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A list of some famous places of India to be reviewed.

ADAM’S BRIDGE–It is a 17-mile long bridge made of rocks and sandbanks situated between India and Sri Lanka

AGHA KHAN PALACE–It is located in Pune where Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi were interned during the Quit India Movement of 1942. Kasturba died in 1944.

AKAL TAKHT--It is situated in the Golden Temple complex of Amritsar. The foundation of this temple was laid down by the 6th Sikh guru, Hargobind..AMARNATH–It is located 150 km away from Srinagar and Jammu Kashmir and is the site for the Cave Temple.

ANAND BHAVAN–It is located in Allahabad and is the residence of the Nehru family. After the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, it has been dedicated to the Indian National Congress.

BHARAT BHAVAN–It has been designed by Charles Correa and is a leading center of India’s performing art in Bhopal.

BIJAPUR--It is located in Karnataka. It is known for Gol Gumbaz. It was the capital of the Adilshahi Sultan of Bijapur.

CHARMINAR–It is a 400-year-old historic landmark of Hyderabad which is the city of minarets and palaces. It was a cloud for the public since November 1986.

CHAURICHAURA–Gandhiji suspended the Non-Cooperation Movement which in 1922 a mob set fire to a railway station in Chaura Chaura and many policemen were killed.

DAL LAKE–It is located in Srinagar and is one of the main tourist attractions of Kashmir.

EDEN GARDENS--It is located in Kolkata. It is one of the best cricket pitches in the country encompassing an area second only to the sprawling Melbourne Cricket Ground.

ERNAKULAM–It is located in Kerala and is one of the first districts in India to attain 100%literacy.

GOLKONDA–It is located 11 km away from Hyderabad in A.P and is a ruined city.

HAUZ KHAS--It is a historic monument in Delhi built by Alauddin Khilji in the 14th century. It has been developed as a cultural tourism complex.

JOG FALLS–These are located in Karnataka and are the highest waterfalls in India and are one of the highest waterfalls in the world.

MAHABALESHWAR–It is the principal hill station of Maharashtra.

MOUNT ABU--It is a hill station on the Aravali Range of Rajasthan and is a famous for Dilware Jain Temples.

MUGHAL GARDENS–It is located in the President’s estate in Delhi. It is the largest and most beautiful garden of Delhi which is opened to the public in February every year.

RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN–It was built by Edwin Lutyens, it is located in Delhi. It is the residence of the President of India.

SABARMATI--It is situated near Ahmedabad in Gujarat. It is famous for the Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi.

SAMBHAR--It is a saltwater lake of Rajasthan.

SHRAVANABELAGOLA–It is a well-known tourist center in Karnataka. It was changed into a throbbing city in December 1993. It is famous for magnificent 1,012 year old,3-8 feet high granite monolithic statue of Gomateswara Bahubali.

SOMNATH TEMPLE–It is located about 210 km from Rajkot in Gujarat. It is a magnificent shrine of Vedic Times. It was subjected to total destruction a number of times by the foreign invaders.

TIRUPATI--It is located in A.P and is famous for Sri Venkateswara temple. In the hills of this area, we can find early Dravidian architecture.

AJANTA--It is located near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. It contains Buddhist monasteries which have unique architecture, sculpture, and paintings.

AMBER FORT–It is a deserted capital near Jaipur, there is a huge fort on a hillock, it contains finest specimens of Rajput Architecture.

AKBAR’S TOMB–It is located in Sikandara. It is a famous for its carvings and architecture of Hindu and Mughal art.

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