Some thought in fun, for fun-3

Some good thoughts for a good you.

1.Different phases of life require different self-capacities and power.Justify it well and stand tall with pride in your heart and the winning sense in your mind.Afterall who said you were not one of your kind?

2.Knowledge—it should mystify, it should create magnificence.It should lead you to a journey of greatness.It should shower something good.Whatever man can, hey hell or heaven no one ever could.So why shy away when you can get away with the best.

3.Don’t imagine realize, don’t expect don’t fantasize.This great going life is there to enjoy.Only if you can forget and forgive, some things are okay, some are not.But this life and poor me is all I have got.

4.Foundation basics to take you up to successful classics.

5.Learn from the way God wants to.Take each day as it comes.After some pain, there will come some fun.

6.I will do what is good and live life as it should.

7.Depression is a mental state, lose the state and open fresh normal gates.

8.Think good, feel great, recover from your mistakes.It’s never too late.

9.Ignorance and innocence bring you problems hundred percent.

10.Some are a theory, some are practical.To live a life you have to be tactical.

11.Every morning is the dawn of a new error but every evening is the dusk of learning from them and becoming better.When there is so much happiness to be got and life is beautiful people cannot accept this situation and end up being so much wrong.

12.If you cannot give, even don’t expect.

13.Don’t start with a bang and end with a whimper.Keep doing also, don’t just be a thinker.You may be good but not too good for all.It’s worldly business once you are tall, once get small.

14.Mad people’s fine class, magnificent fool’s finacy at max-life.

15.I always support what is good, I appreciate the best.I struggle in life’s test, when only have I succeeded do I take rest.

16.Realistic realization can do wonders for this human civilization.

17.Change the sad reality with efforts quality, you can change your life by your personality.

18.Change with the tune, sidestep the gloom.

19.Try to be rich with qualities, don’t gather for yourself penalties.

20.Ponder and wonder, life is sunshine and thunder.

21.Try to stand outsmart, fun and farts, living life is a golden art.

22.With right self-essence, make people feel your presence.

23.Man if gives out his mystery, can never make it to be in history.

24.It may be a thing, that sometimes when you lose something you have gained everything.

25.The foolish pay the price in gold, the clever set a picture to behold.

26.Science is stronger than superstition.

27.Just makeover to takeover to shake over and flow over.

28.One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.

29.Never say die, keep questioning the where’s and why’s.

30.What is it that you get and I don’t have.It’s failure, faults, jerks, and jolts, which have made you a donkey from a colt.

31.Flood life with fun, be on the run to position number one.

32.Perfection clicks, correction hicks.But with both in action, you are a comfy chick.

33.Have the assurance that something good will give you something great.

34.Get in the habit to win.Be the fish with the golden fin.

35.The enemy continues to be one hated and underrated and he will get the devil dose as is destined and slated.

36.If you have to be in the mains be a bit vain.And when in action do a successful transaction.

37.Everyone has to be in fine tunes to make things last.Everyone has to make efforts to win fast and fast.

38.Some are recognized, some are lost in a frenzy.Life is great if you have power or it will drive you crazy.

39.Morning shows the day, so to make mornings better, keep tensions at bay, ie, live in a house of gold, keeping problems in a hut of clay.

40.Wonders abound because idiots surround.

41.Keep up to being your worthy best, you may be surprisingly rewarded in life’s test.

42.I don’t want to be a part of the stuff that is blindly bad and bluff.

43.Strategy structure is needed in life to persuade the eagles and vultures and to continue the ‘being successful culture’.

44.Distinctly ahead and distinctly behind are people living on the same earth of two kinds–one is always for the grind and one has success and joys swooning around blind.

45.Some are terrible, some are terrific.Some are just commons, some make it to be historic.

46.A hell lot of creativity and imagination has ruined the world.

47.Don’t stop to get appreciation, it will keep on unwanted till you are the best of creation.

48.Be a bit clever and a bit bold to see all the silver and the gold.

49.Even if there are or will be no probs, there will be stories of smiles and sobs.

50.Specialty deserves a special treat because being special is not an easy feat.

51.One must know all the easy’s and the difficults if you want to escape being called a moron and escape the corresponding insults.

52.Am comfy with wellwishers, am chompy with the bads.What is for you, you will get, so for not getting what is not yours why do you regret?

53.You can get lots of luck from a combination of lots of strength and spirits.Just do the do, achieve well and enjoy the credits.

54.The villains and wamp have a small ramp.The goodies, on the other hand, have a universal camp.

55.Little knowledge management, no acknowledgment, no knowledge, no real entertainment, just tensions permanent.

56.Goodie-goodies, good and bad buddies some are gone, some are so steady.

57.Surely do lots to get better slots and not be a shitty pot.

58.Try to improve and try to prove don’t let the enemy take a leading move.

59.Lot has to be done, before standing on position number one.

60.Let every day teach you good things and every night make you forget the bad.Let everything make you happy and never sad.Let dawn upon you the knowledge fad and may you get a successful launchpad and may you lastly think that what God gave you has made you totally glad.

61.Let every day bring newness and change let you get joys for your endeavor in every act of exchange.

62.Get the basics right.Make a hill out of skills.

63.Time is the longest distance between two places.

64. All splendid things are rare—Cicero.

65.Your life is one, color it bright, enjoy what is right, can make mistakes slight but always thank God each day and each night.

66.A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.

67.Life is a journey, not a guided tour.

68.It only takes a few seconds to hurt people you love and it can take years to heal.

69.Life is a book of activity.Color it with creativity.

70.Beauty is an accessory to the brain, without brain beauty goes down the drain.

71.Shun your enemy badly, beat him to losses madly.

72.I may not like what you have to say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it—Voltaire.

73.Humour is despair refusing to take itself seriously.

74.Spontaneous stuff can win through times rosy and rough.

75.Everyone is a celebrity in his /her right, so keep on that fight for all the wrongs and rights.

76.A picture is worth a thousand words but it uses up to 31000times the memory.

77.Stress is when you wake up screaming and realize you haven’t fallen asleep again.

78.No one is hit or flop somewhere you can get mud and somewhere mutton chops.

79.Dreams are like the stars they seem so far away, yet never too far to reach.

80.Days are bright, nights are calm.And if you have someone who keeps on loving you for all days and nights that is real life’s charm.

81.Sun needs no mention of its speciality.No one can underrate its originality.

82.Stand like a man, play like a child.Think like a computer, love being wild.

83.I am a proud girl with knowledge international and dil Indian.Need no America or Carribean to make me feel a better citizen.

84.If you do not have backup of knowledge,you are not fit to get an honoured place in life’s college.

85.I just want to gear up with good ways of past and better ways of present to get best ways of future.

86.Always innovate and create or you will be quite late to enjoy your lucky fate.

87.Some to give, some to keep. Some for laughs and some to weep.It’s a matter of worldly business rules.You will sow the same that you reap.

88.Sometimes be deadly and sometimes be Godly.Live, work and enjoy madly.

89.Some to show, some to hide.Sometimes relaxing on sky seven, sometimes to flow with the tide.Sometimes to fight for the rights.Sometimes to be mast and forget what is right. 

90.When times pass, priorities change.So when a closey says, hey, who are you?It’s not at all strange.

91.Past is experience, present is an experiment.Future is expectation, use your experience in experiment to get expectations.

92.Beauty goes beyond the eye of the beholder.

93.Jump in the race and join the bandwagon to get all points right in life.Try to be the very best and the very nice.

94.You can great price for great deals, so perform a good show to get the best feels. 

95.Struggle is the father of all achievements.

96.Try to always fish out fun, and enjoy it all under the sun.

97.Materialistic necessities being on a high, did we forever say feelings and love goodbye?

98.Every day’s routine to be followed.Every day’s pills for problems to be swallowed.Everyday everything to be done.But not to forget the struggle song of the struggler which till now never got sung.

99.Total concentration to keep for the green button to beep.To keep it all smiles no weeps.

100.Don’t just manage also establish.Let all fun creep in and fears vanish.

101.Master the art of succeeding even if for that you have to be crying, maddening or bleeding.

102.Don’t bother for anybody.Have confidence and fun in your custody.

103.Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterwards.

104.A rich man is a poor man with money.

105.You meet true magic when you stand and support logic.

106.Twists and turns, chills and burns, you never can be sure of what life for you will churn.

107.Confidence makes difference.

108.Every English poet should master the rules of grammar before he attempts to bend or break them—Robert Graves.

109.The enemy would like to destruct, the friend would like to construct and when you forget this difference your life can disrupt.

109.When you perform, keep your senses and spirit informed.

110.Don’t live like a stained bedsheet which everyone sees going to the laundry.Live like a king or queen ruling powerful in your life’s boundary.

111.Hard work, eye to eye, foot to foot, there is in everything less truth.

112.Pursue perfection, you will be the merit selection.

113.What is true is pure, it’s from illusions a worthy cure.

114.Show the devil the power of God.Turn even all the odds.

115.My life, my fuel, then why to care for a crazy mule?

116.Be strong to hold the ground, or the world will take you granted to turn you around and around.

117.Life is a celebration if your senses are successful in their operation.

118.There must be no boundaries to knowing, but there should be boundaries to showing.

119.Create a merry state of things.Make sure you are in all of it a queen.

120.Man is preceded by forest, followed by desert.

121.Play any role with ease. Don’t react to ill fate’s tease.

122.Some want to retain their own independent identity as they get ready to chase their dreams.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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