Some thoughts in fun, for fun-5

A collection of thoughts again for you all.

1.Sorrow, sorrow go away.Bring with light a joyous day.

2.To know each thing, know something.To know something,know each thing.

3.A controlled man is a complete man.

4.Person in made by God,personality by man.There is nothing that man cannot do.Everything he can.

5.A good outer presence reflects a better inner self.

6.Have a mature mind and an innocent heart.Have good reflections to show and have wisdom with which to shine and grow.

7.With your deeds showing the day make God smile at his creation.After doing the needful and the worthwhile have good jolly lot of recreation.

8.Some like it hot,some cold but I like it strong and bold.

9.If in this world of misery and mess you are happy and fit,you are a hot hit.

10.I believe in showing what is good,changing what is bad and lastly being happy in what all I have.

11.Sometimes what you expect,you don’t get.But what you sometimes get is also what you did not expect.But whatever try to be happy and not upset.

12.Get good,better,intense instead of getting unhappy and tense.When doing something do it with sense.

13.Respect your elders,love your small,this is the way to high rise and not low fall.

14.Good can become better,little much.Life is good after all if you keep on maintaining good qualities as such.

15.Developing certain good ways can make even a bad life better.

16.Some good people and better memories make life great.

17.Keep yourself fresh,wear a good dress, don’t be in stress.Go out for a walk,have a talk,feel good.It’s the way you must live, you should.

18.The free, confident self is best help when you have to be perfect.

19.If you are a man you must know ways of living.If you are a true  man you must survive in ways of living.’

20.God is our power,our strength.We must pray to him in our every breath.

21.Struggle brings success.It is to glories an unlimited access.

22.World is full of misfits,but why to care a bit.

23.In tragedy every moment is eternity,in comedy eternity is a moment.

24.The world gets divided into many directions,each different,some are calm,some are awkward, some are turbulent.

25.Some are stuff,some carry only bluff.

26.Forgive and forget to have more peace and lesser regrets.

27.Work hard head to head,foot to foot,make yourself stronger at roots.

28.Flowers are the best way to greet someone.They say that deep down in some hearts you are a loved one.

29.Don’t be a fella whom people notice with a sigh.Be someone whom people will put on high skies.

30.Tea is misfit,it can never benefit.

31.Happy souls are lucky souls.

32.Nothing changes till I change.Nothing works till I work.All is just my business and I think I am a jerk.

33.Sometimes the irrational is rational and the importance of changing into the former is fractional.

34.Grow up with experience,it will make a difference.

35.Sweet times gone,comes time sour.But become strong hour by hour.

36.You learn and its always good to learn good things and forget bad.You must prove yourself to be a bright girl and bright lad.

37.Love makes you pay,gives you lots of pain but from loving why can’t we refrain.

38.Right thing,right time,makes mood perfect and fine.

39.When you have power in your hands the world is at your feet.But when you are weak you only get defeat.

40.Good people are always liked because good people are always nice.Live a totally civilized life,be a good human being in and out around and all about.

41.There are two kinds of friends,a friend and a true friend.A friend will bail you out of jail but a true friend will end up in jail with you and say,what next?

42.Days of commit and submit are over.

43.You have to be always in motion but not in emotions to be a successful chick and your life story to click.

44.Love or leave,but blindly do not betray and believe.

45.Excess of sugar and salt,brings life’s engines to a halt.

46.Don’t loose your temper so often.You look better when your mood softens.Be good and prepared always, because what you think may not happen.But everyone in your family loves you,be not mistaken.

47.Dreams transform into thoughts.Thoughts result in action.

48.Thinking is the capital,enterprise is the way,hard work is the solution.

49.If you are right,you don’t have to be sorry.If you are wrong,you have to have the worry.

50.If you don’t stir,you cannot conquer.

51.Revealing is really not appealing.

52.You are a fool to think me one,I will keep my cool and kill you with my gun.

53.Inspiration is always from the better to make things the best.

54.Live life well,bid sadness farewell.

55.I am not a dummy to look funny, but when life’s sunny, I gonna make some quick money.

56.Wander with aim so that your efforts don’t go in vain.

57.Success depends more on attitude rather than talent.

58.If you are hopeful,life’s scopeful.

59.Doggy bole bow wow,matlab mere alawa baki sab so jayo.

60.Fair up in every sense,learn with independence.

61.The power of knowledge is great to realize.It’s a world of incidents for the wise.

62.Just from good you become great,keep on doing effort,whatever is your fate.

63.A family is a bond of love.No one can harm it because its blessed by God from above.

64.Work is a pleasure for a gainer,he will succeed later or sooner.Life does not always please,but pains also cease.

65.Success is ultimately satisfying,but for that hard work and plans must be all-occupying.

66.Just simple, not special but happy all pal.

67.Extend your laugh lines to extend your lifelines.

68.Sweet mother,silky sister,fantastic father,brave brother.May this family live always with love and laughter.

69.Let time and wisdom lead you in guiding your life.

70.Have colour in your eyes,love in your smile.Don’t know who is waiting up the mile.So it’s good to gift life fun and flaunt your style,in sum  try to make life worthwhile.

71.A good face does not guarantee a beautiful future.

72.If you have a good way,you can have a good day.

73.Don’t stick your face into everyone’s plate.

74.Some start with nothing and end up with everything.Everything is ultimately done by a simple yet special human being.

75.Pains and pleasure together,life can give great shows of good weathers and colorful feathers.

76.Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.

77.O God give me the power to think bright.Give me the power to be Mr.Right.Give me the power to win.Give me the courage to be out of sins.Give me the power to add beauty to my life.Give me the power complete all my duties all my life.

78.Truth is stranger than fiction.

79.Plan your day by being gay.Do not close your eyes in sorrow.Open them up for a better tomorrow.

80.Do not count your gains, enjoy them.Do not count your fears,destroy them.

81.Education is a deglamourized concept but leads you to glories.People who don’t value it are left being sorry as their life is all about worries.

82.People crazy for style last only for a while.

83.You must have knowledge for the right reasons.And holding it must keep on smiling for every season.

84.Today is important for tomorrow,don’t waste in sorrows.Life is all yours,do not beg, butter or borrow.

85.Make creativity your passion,you can never be out of fashion.

86.Man with might,should also be right.

87.Sometimes there is no greater pleasure than basking in the winter sun.

88.Spirit takes you closer to success.Lazy life makes all a mess.Success is satisfying,failure is depressing but with all the odds and ends life is a true blessing.

89.All along,all throughout spread love and laughter,enjoy and learn from each of life’s chapters.

90.Say cheese please to remove that moody grease.

91.Love is classic if its true,but true love today has no value.

92.If you wanna be something then do anything  and everything.

93.Have knowledge and share, learn to live,love and care.

94.If you want to avoid life’s thorn pricks,have under your sleeves some classy tricks.

95.Good is odd,bad is even,be happy in whatever is given.

96.The work you want to be the best has to be done with dedication so that it is good enough for appreciation.

97.It is foolish to mingle with the smart.It is smart to make a foolish man not understand your  art.

98.Read and rise,say the old and the wise.Fun and fall,you remain very small.

99.The baby’s are sweet,the moms are sweeter.Why are the daddy’s to them then bitter?

100.Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.Art of seeing things beyond vision-Supervision.

101.Success is addictive for workaholics.

102.Take it easy,tough,life is not always rosy its rough but don’t keep on being goody- two- shoes when it’s enough.

103.Effort makes big things happen,nothing is the outcome of only ideas, words,all of a sudden.

104.Working hard to make life brighter,taking risks being a fighter.You gonna win in the end,though you had to go through crazy ends.

105.If you have the body flaunt it.If you have the mind prove it.If you have the heart love it,bear it.If you have everything share it.

106.Determine that things can and shall be done and then we shall find the way–Abraham Lincoln

107.I’m not totally useless,I can be used as a bad example.

108.What is the difference between man and a pig?–Pigs don’t turn into men when they drink.

109.True friends are those  who really know you but love you anyhow.

110.There is always a ‘drive slow’ board near boy’s school but not near girl’s colleges.Why?—Because vehicles automatically go slow there.

111.Time ticks never to come back,so to put in the best effort do not in your efforts lack. Every time for life and manhood have ready a powerful pack.

112.Don’t distract,attract,don’t think,just interact,don’t sleep,act,don’t be stupid handle life with tact.

113.Too much competition all around,to stick your neck be an armed deck.

114.Crack the jackpot,be a quick shot,don’t just lie there being cursed and rot.

115.If you have to achieve,then in yourself you have to believe.

116.Boosty toast is only his self’s satisfying host.

117.Depth of life can be known when you deeply dive and come out victorious with a high five.

118.Everyone needs to prove to get life’s safe roof.

119.I am free and so is my spirit,I just need a self which will bring me merit.

120.Brain quotient to be more,to be unstoppable.Brain quotient to be zero,to be unspottable.

121.Have a futuristic mind and a good behind.One will bring success and goodness,one will bring guys swooning blind.

122.friendship can be forever if you are that much clever.

123.No one can wrongly mould you if you take on yourself a steady hard hold and prove that you are bright,one or two folds.

124.Life is to experience enhance,life is to love,romance and dance,it has its importance and is got only once.

125.Few women admit their age,few men act them.

126.Not just talk but deeds make you best of your creed.

127.Show that you are a time bomb,don’t lay down to wrongs.

128.A consistent true player is a real winner though his score numbers may be from others visibly lower.He if has the spirits has the power to change everything.

129.If you go in for an argument,take care of your temper,your logic,if any will take care of itself.

130.Ways decide days.

131.Riches will be plenty if your brains are not scanty.

132.It’s difficult to understand God,he makes such beautiful creations like women and then he turns them into wives.

133.If a man is totally happy in his own he is considered to be doing something wrong.

134.No one is less,no one is more,life is with mixtures,it is not pure.But you have to do somethings to survive here that’s for sure.

136.I find it personally very hard to really stand up and fight for my soulful and merry existence.Can someone tell me why is it so?

137.When you’re following a map of life,you’re following someone else’s lead.

138.Work in reality,dream in fantasy,but all the time live with quality.

139.Confidence makes the difference.An aware person is everywhere.

140.Hard words shoot when things do not totally suit.

141.Interrupt when mind gets corrupt.

142.Psychologies need to be moulded in a positive framework and given the name of normalcy.

143.If there is one thing worse than being an ugly duckling in a house of swans,it’s having the swans pretend there’s no difference.

144.Truth wins,lie dims.

145.In the business world the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.

146.Nowadays a human distinct is quite a phenomena very extinct.

 147.If you got all,I to got it all.If you are big,I am also not small.If you stand even I do not fall.So hey when ready for combat give me a call.

148.Bring the talent from deep down inside.Leave problems aside.Work with power and at night keep satisfaction by your bedside.

149.Have creativity as a student,power as an individual,goodness as a human being.

150.You cannot boost without a talent backing, if you do not love others, you have something in yourself lacking.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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