Beauty of nature through greens: Parrots

A small article on parrots, a wonderful species, adding the needed beauty to nature.

Parrot is the name of a large group of colorful birds found chiefly in warm, tropical regions. Parrots range from about 8 cm to 90 cm long. Parakeet is a general name or many kinds of small to medium sized parrots. Parrots are noisy, sociable birds. They eat fruits, nuts, seeds, buds, nectars and pollen. Parrots lay round, white eggs in holes in trees, on the ground, in cracks, in rocks or in holes dug in termite nests. The monk parakeet of Argentina builds huge community nest out of sticks. There are about 350 species of parrots half live in Central and South America. Most of the rest live in Australia, New Guinea and nearby Pacific Islands. Parrots of south and central America are called the Macaws. They are large parrots with long, pointed tails and huge bills. The Blue Hyacinth Macaw is the world’s largest parrot. It grows up to 100 cm long. Amazons are predominantly green parrots with big, chunky bodies and short squared tails with colorful spots. The rarest is the Puerto Rican Amazon parrots of Australia and New Guinea are called Cockatoos. They have large, thick bills. Most Cockatoos are white with bushy crests of feathers on their heads. The Palm Cockatoo is a large, jet black bird. It has a bare skin patch on its cheek, which may turn bright red when the bird is alarmed. The rose-colored Galah lives in large flocks in Central Australia. The Ground Parrot and the Night Parrot are unique to Australia Lories and Lorikeets live mainly in wet forests in New Guinea, Australia and nearby islands. They are small to medium sized parrots with black, red or orange bills. The tiny Pygmy Parrots of New Guinea have extremely long toes. They creep up tree trunks, like small wood peckers in the thick forests. The Budgerigar is popular in zoos and as pets. The Rosellas have bold patterns of blues, reds and yellows. Parrots of New Zealand include some of the most unusual species. The large, chunky Kea feeds on fruits, insects and even dead animals. The large, forest dwelling Kake has a long, strong beak that it uses to tear apart dead wood in search of insects. The Kakapo or Owl Parrot has an owl-like face and cannot fly. Hanging parrots are tiny mainly green parrots of south-eastern Asia and the islands of Indonesia. The rose-ringed Parakeet has a long tail, a bright red bill and a bright green head. The large grey parrot from the west African rain forests is a popular pet because it can learn new phrases within hours of teaching several kinds of large parrots are known to have lived more than 50 years in captivity.

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