISE-Walter the smallest tortoise in the word,perches on the head of 35 year old giant tortoise,Otto at Hanover Zoo.While the largest tortoise measures upto 43 inches the smallest is only 3 inches.

DOMESTIC CAT-Mr. Peebles the world’s smallest short haired domestic cat measures just 6.1 inches the size of a typical 6 month old cat.

95.Long hours mean early menopause. Stress pushes it forward by a year-Working long hours in a stressful job can hasten the onset of menopause by at least a year. Women who regularly work more than 48 hours a week tend to go through menopause earlier than those who put in shorter hours. Working long hours in pregnancy can greatly increase the risk of miscarriage and usher in menopause before the average age of 52.Long hours of work affect levels of hormones affecting a woman’s reproductive cycle.

96. Things about space travel-a.Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into space as passing wind in a spacesuit damages them.

b. First woman in space Valentia Tereshkova was on the Vostok 6.

97.Puffy head bird legs syndrome occurs when sinuses swell and blood shifts from the legs due to microgravity. The liquid hydrogen in the space shuttle main engine is -253 degree celsius, the second coldest liquid on earth.

98. What is Hogwarts headache?

When the book Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix was first published 2 years ago,an American paediatrician noticed that otherwise healthy children developed headaches after reading the mammoth 870 page novel.Dr. Howard J Bennette called it the ‘Hogwart’s Headache and even wrote a letter about it in the New Zealand Journal of medicine.

99.Why is the USS Nimitz called the ‘Old Salt’?

An ‘Old Salt’ in English speaking naval series is a raconteur or teller of sea stories. Much of the history and traditions of the navy are passed from generation to generation of service members by these sea stories as told and retold by ‘old salts’. Sea stories maybe truthful, half-truths, of falsehoods. However they enhance the reputation of the naval and marine units or individuals. Being one of USA’s famous ships with a long naval history, the USS Nimitz is referred to as ‘old salt’.

100. What is a Persian Astrolabe?

The Persian Astrolabe is a historical astronomical instrument used by classical astronomers and astrologers. Brass astrolabes were developed in much of Persia(Iran) chiefly as an aid to navigation and as a way of finding the Qubla, the direction of Mecca. In the Islamic world, astrolabes were used to find the times of sunrise and the rising of fixed stars, to help schedule morning prayers. It was the chief navigational instrument until the invention of the compass and sextant. It’s many uses included locating and predicting the positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars,determining local time given the local longitude and vice cersa, surveying and triangulation. Astrologers of European nations used astrolabes to construct horoscopes. In the Islamic world, they are and were used primarily for astronomical studies, though astrology was often involved there as well.

101.What is druidism?

Druidism was the religious faith of ancient Celtic inhabitants of Gaul and British Isles from the 2nd century BC until 2nd AD.In parts of Britain which the Roman didnot invvade,Druidism suvived until it was supplanted by Christianity, two to three centuries later. This religion included a belief in the immortality of the soul, which at death was believed to pass into the body of a newborn child.

102.Which is the largest university in the world?

In terms of campus area, the Berry college, an American private, liberal arts college in Mount Berry on the northern most boundary of Rome-Georgia is arguably the largest university in teh world. It has approximately 2,100 students on 28,000 acres of north Georgia hill country. In terms of number of students Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan is the world’s largest university with around 1.8 million enrollments, followed by IGNOU,Delhi with approximately 1.4 million enrollments.

103.How are diamonds cut?

Diamaonds are cut with special diamond bladed edges because they are very hard.Diamond cutting is an art,skill and increasingly a science of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted edge. In relation to diamonds cut has 2 meanings. The first is the shape, round, oval and so on.The second relates to the specific quality cut within the shape. The most popular cut shape for diamonds is brilliant. This shape resembles that of a cone. Diamond cutting includes several steps like planning, cleaning or sawing, bruting, polishing, final inspection.

104.Why are Eastern crowned Cranes called so?

Eastern or Grey crowned cranes are named for their characteristic crown of gold feathers.They have a pale, grey neck and red throat wattles.The rest of their bodies are black, white and gold in color. Grey crowned cranes are 39 to 43.3 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 6.6 to 8.8 pounds. They have a wingspan between 71 and 79 inches.Grey crowned cranes are found in some areas of eastern Africa.These are frequently found on trees while individuals nest in wetland or grassland areas.Instead of building their own nest, Grey crowned cranes frequently use ground nests that have been abandoned by other larger bird species.

105.Do what you know is right and just for all not just what benefits a chosen few.

106.Most of the world likes to play it safe. They go to their safe jobs, come home to their safe relationships, they drive safe cars, they invest money in safe corporations, they think safe thoughts and they want nothing more than to feel safe and secure. Survival of the fittest dictates that these people live another day and therefore play it smart. But there is another kind also this group lives for thrills they think outside the box and live outside. This is a group who thrives on adventure, change, newness. They love innovative new ideas, they like to explore things and push the envelop beyond it’s capabilities. They are the visionaries who perceive something beyond where we stand today.

107.The best gift from the medium of heart and taking the essence of bliss is love.

108.Skipping insulin to slim down can be dangerous. Teenage diabetics drop daily injection dose falling prey to diabulimia—Called diabulimia teenagers suffering from type 1 diabetes are skipping their daily injection of insulin to lose weight. Result is heart and kidney disease, multiorgan failure, coma, blindness and death. Anorexia and bulimia are common among teenage girls across the globe. India is home to 46 million diabetics highest in the world number will climb to 80 million. Type 1 diabetes is known as Juvenile diabetes usually diagnosed in children and young adults. The body does not produce insulin hormone needed to convert sugar and starch into energy needed for life.

109.Obesity can affect breast cancer survival.

110.Allergic conjunctivitis (pink eye) is high in monsoon. Contact lens wearers must be careful of allergens like dust and pollen.

111.Pumpkins offer hope to diabetics. It may help cut the daily insulin jabs.

112. Babies learn to lie before they learn to talk. Don’t go by their angelic smiles and their cute antiques as they aren’t that innocent as they look.

113.People with a large number of moles on their skin may age slowly. Those people with more than 100 moles had longer telomeres than those fewer than 25. Telomeres are part of certain chromosomes linked to ageing.

114. What is known as the Bandhayan theorem?

Bandhayan sulv sutra(1000 BC) is today known as the Pythagoras Theorem which states that in a right angled triangle the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.In Bandhayan theorem this has been expressed as such.In Deerghachatursh(a triangle)the chetra(square) of rajjir(hypotenuse) is equal to the sum of the squares of the parshvamani(base) and triyangmani(the perpendicular line).Pythagoras theorem was known in our country as far as 1000 BC.

115.Why is the number 1 considered a prime number though it fits the definition?

The number 1, in fact does not fit the definition of a prime number. A positive integer is called a prime number only if there are exactly 2 divisors of that number.Since 1 has exactly one divisor which is 1 itself it does not fit this definition.The definition of a prime number is a prime number’s only positive divisor should be less than 1 itself. One does not fit this definition there are no positive divisors of 1 which are less than 1.

116.What is oenology?
Oenology is the study and science of all kinds of wines in the world. It is the study of all aspects of wine from harvesting of grapes to bottling of wines. The word is derived from Greek word ‘Oenos’ which means wine and logy which means study. A wine maker can also be known as Oenologist.

117.Which nation has the smallest army in the world?

Vatican City world’s smallest country has the smallest army. This army of 110 men is also known as the Swiss Guard.

118. What is cyberslacking?

It’s a slang term used to describe employees who surf the net, write e-mail or indulge in other internet related activities at work that are not related to their jobs. These activities are performed during periods of time when they are being paid by their employer. The individual is called a cyber slacker while the act is cyberslacking. It’s also called as Cyber loafing.

119. Where was wine first made?

Wine is the fermented juice of grapes. The first people to make wine were Persian farmers living near the Caspian Sea. The Egyptians learned how to make wine from them as long back as 3000 B.C. The God of wine was called ‘Bachchus’ by the Romans and ‘Dionysus’ by Greeks.

120.You can take a horse to water but can’t make it drink.

121.Chandeliers create a majestic aura around living spaces. Lights play a big role in defining the character of a room. Floor lighting is gaining popularity as an object of decor.

122.What is food neophobia?

Children’s reluctance to try new foods is called Food Neophobia in scientific terms. Scientists in London discovered that this sort of fussy behaviour is inherited and stems from the genes.Food neophobia could even have an evolutionary advantage for it prevents the likelihood of trying out toxic foods.

123. Why is the Cape of Good Hope called so?

In 1486, Bartholomew Diaz, a Portuguese nobleman sailed from Lisbon, determined to follow the African coast farther than anyone had before. After he had passed the mouth of the Congo(now Zaire)River a fierce storm sent his ship reeling out to sea. When the Gales had blown themselves out he came back to the coast and found to his surprise that it now lay to the west. The storm had blown his ship right around the Cape. On his return to Portugal Diaz told King John II that he had named the great promontory the Cape of Storms. The king, realizing this discovery might open a route to greater wealth suggested it be renamed the Cape of Good Hope.

124.Do dogs have color vision?

Yes. However their color vision differs from human beings since dogs are said to have dichromatic vision which means they can see only part of the range of colors in the visual spectrum of light wavelengths. Humans have trichromatic vision meaning they can see the whole spectrum. Dogs probably lack the ability to see the range of colors from green to red. This means they see primarily in shades of yellow and blue.

125.What is the red spot seen on the surface of Jupiter?

The great red spot is a persistent anti-cyclonic storm on Jupiter 220 degrees south of equator which has lasted for at least 177 years and possibly as long as 342 years or more. The storm is large enough to be visible through Earth-based telescopes. It was first observed by Giovanni Domenico Cassini who described it around 1665.The spot that has been noticeably red at times throughout it’s observed history yet has not been appreciably red in the visible spectrum since another brief period in the mid 70’s.

126. Your outer appearance tells little of what you are. It’s the words you use and the way you treat people that matters.

127.Being comfortable in one’s skin means expressing yourself in a way you think is appropriate.

128.Mirrors don’t talk and fortunately for some they don’t laugh either.

129.FACTOIDS—In space astronauts cannot cry because there is no gravity so the tears can’t flow.

Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand.

130.The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.

131.Why be difficult when with a bit of effort you can be impossible?

132.A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.

133.When I was young I used to pray for a bike then I realized that God doesn’t work that way so I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

134.If you obey all the rules you miss the fun.

135.Radioactive elements could keep water in liquid form in comet interiors for millions of years, making them potentially ideal ‘incubators’ for early life. He said billions of comets in our solar system and across the galaxy contain far more clay than the early earth did. So the odds of life starting on earth rather than inside a comet stood at 1 trillion trillion against one.

136. It takes lots of efforts to be life’s positive support.

137.Expecting the world to treat you fairly is like wishing a lion to spare you because you are a vegetarian.

138.What is the Tasman outflow?

It’s an under water current, scientifically classified as a supergyre (gyres are anti-clockwise pathways) which links the world’s major oceans and is known to control climate. The tasman outflow which was discovered recently flows across Tasmania and links the Pacific and the ocean basins of the Atlantic southern hemisphere.

139.What is gravel culture?

Gravel culture is a kind of hydroponic culture(a method where plants are grown without soil for experiments and hobby purposes. Here pea sized gravel supports and distributes the root system. This coarse gravel allows a nutrient solution to flow down a slope or to seep from a surface drip and filter down through the roots. When the nutrients flow back into the container they can be replenished weekly. This cycle maximizes both nutrient delivery and aeration to the roots.

140.Why is champagne showered during a celebration?

The wine producing region of champagne in Northern France is well known for it’s special white sparkling wine which over the centuries came to be called by the same name. A king of France was converted to Christianity and his baptism ceremony.

141.When you show you are weak, people sympathize. When you show you are strong, they criticize.

142.Tumor cells made sensitive to lower doses of medicine-Chemotherapy becomes 1000 times more effective for cancer patients without the painful side effects. The treatment attacks healthy cells as well as cancer cells and can cause nausea, vomiting and hair loss. Other side effects include liver and kidney problems and permanent damage to fast growing cells such as those in the reproductive system. The research focusses on ‘silencing’ or ‘switching off’ genes that appear to be turned on as part of the cancerous process. In an experiment on lung cancer they found a set of genes that when used with chemotherapy made tumors much more vulnerable to the treatment.20,000 genes in lung cells were screened. They were then examined to see their susceptibility to the chemotherapy drug Taxol. Taxol is also used to treat ovarian cancer and breast cancer. It’s side effect treatment includes fatigue, nausea, numbness and bone marrow depletion.

143.Cancer vaccine protects girls-Girls have a vaccine available that will prevent most cases of cervical cancer which kills more than 230,000 women worldwide per year.

144. Mind your own business or end up in a mess.

145.Patience pays out in profits.

146.Human Papilloma virus(HPV) is passed by skin to skin contact as some strains cause harmless warts.

How does the virus infects inside a cervix cell?

1.Virus enters cervix cell, sheds cell and releases DNA.

2.DNA instructs cell to make viral proteins.

3.Proteins keep infected cells growing for years and some may become cancerous.

How does the vaccine stop it?

  1. Ball-shaped vaccine particles carry protein that mimics virus proteins.
  2. Body reacts to protein and makes antibodies against it.
  3. Later if virus enters body during sex with an infected partner.
  4. Antibodies attack virus and keep it’s DNA from escaping.

147.TV less family dinners are the healthiest.

148.Breastfed kids still become obese-Breastfeeding does not seem to shield high risk Latino children against putting on too much weight and developing risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

149.’Robinhood impulse’ inherent in human nature-People taking part in a game designed to explore egalitarian impulses in human nature consistently robbed from players assigned the most money while giving money to those with the least. People thus had the Robinhood impulse. In essence what we found is that our taste for equality is one of the most important reasons why we cooperate with each other.

150.Plants on other planets may be yellow, red(according to NASA)-The same rules that make Earth plants green may make non-earth plants yellow, red or green but likely not blue, NASA scientists said. They said their findings which look at how plants absorb and reflect different types of light. Understanding plant colors on other plants is important. Scientists can guess the plausible range of colors they might be. They have long known that most plants on earth absorb more blue and red light and less green light but they have not understood why. It turns out that more red light reaches plants on earth and blue light is the easiest to absorb. So plants make most efficient use of these two and that leaves green light as largely superfluous.

151.Stunted boy grows with help of a hamster-A boy who suffers from a rare illness which stunts the growth has shot up 2 inches with the help of hamsters.At the age of 4 Oliver was diagnosed with the genetic disorder Muccopolysaccharidosis(MPS VI). This means he is missing a vital enzyme which breaks down harmful chemicals in the body.Without it the toxins collect in vital organs potentially starving them of O2. Sufferers have severe problem with their bones and most stop growing before their teens.The enzyme that Oliver lacks is extracted from Chinese hamsters,genetically modified and encased in vials.The solution is given to the patient through a drip.At an estimated 300,000 dollars a year, it does not come cheap.

152.Study links exercise to less anxiety, depression-A regular run through the park may improve not only heart health but also mental health. The effect was modest and there was no evidence of a benefit from other forms of activity, including physical labour at work.

153.Color of early earth was purple, claims scientist-A green earth that must be a recent concept as the earliest life on the living planet might have been purple.Chlorophyll the main photosynthetic pigment of plants absorbs mainly blue and red wavelenghts from the sun and reflects green ones and it is this reflected light that gives plants their leafy color.

Evolution has tweaked the human eye to be most sensitive to green light(which is why images from night vision goggles are tinted green).Chlorophyll appeared after another light sensitive molecule called Retinal was already present on early earth. Retinal today found in the plum colored membrane of a photosynthetic microbe called Halo bacteria absorbs the green light and reflects back red and violet light, the combination of which appears purple.

154.Four genes gang up to help cancer spread: study-Four and eighty seven different genes work to help make cancer more vulnerable to drug treatment. Scientists should be helped to develop more effective drugs to fight cancer, the second leading cause of death in the developed world. Cancer is highly treatable before it has spread. But once tumors break out of their initial spot in a process called Metastasis they are almost impossible to suppress for long.

155.In India a rupee’s worth goes way beyond it’s monetary value. It is a symbol of faith, blessing and commitment. Very often handing over one rupee is a symbolic way of committing to a lifelong relationship.

156. After facing the dust and scorching heat of summer the first showers spelling the beginning of monsoons come as a real blessing. For in addition to buying cool breeze they also add a touch of romance to the air. But enjoying the rains isn’t always an easy task for water logging, potholes and inadequate drainage prove to be the season’s spoilers.

157.Extreme drought, ferocious bushfires and urban development are killing Australia’s koalas and push the unique species towards extinction.

158.Diabetics are at a higher risk of getting a type of mild memory impairment that may later develop into Alzheimer’s disease. Diabetics is linked to a significantly higher risk of a memory problem known as mild cognitive impairment. Alzheimer’s affects 28 million people globally and more than 5 million lives in the U.S.

159.Chlorine pools cause lung problems-Swimming teachers and other people who spend a lot of time near chlorinated pools face an increasing risk of breathing problems. Chlorine reacts with substances like urine and sweat to create byproducts that can irritate the respiratory tract most important chloramines. Compared to pool workers with the least exposure to trichloramines like catering employees or receptionists, swimming instructors were 2.4 times as likely to suffer frequently from sinusitis or sore throat and faced a 3.4 fold greater risk of chronic cold.

160.Effect of deforestation on climate depends on three things-location, location and location.

161.Carbondioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

162.New drives hold a terrabyte of data-Just when you got used to hard drives with hundreds of gigabytes(100s of billions of bytes) they do it. Make one with a terabyte(a trillion bytes). You can now get a terabyte hard drive on a desktop PC. Digital media is movie, pictures and music.

163.The Canonical model-Normal sexual function was defined by a 1966 Masters and Johnson study as a linear process. This model has come to be seen as a more traditional model of the male sexual response cycle while the female cycle is much less linear and more complex. Recent studies have concluded that a woman’s sexual response cycle doesnot always begin with sexual desires but rather may be a desire to be loved or to fulfill some other emotional need.Measuring arousal in women had focused on physical signs like genital lubrication and swelling so it could be correlated to the male definition of arousal.But women say they are aroused even when these physical signs are not present.Women’s conflicting thoughts and emotions about sex. Will he love me tommorrow for one may offset conscious attention to sexual triggers or initial attraction.If she has lower inhibitions arousal follows. Women’s arousal appears also to be more fluid than men’s. While heterosexual men might be aroused by only these memories depicting heterosexual sex many heterosexual women are aroused by heterosexual or homosexual content.The absence of meddling thoughts,from societal judgement to stress to relationship quandaries as well as the presence of feelings of being attractive taken care of have been shown to promote sexual climax especially among women.

164.Desires are universal but quirky and personal-Sexual desire, the phrase alone holds such loaded voluptuous power that the mere expression of it sounds like a come-on a little pungent, a little smutty,a little comical and possibly indictable. Everybody with a pair of currently or formerly active goneds knows about sexual desire. The definitions of sexual desire can be as quirky and personal.For some it is a little bit of adrenaline a puffing of the chest,abit of anticipattory tongue motion or some feel relaxed and comfortable a yearning to kiss or grab someone wwho might respond.

165.Human sexual behavior is guided by the genes-When it comes to the matter of desire evolution leaves little to chance. Human sexual behavior is not a free form of performance but is guided at every turn by genetic programmes. Desire between the sexes is not a matter of choice. Straight men have neural circuits that prompt them to seek out women. Women’s brains maybe organized to select men who seem likely to provide for them and their children. The deal is sealed with other neural programs that induce a burst of romantic love followed by long term attachment. So much fuss so intricate a dance all to achieve success on the simple scale i.e., all evolution cares about, that of raising the greatest number of children to adulthood. Desire may seem to be the core of human sexual behavior but it is just the central act in a long drama whose script is written quite substantially in the genes. In the womb, the body of the developing foetus is female by default and becomes male if the male determining gene known as SRY is present. This dominant gene the Y-chromosome proudest and almost the only possession sidetracks the reproductive tissue from it’s ovarian fate and switches into becoming testes. Hormones from the testes chiefly testosterone mould the body into the male form.Several advances in the last decade have underlined the bizarre fact that the brain is a full fledged sexual organ in that the two sexes profoundly different versions of it. This is the handiwork of testosterone which masculinises the brain as it does the rest of the body.It’s a misconception that the differences between men’s and women’s brains are small or erratic or found only in few extreme cases.

166.Researchers close in on the female equivalent of Viagra-Even in the most sexually liberated and self-satisfied nations, many people still yearn to burn more, to feel ready for bedding no matter what the clock says and to desire their partner of 23 years. The market is saturated with books on how to revive a flagging libido or spice up monotonous sex.

167.Thin carbon is in-Graphene steals Nano tubes allure-Graphene thinnest of all materials is easy to make, giving hope that it’ll soon be ready for use. First it was bucky balls, molecules of carbon in the shape of soccer balls. Then came carbon rolled up in nanotubes now the latest craze in material science is Graphene, a one atom thick sheet of carbon that looks like molecular chicken wire. Graphene is the thinnest of all possible materials in the universe.

168.Cocoa, not tea calms Blood Pressure-Some may see a cup of tea as soothing but chocolate is more likely to lower one’s blood pressure. Foods rich in cocoa appear to reduce blood pressure but drinking green and black tea may not. Both cocoa and tea contain polyphenols a class of chemicals known to help prevent cardiovascular disease that are present in most fruits and vegetables. But cocoa has a different type than tea, procyanids that appear to be more active.

169.Not remembering old times but they were golden. Now wake up to all sorts of changes working sudden. Work to get relieved of the ‘bad ass’ burden.

170. Wake up as a person, work up as a personality.

171.Life is about learning, being noble, loving and enjoying the company of others and proving a brave heart in front of testing issues and times. Life is about living it with full beauty and courage and removing all barriers.

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