Time to toss it out

A small informative guide to let you know when its time to toss out your old, maybe favorite beauty essentials.

All beauty and makeup products come with an expiry date. And much as we’d love that favorite shade of lipstick or that I-can’t-live-without eye pencil or eyeshadow to last forever, there comes a time when you have to get rid of it. More than anything else using expired products could result in a whole lot of medical problems including skin irritation and breakouts and eye infection. You must know these tips to know about when to get rid of which beauty products—

FOUNDATION—A water-based foundation will ideally stay well for up to a year while you can give an oil-based one about 18 months. Another important factor is whether you’re using a pump style bottle or the one where you have to dab your fingers into. Remember, the more your hand comes directly in contact with the product, the shorter it’s shelf life. Watch out for signs of skin breakouts and irritation.

COMPACT AND POWDER BLUSH OR BRONZER-–A compact could ideally be used up to a year, that’s if it lasts you that long. Otherwise, the sure signs that you need to get rid of it is if it’s use leaves your skin irritated. Another sure sign is if it smells funny or looks strange. The same applies to the blush and bronzer too.

LIPSTICK, GLOSS, AND LINER-–Most experts give these products a year before you have to discard it. However, if you find that it has started smelling rancid or if the gloss or liner looks weird, it’s time for a change.

MASCARA—Ideally, you should not use a mascara for more than four months as this is one beauty product that expires the fastest. Regularly using the wand and putting it back in the tube, makes it a perfect haven for bacteria to breed. Another sign is if it gets clumpy or begins to smell foul. Also, if you face any eye infection before it’s expiry date, get yourself a new product immediately.

EYESHADOWS AND EYE PENCILS—A good quality product will stay well for about two years, that’s provided you don’t share it with anyone and use it only after you’ve washed your face clean and if the tip of the eye pencil is sharpened regularly.

NAIL POLISH—This is one of the sturdier beauty products which if stored properly can last up to at least a year and a half. Another important deciding factor is, of course, the quality of the product. You know you have to throw it out when it dries up and doesn’t spread smoothly on the nails.


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