Some lazy bee thoughts in fun, for fun-11

Some lazy thoughts in a leisure mind trying to draw some shapes and make some sense.

1.Have your way of living,your way of knowing,your way of doing and your way of proving.You will see great stuff before you moving and you will see yourself to success’ tune grooving.

2.Everyday exhaust all your limits of strength and capacity to get a great combination of success and superiority.

3.Forget if ever you had any black days,think of coming days and paint them gold.Your positions in this life with your wisdom strongly hold.

4.Do something great every moment.Enjoy life cent per cent.

5.One who could see you cry was never your alternate standby.

6.In leisure periods let imagination run wild and wander.But when confronted with important and valued issues pause to ponder.

7.Carry in yourself positive feels to make joys from reel to real.Be the darling of all eyes having the powers to charm,love and heal.

8.Hold on to the special moments of your life with the glue of your talent.In every aspect of life strike the chord of balance.

9.Try to improve with every occassion.Make winning your basic fashion.

10.Be sensitive to sensibility.Love and change to better the ‘gone astray trends’ of humanity.

11.All time simple is infinite times special.

12.Some people can’t do with less.They have to know lots,to fill with knowledge their cranky crackpots.And get a chance to win the jackpot,of life.

13.My love for him knew no bounds.But with one word and feel,he threw me cruelly on the bare grounds.I thought,are his senses safe and sound.Didn’t he think left,rght or all around.Why couldn’t he not understand my feelings profound.Well then ,I thought all wa wrong only with me.Because goodness goes down dirty drains and cheapsters with mad shit fit for fanaticism abound.

14.True love tries everytime to keep on running the engine of love,always fine.

15.Never be too weak to appreciate wrongness and never too strong to do anything wrong.

16.I see you,I love you but I know I cannot with my feelings get a place in your heart.Because you hate me,I don’t know why.But to gain your love,I will try,will try,before I say a final goodbye.

17.Some lead,some follow,some shine golden in greens,some keep kissing the hollows.But you are not like them,always deep,never shallow.You just need to show your picture being a great fellow.

18.Only God made me,only God will break me.God I want to complete my job and then I want fly,go free.I love you ALMIGHTY.I shall always live with humanity.Do my duty,get my booty,love, charm the world as a true beauty.

19.Have a mastery over matter than being a vague chitter-chatter.

20.In life,pass all the obstacles which at you are hurled.Slowly and steadily a successful personality unfurl.In life all must get a balanced touch and feel.Life is unstoppable but don’t make it unmanageable.It has to flow and to live it well dedicted efforts must not ever be slow.

21.Insead of thinking and bare talking if you also work to let your dreams come true,you will make a great breakthrough.

22.Shun the enemies,have with friends total fun.Enjoy whether life labels you a one or a ten.You with your stuff and style are the lion of your den.

23.New Year—Start with activity and end with total successful sovereignty.

24.Fantasies are fanciful,but if you live in them all the time,even problems are plentiful.

25.It;s a matter of psychology for weak and workology for the smart.

26.Preserve your beauty,work with maturity,enjoy in life,also fill with joys wellwishers booties.

27.At one point of time you have to be perfect and at others imperfect.If you are in extremity with both of them,then you have some defect.

28.Young are immature,old are mature.One is in a diseased state others have got its cure.

29.When you have only two pennies left in the world,buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other.

30.Bread feeds the body but flowers feed the soul.

31.Those white flowers I know them,do you?From the time I was a child,I know them,Frangipani,I spent many an afternoon collecting them,bending,sometimes sitting on the ground,stickling my young arms.Across the grass or just jumping for them,those white Frangipani.

32.People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy,the whole time to have such things about us.

33.Little flower,but if I could understand what you are,root and all,I should know what  God and Man is—Alfred Tennyson.

34.God was merciful,kind and generous,he gave me a life to live.But baddies in form of man wanted me to be sick.But again God is my strength,I will fight,will challenge ad wil turn odds into evens.Will surely make my life a living heaven and will survive through all thins and thicks.

35.Don’t let success get on head,but in spirits,with more efforts will come more  merits.

36.Women have to do double the work of man to get half the recognition.

37.If you think to achieve something good and grand.Be ready to do the impossible and be ready to each an every errand.

38.Save the besties for the last—let life run and dance on your palms superfast and in life each moment have a serious blast,of colors,fun and frenzy.

39My life,I want to make it beautiful by own efforts and fill it with goodness.Also am thanking God for what he has given me everytime.

40.There is a way of survival,with strength,success and fun stuffs to avoid not needed bluffs.

41.Knowledge is power.Power is world.So why not live with knowledge and get power to become a happy girl.

42.Dance with jaan,win with shaan.Shun baddies,yum goodies.I am Ambika,oly Ambika.Mast all the time,always free and fine,for everybody my charms and everybody mine.

43.Work and advance stage to stage,get elevated phase to phase.

44.Magnificent finacy at its max,and burdensome troubles making you taxed.All will be fine with time and magic and you just need to say cheese and relax.Coz it’s nothing but everything.It’s LIFE.

45.Mad people also afford fine class. It is such a difficult equation only some super maddies can confirm it and label it best though it is pure bakwaas.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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