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A guide to the top ten nail paint brands in India

The Indian market sets a decent standard for nail polish brands good in quality, quite affordable and reliable too. The markets are full of beautiful colors, textures and at a price which don’t bite bad. Here we present those brands which are easily available online and otherwise also.
1. Colorbar—Colorbar U.S.A is a great brand for nail polishes. It has a great range with lots of variety and finesse. It houses range from soft pastels to neon and darker shades. It is readily available and is great in quality and pricing too. This brand is really a must-have for all those stylish girl gangs out there.
2. Lakme-–It is one of the oldest brands for nail paints in India and has been up to the mark in its ranking truly from the start till the end. It offers a very affordable, colorful range from metallic to creams and from basics to fabulous advanced shades. It has variety, style and class. It stores something for every female. A really ‘old is gold’ charmer of a nail paint.
3. Revlon—Another banger in the cosmetic industry, this brand is too good to be true. It has a vast, wonderful range so fun and so varied. It presents lots of great colors, beautiful textures with great finishes. It is readily available now everywhere.
4. Faces—It is a newly emerging company with good collection full with all kinds of shades and glossy finishes too. It also provides fun nail art stickers, artificial nails and is really setting its ground right.
5. Elle 18—It too is a good brand and is priced very adequately for all kinds of purchases. It starts at just Rs.50, has decent range and is available everywhere in India.
6. Maybelline—It is a stylish brand from U.S.A and has such good textures and colours that will keep you stunned. It really is a jewel in your crown that you must have and which won’t disappoint you any bit.
7. Inglot-–It is a premium brand in India. Has super classy and sassy range, has a rich variety but availability is an issue. But the quality and standard is unmatchable.
8. Chambor–It is a wonderful brand with lots of new colors, super finishing and quality.
9. China Glaze—It is a super stylish brand has variety but is a bit pricey. Though does not compromise on quality.
10. Nyx—A beautiful complete brand with too much sparkle and variety. But availability is an issue. Is really worth trying out.
That’s the list of best nail paint brands in India. Which one is your favorite out of them? 

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