Some lazy bee thoughts in fun, for fun-12

Some thoughts penned down by me which are just in fun, for fun.

1.Serious and sincere has already all doubts cleared.

2.What is this life,it’s a problematic poetry.What is luck,its a possibility to get out of it,which too is abstract.

3.No wrong supposition,no wrong opposition,just good composition and a great position is all that everyone want.But to get it brains and bravery you must often flaunt.

4.Who gets love does not get the gift of hate. And who has been chosen for love doesnot qualify for the love as it’s already too late.

5.One for all,all for one.Let life work on a melodious rhythm.

6.Get and set,don’t regret and fret.Sprinkle flowers on a face you see is with sorrows wet.You will see you are a happier person you bet.

7.I donot associate with evil stufff.It cannot cause a stir in me but if its into anything strong can momentarily give me a blind bluff.

8.Life starts intense,but ends with silence.Love starts in cheers but ends with tear.And true friendship starts however but ends never.

9.Ideas should exist with information.Tradition should merge with technology.Good values and it’s successful implementation should go in the making of every psychology.

10.Man should help man,do the best he can.It will by God be surely scanned.Life’s celebration will be sureshot great plan.

11.Don’t just be shy,dare to question a why.

12.Look happy and beautiful,young and great,for good fate touching your feet you will not have to wait.

13.A right situation must be there for right peops.If man commands and balances his life well,God’s blessing would be for his keeps.

14.Hi showoff results in low blowoff.

15.Accept the challenge,let the opponent feel strange.Every second,every minute,every time and always.

16.Burn bright because you are right.

17.For baddies no messes,no traces,only guesses.I am in every of the places.

18.Know everything full-hand,to have the power to properly stand.Don’t just make fake castles of sand.Do really possess the wand of knowledge,power,passion and dedication to have a solution for all the problems and to very properly everything withstand and understand.

19.If you don’t give work priority,you do not in life,get an edge of superiority.

20.In life be a thorough professional,just do your job,cut out interest in fakes,instead have it in  cherry topped,cream-layered cakes.

21.Be free to understand,but reserved when badness wants you to your territories expand.

22.Perfection and practice can be good brothers,if for laziness and incapacity now you don’t bother.

23.Give a tough fight for your sweet rights.

24.Look young,feel old,be docile,be bold,Shake a leg like a hottie,make critics go cold.Be the sweetest surety of successful shit,make your book of multifaceted talents get sold.Multiply your joys manifold.Do not step out of luck’s threshold.You surely will be a star and your story of success will not go untold.

25.No need to check yourself,you are right.move with confidence, work with concentration.Talk with concept and caution,know with curiosity,nobody can subdue your superiority.You are very perfect as a personality.Just feel fine with your individuality.

26.Liars are losers,truthers are winners.Cheaters someday get cheated themselves,truthers may have to be temporary backseaters,but liars have to be ultimate quitters come any summers.

27.Be a little more reticent to blame and a little more reticent to admire.

28.Have a free self,a free mind.Grasp and gather,you will see that sorrow’s weather will not pose to you to be a bother.

29.Even thousands of tricks in truth can’t lies mix.Truthers may get some temporary pain but liars are in an ultimate fix.

30.Truth travels thousands of places.Lies at one point are wiped out even of their traces.

31.Start life to end it with ease.Live life as you please.

32.Be hot,be topshots be happy,healthy and hearty.In life doing all roles and feeling fine always be a real smarty.

33.Sometimes to follow,sometimes to lead.Sometimes to loose,but for once to win,even if you get bruised or bleed.

34.Behold the beauty of nature with great appreciation.

35.Donot let people take advantage of your disdvantages.

36.Talk freely but never falsely.

37.Try to know that much stuff which will allow you to be admired and followed.

38. A successful affair requires falling down in love with same person.

39.If in your job,you are truly professional and keep the schedule of masti occasional the results are bound to be no less than sensational.

40.Work hard to perspire your story will not easily expire.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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