Some thoughts in fun, for fun-2

Some self-made thought-pointers for you all.

1. What does it take to be popular?

1.Anything and everything.

2. Never lose courage and hope for your fight to win.

3. One must love oneself because you are your best secret keeper.

4. Be alive, be active, be awesome.

5. Work firstly challenges us to do a job in the best manner and then it also challenges us to do our best efforts, and see what great wonders we are capable of. We can be just something which can brighten our own senses,it can dazzle our eyes and fill all the depths of our existence with wonders at our own calibre and capacity.

6. It’s just a copy but worth a million dollar trophy.

7. A champion is the best example of mortal existence in any situation.

8. Experiences, good or bad make the essence of life.

9. New is the news always.

10. Work with the right presentation and in the right process matters the most.

11. Life is all about living and its different elements making up existence. It is a world of wonders and also that of thunders.

12. The right effort at the right time adds the needed gloss and the needed shine.

  13. Study and steady work are an indirect way of interaction with God.

14. Learning nourishes the soul.

15. Respect everyone’s pride and work.

16. Perfectness and imperfectness are an integral part of the world. Everything’s importance depends on its substantial existence.

17. Life is about improvement and management for the right man.

18. Let your self feel the flow of life and the fire to survive.

19. A good long journey of learning is life.

20. Grow and build, get beautiful and skilled.

21. A person capable of producing quick anger is not capable of doing anything better.

22. Do your job and keep your class, because, in a world of asses and scoundrels, it is your identity and a very satisfying one.

23. One who gives pain to others so that they reach a dead end is already dead in his own soul.

24. A beautiful soul is a complete whole, who has the power to take on or handle world’s controls.

25. Man is powerful and equally weak, it is he who decides what he should be at any moment.

26. A beautiful picture is a reflection of the inner beautiful self. Something which is beautiful tries nothing to achieve, it only believes in all beautiful things. We command respect, but cannot demand it.

27. A good man is a successful creation of God, God thinks he can be the idea of true success for a worthy surviving test called life.

28. Love is a beautiful thing. Only it is not interpreted as beautifully in the soul of every being.

29. Beauty at its best in flowers, it can also be seen in someone with a positive feel and powder.

30. What is right and what is wrong, is left by God in the hands of man, he thought man will be quite proper in understanding it as fast as he can.

31. Your worth is in your thoughts, you can create or destroy a world by it.

32. The mind is a magic element, it is all that clever one needs to create all else.

33. A lady is a power statement from all directions. You can see it laid all over the universe.

34. Every living creature is beautiful if it tries to evolve itself.

35. Understanding is an important function of the mind, without it, all civilisations will be blind.

36. Everything given to us is a gift from the ‘HUMBLE ONE’ irrespective of our good and badness. It’s because that humble soul thought that there was a chance for the badness in every soul to recede and disappear if the observant eye sees the good picture clear and clear.

37. Work is the best thing that happened to a man, it really creates magic because it is the power of change in certain lucky hands.

38. Analyse and simplify, add and multiply.

39. We are just the completers of an unfinished job which God has given us and he hopes us to finish it in our good humble way.

40. Crazy attitude can get you at a place you like the most, your sick loose fuse goose moose self.

41. Home is the place for all stuffs to be in and do all masti.

42. All in the way, all in the flow, you got to be the best when you wish to run the show.

43. Some dark secrets are inside me, you can come to know if only you are glad to.

44. It’s always a bit better to be different.

45.No one is less than anyone if it comes to being good and better or knowing stuffs or just making a needed change, so feel pumped up.

46. Hard work pays in brighter luck, better days.

47. Your self is your ultimate treasure if you have rightly had its measure.

48. To be something, first feel something, then see something, then understand something and then try to make your levels come up to an advanced human being’s.

49. Work being proper, evolve being super.

50. Always only hard work matters, otherwise good dreams get shattered.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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