Buying guide for the best laptops under 40K


We all today need to be faster and smarter in doing our jobs and completing responsibilities. And with the advent of computers it surely is being possible. Computers have made us an electronic world complete with technological progress and time management at par with our requirements. Today every household has a laptop for sure which has become a regular household gadget and no one can do without one be it a student, a housewife or a professional. And the best thing is that like smartphones there are various laptops available in all kinds of budgetary limits in the market making it’s purchase a bit more affordable. The people in the lower middle class segment can go for laptops under 40 k.

 Below is a list of best laptops under 40k. These include laptops from brands like Lenovo, Dell, Asus, HP and more.These laptops fall in the mid-range segment of the laptop world.

Buying guide for the best deals in laptops at affordable prices

 Almost everyone of us uses smartphones and tablets but then we realize that to do extensive research work or play a game it’s better to use a laptop because of the ease it provides to work. These are the most important things to consider when choosing a new laptop.


1.If we were to find a balance between ease of usage and portability then a 12.5 to 14 inch screen of laptop would be recommended. The larger screens are fine if one does not want to travel a lot and smaller ones are good for viewing by children. 

2.On spending Rs. 44,000 to Rs.45,000 one must look for the minimum specifications of Core i5 or Ryzen 5 CPU 1920 x 1080 screen 8GB of RAM SSD Storage instead of a hard drive.

3.A battery life of more than 8 hours is required for complete work satisfaction.

4.A 2-in-1 laptop is better if one wants to use the laptop as a tablet. If not then a standard clamshell notebook can also be a better choice.

5.A Chromebook is a good idea for kids and students with expanding functionality. The Windows laptops and MacBooks both give a lot of options in functionality. So the chosen platform is a matter of personal choice.

What is your choice: Mac, Windows or Chrome OS?

A question may arise as to which platform to pick between Mac, Windows or Chrome OS. To answer this question one has to know about each platform’s strengths and weaknesses. For starters one must know that most of the laptops come with one of 3 operating systems: Windows, Chrome OS or MacOS(for MacBooks only). Now choosing any one is a personal choice.

Windows is the most flexible operating system. It runs on more laptop models than Chrome OS or MAC OS X. The Windows notebooks offer many features from touch screens to fingerprint readers to dual graphic chips. Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system which gives many advanced options over Windows 7 and 8 including the ability to switch between tablet and desktop modes, a revamped Start menu with live tiles and a powerful Cortana digital assistant.

Chrome OS is found on inexpensive Chromebooks like the Samsung Chromebook 3 which is simple and secure but more limited than Windows or macOS. The user interface is like Windows with an application menu, a desktop and the ability to drag Windows around but the main app used here is the Chrome browser. It has a downside that many of the webapps that are used here don’t work particularly well when in offline mode. This fact though is changing as almost all the Chromebooks including the high end Google PixelBook can now run Android apps. So if one needs a device to surf the web or check mail, navigate social networks and chat online Chromebooks are highly portable and offer good battery life at low prices. They are also very popular with parents and schools as they are more malware-free and more functional than most tablets. If one needs a Chromebook one should look for one with at least 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. A resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel is preferred.

Decide on the 2-in-1 option

One should decide whether one wants a 2-in-1 or not? Many PC laptops fall in the category of 2-in-1 laptops, hybrid devices that can switch between traditional clamshell mode, tablet mode and other positions like tent or stand modes. 2-in-1s generally come in 2 different styles, detachable with screens that come off the keyboard totally and flexible laptops with hinges that bend back 360 degrees to change modes.

The right choice lies in the right size

The portability factor should also be looked into to buy the best laptop. Laptops are generally categorised by their display sizes like—

11 to 12 inchesThe thinnest and lightest systems have 11 to 12 inch screens and weigh typically around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

13 to 14 inchesIt gives the best balance between portability and usability in a laptop that weighs under 4 pounds.

15 to 16 inches-The most popular size of laptops is 15 inch laptops that usually weigh 4 to 5.5 pounds. This one can be chosen if one wants a large screen and does not require the portability factor.

17 to 18 inches-This can be chosen if one needs high processing power to play high-end games or do workstation-level productivity.

The right keyboard factor

The ergonomics factor too needs to be seen in order to buy the best laptops. if one plans to do a lot of work on the computer, the keyboard must give solid tactile feedback and enough space between the keys. If one is buying a Windows laptop one should make sure it has touchpad drivers. One should look for an accurate touchpad that doesn’t give a jumpy cursor and responds properly to multitouch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. If one is buying a business laptop one should get one with a pointing stick(nub) between the G and H keys so that one can navigate around the desktop without lifting the fingers off the keyboard’s home row.

Choose the right specifications

The specifications must be picked properly to make the perfect choice. The components to see are the CPU, RAM, storage drive or hard drive, display, graphic chip, ports, connectivity, DVD/Blu-ray drives.

Don’t skimp the battery life thing

The battery life factor too cannot be ignored. If one plans to use the laptop on the lap at home or work then a battery with 77 hours of endurance and more is ideal. To know a notebook’s expected battery life one must not take the manufacturer’s word for confirmation and instead read third-party results like reviews.

Plans must be budget specific

To buy the best laptop one must plan for the purchase based on one’s budget because many products are available at varying prices.

The brand’s importance

The brand name holds it’s importance as the laptop is only as good as the brand. The accurate and timely support of a brand holds real value along with other aspects like design, value and selection, review performance etc.


The market is filled with many products available at varied prices. But one needs to follow the guidelines to buy the best laptop in a defined price range without which one may not be able to get the worth out of the money. The buyer should know the given details to make his purchase useful and satisfying. The use and value of a laptop in everyone’s life cannot be undermined in this progressive era and so this buying guide will help one to get the best deal out.

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