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A piece on maintaining healthy work-life balance and making their spouse comfy in their relationship.

For better or worse, in sickness and health, during promotions and layoffs until death does us apart. Wedding vows in India Inc. are getting revised as 67% of working professionals reveal that their spouse’s attitude towards their career affects productivity says, Viren Naidu. Murugesh, WNS Global Services says that you can help your spouse enhance productivity by following a few simple tricks: —
1. Be an energy enhancer, not an energy drainer.
2. Ensure that the area of responsibility (especially on the domestic front) to be handled by your spouse is effectively executed and not delegated back to you.
3. Take a basic interest in what is happening at your spouse’s workplace without expecting to get involved in details because he/she would not want to create a work atmosphere back home.
Experts say that the day ain’t far when prospective grooms will place matrimonial advertisements in an endeavor to seek brides who are entrepreneurial, display work-life balance and assist in client pitches. The bride, on the other hand, will seek grooms who are supportive of business commitments and share equal responsibility towards household chores. Team Lease’s latest survey on ‘India’s New World Of Work’ series on ‘Personal Attributes Affecting Workplace Productivity’ makes a startling revelation-67% of the respondents agree that their spouse’s attitude towards their career and relationship with other people at work productivity. Take the case of Khushnooma Kapadia, director of marketing and communicationz, Marriott India who made a move from her earlier organization to Marriott in a role that’s extremely demanding when she was 4 months pregnant with her first baby. She says, ‘It was a move my husband encouraged me to make and it was he who gave me the confidence that I would deliver. Even today, neither of us take any decision career or otherwise, before collaborating and consulting each other.’ Cecy Kuruvilla, global director-leadership development diversity, Sodexo Remote Sites & Asia-Australia shares a story of a colleague whose husband was offered a great job opportunity in Europe, after their discussion on the pros and cons of the offer, it was mutually decided that the wife stays back in India and continues to pursue her career, which was on the rise. With this mutual plan, they have managed to find creative ways to spend time with each other, she says.
But how can spouses actually influence productivity positively when the other half spends more than half of his/her day at work and not with one another? The spouse is a critical equation in today’s nuclear family scenario and the acceptance of the challenges and opportunities afforded in one’s career should be discussed with the spouse for greater career success. It is important to take turns to show up at children’s school programs, attend significant family functions, etc. points out Kuruvilla. Keshav R. Murugesh, GP CEO, WNS Global Services agrees, Today, it’s vital that couples take work-related decisions together, particularly when it involves a change in role or job. But there is no way that both spouses will come to a consensus to every work-related issue, right? Do you always get support from your spouse wherein an extended business travel is involved? Have you always sought support from your spouse when you had to invest long hours? Kuruvilla says that the above issues still continue to strain several relationships. If one’s spouse is insecure in the relationship it can lead to misunderstanding and suspicion thus hampering career growth prospects. For a woman whose boss is a man she is hesitant to travel to another city with the boss for important meetings, fearing the spouse’s reaction that could have career implications like loss of promotional opportunities, she adds. But Kapadia feels that there are always situations where work needs more priority than home or vice versa hence, it is vital to establish chemistry whereby neither of the two is ever neglected. Therefore it’s evident that besides your mentor and boss your spouse too could affect your career decisions. However if your attitude influences decisions his/her career prospects positively not only will he/she further achieve professional excellence, but also personal bliss. 

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