Some lazy bee thoughts in fun, for fun-10

Some thoughts penned down in free time.

1.Magnificent finacy with tons of secrecy something good some bad at its max —Life.

2.Good position requires better predisposition.

3.If you get brainy you can remove problems coagulated many.

4.To be significant one has to be competent, be able to take challenges and prove in most of them hundred percent.

5.Heads and hearts turn when wisdom of mine like jungle fires burn,this is the place for myself that on this planet,I have earned.

6.Don’t go into subordinance,resume your dominance,each day give your best ,put yourself to test and achieve the greatest heights of excellence.

7.Have a pleasant nature,be a loving creature.

8.I always support what is good,I appreciate the best,I struggle in life’s test when only have I succeeded do I take rest.

9.If you present me a cheat package,I will ensure your definite wreckage.

10.Always stand for truth,step aside evil.You will find yourself strong and all opposing forces feeble.

11.Worls is a beautiful scenery give it you brilliant magical finishing touch.

12.Identify your enemy,blast his shit,go and load with goodies your kit.Always be a standard person,in every sense,you will smell your own essence.

13.Don’t be weak and sick instead be clever and employ successful tricks.

14.Establish your life and style which can take you to a ride for miles.

15.If your cause is correct,fight tight you gonna win right.

16.It’s a shame that my enemies get caught in their own wicked traps and it’s a beauty that I stand out in a way that all awestruck just clap.

17.Realistic realisations can do wonders for this civilisation.

18.Change the bad reality with effort’s quality,you can change your life by your own spirits and personality.

19.The crackpots and hotshots are in every way and anyways out of the lot.They are together two sides of a magical beauty shot.One is incomplete and the other is perfect and there lies the beauty star of life.Absolute wonder.

20.Life may sometime seem a bird brained bullshit and when you smile on your own innocence then you can imagine it to be a superhit one sometime, at least once.

21.God initially may seem has by putting you in life as a wretched soul fooled you and made you to suffer.But did you think that he had a surprise plan for you and did you try to guess what he wanted to you offer,and that it could be something nice only?

22.Come on now drop your burden of problems and unfulfilled aspirations and depressions let there come some light of good lightweight life,let your mind take another turn towards no direction but confident to surely reach somewhere.Let there be fun again,fireworks ,love and some craziness.Change your tunes,sidestep the gloom and to usher a new life ,a new way of self and someone special make room.Let there be something special in every moment from this minute let there come no hurdles and let there be love all around for once,forever!!!!

23.As a human being I am always a student struggling for perfection and every moment that I spend hard on,I want to be worthy of my creation.

24.All the days cannot be of wine and roses,some leave our side and usher some darker ones,but we should not think it to be the end of world because only when we perceive it to be so and not otherwise that the door to happiness closes.

25.Ponder to wonder ,life is once sunshine and then thunder.

26.Don’t keep on thinking and weighing tension.Bring only smiles of solved troubles and keep other hurdles in suspension.

27.It’s not always needed to stand out  smart,sometimes you may have fun and you may fart and lastly you come to know that life is a hidden art.

28.If you carry the right sense,your essence is smelled and there is no need to utter to make people feel your presence.

29.Man if gives out his mystery can never make it to create history.

30.Science is stronger than superstition.

31.A career crashout proves to be a solid future knockout which can make you grab and look out for balance.

32.Having got all qualities,sense and style try to make life exotic,not an exile.

33.One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.

34.What is it thatyou get and I don’t have.It’s failure and faults,jerks and jolts which have made you a donke from a colt.

35.Keep on making effort,regardless of fruit.You will get a good reward,it’s the truth.

36.Mind numbing,punching,thumbing,no brainer game of fools – LOVE.

37.Perfection pricks,correction clicks,you are when you have talent,a comfy chick.

38.Have your thought and way according to not anyone’s orders,but according to what for you really matters.

39.Get in the habit to win.Be the fish with the golden fin.

40.People change with time for the better or for the worse.

41.The baddie continues to be hated and underrated.He will get the right dose as is slated.The friend is liked and loved.He will be rewarded and always remembered and will be the heart’s fond member.

42.Being the central character in the mains,its normal to be a bit vain and take charge of your domain.

43.When in action do a successful transaction.

44.Some are recognised,some are lost in a frenzy..Life is great if you have power or it will drive you crazy.

45.Morning shows the day,so to make mornings better keep tensions at bay,ie,be in house of gold,keeping tension-worries in house of clay.

46.Efforts may fail but don’t fail to make efforts.

47.A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.

48.I have always felt it was not up to anyone else to make me give my best.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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