An eventful era with event management

A write-up on the budding event management industry and how it has spread like a jungle fire and provides many opportunities to youths for a better and brighter future.

With corporate and personal occasions needing professionals to manage them, the demand for event managers is burgeoning. The hitherto unorganized sector is now recognized as a sunrise industry.

Wikipedia defines an event as any type of a gathering, ceremony, competition, convention, happening festival, media event, party event, sporting event. Event management at one time was about planning, organization, and execution of a project or activity such as parties, weddings, product launches, conferences. Today it encompasses a wide range of profiles that offer thrilling opportunities to those with an eye for detail and a flair for organizing. Today celebrations have turned into glitzy affairs where people want theme decor, buffet spreads, celebrity appearances. It is the event management company that is helping them put all of this in place, of course, at a price tag. There has come an increased demand for skilled manpower. The event mgmt is today much sought after and respected. Event mgmt is no longer thought to be a profession fit only for a bunch of college kids and fly-by-night operators out to make a quick buck.


The big, fat, Indian wedding just got bigger.No longer is a wedding a homegrown affair put together and managed by members of the family. While Indian marriages have always been larger than life affairs, with rising disposable incomes and the willingness to spend big bucks, Indian extravagance has touched new frontiers of grandeur with every passing wedding. A person says people now want to enjoy their own weddings. They’re looking for exotic locations, exquisite functions and a lot more.


With brands becoming acutely conscious of return on investment(ROI) and conversions, events have taken over as the preferred means of brand promotional activity. Product launches, brand activation and other below the line(BTL)activities are the marketing manager’s favorite strategy for effective brand communication today.


SPORTS MGMT-–Controversies aside, the IPL introduced to cricket a corporate identity never seen earlier. The upcoming Commonwealth Games too have upped the corporate ante of Indian Sports. For a long time in India cricket had been the only sport to command a mass fan following. The last couple of years have seen the rising popularity of sports like, F1, tennis that has got the attention of sponsors who are more than happy to grab the same number of eyeballs as they would in a cricket match at half the investment.


The work of an event manager starts way before an actual event and pends post the lights go off the stage. From acquiring a client to churning out ideas that marry the brand’s objective, to executing it to the finest details, event mgmt requires functional teams to work in coordination to produce an event of extraordinary success. Depending on one’s aptitude, one can choose to work with-

1. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT/CLIENT SERVICING-–It is also known as the sales or marketing team, this profile involves making pitches to old and new clients to bring in the business and provide them with satisfactory customer service. Business acumen and the ability to deal with the media are important traits.

2. EVENT PLANNING/CONCEPTUALIZATION—Once business development ropes in clients, it is the event planning team that conceptualizes the event theme, format and other aspects of the event right down to the smallest detail. Event planners must be innovative and must come up with new ideas keeping in mind a client’s objective for the event.

3. CREATIVE DEPARTMENT—This involves the art and design teams that work on the creation of promotional material, set design and other visual elements of the event. Technical qualifications might be required of those seeking to join the creative department.

4.PRODUCTION—The perfect execution of an event rests on the shoulders of the event production or operations team. The people who cater to the logistical demands these are the guys who are out on the field before or on the day of the event to ensure that everything is picture perfect and runs smoothly. Attention to detail and a sharp focus are key skills required.

SKILLS SPEAK—An event manager is expected to possess exceptional organizational capabilities and undiluted energy. Also, every event is essentially a team effort, hence, an event professional must be a people’s person and know how to get work done on time from everyone, from the internal team to external vendors. Long working hours and immense pressure are part of the job. An event professional has to be a good crisis manager. Ability to make quick decisions and act upon them and meticulous planning is key to avoiding hassles.


CUE—While the events industry is welcoming people from a number of educational backgrounds, those with a marketing or communications degree gain a natural edge. People from all faculties can take up event mgmt as long as they possess a passion for events. The industry has been recruiting from B-schools, communication institutes, and event mgmt courses. Undergraduates can pursue the Diploma in Event Mgmt or the Postgraduate Diploma in Media, Advertising, and event mgmt. It is important for an individual to understand every form of event and get trained on the job. Specialising in only one type of event would mean restricting your vision of event mgmt to a narrow part of a larger industry. One must get involved in organizing various types of events while pursuing a course.

MONEY MATTERS—The event mgmt industry is known to pay decently. While a fresher may have to start with a lower stipend at Rs.10,000-15,000 initially the opportunities for growth are tremendous and within a couple of years, one can command as much as Rs.1.5-2 lacs a month. It is up to an individual and how soon he/she is able to prove his mettle. One needs to be prepared to multi-task and play a variety of roles beyond the defined career profile.

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