Creative tips for travel bloggers to pass time during the corona pandemic

In the last few days, life has been more traumatic, problem prone and every sphere of life has been through a rough shuffle. People, all over the world ranging from women, working or not, to school children, to professionals and small time workers have all experienced jitters and been through new developments, unfortunately not the nice ones. We all have had to make changes in our lives, from staying indoors to washing hands incessantly, to dusting every nook and cranny of our sweet abodes umpteen times and not forgetting being the ‘Masked Warriors’ fighting the immediate enemy of the moment called Coronavirus every second efficiently.

In view of the present messy scenario with a deadly killer high on the loose, it being the coronavirus pandemic, the world, otherwise a hub of crazy activities and a never stopping phenomena of motions and emotions has come to a halt. Everything around us has hit the pause button. From cancelled concerts, to closed schools, offices, public places and a literal lockdown of the nation, we are stuck in a frenzied zone between life and death. No one can help us in this situation better than our spirited and strong selves to be able to pull self and others out from the ‘coronavirus scare,’ a mental pandemic in power to kill us, destroying the world. But even in this bad-ass time, some out of all of us, have tried to pave the way for some fun, creativity and bliss to enter through the windows of our minds, cutting the bullshit crap giving us what we do need at this moment the most, hope of course. People belonging to different genres are engaging themselves actively and participating more and more in things they like to do and love. So food bloggers are doing their thing, interior designers are into their stuff and everyone is trying to make this pandemic period of self-isolation and quarantine enjoyable, fruitful, creative and fun.

We have been in the state of national lockdown for quite some time now. Many people have died and a lot of scary vibes have been dissipated already. People have been shaken badly and everything has been wracked up bringing in focus a messed up, gone astray, haywire scenario.

But still some people have taken things in their stride quite positively. People have been kind and encouraging to their fellow brothers and sisters asking them to stay happy, positive and creative in this house arrest of sorts. They have started to engage themselves meaningfully in cooking, blogging, creating an amicable environment and spread, no, not the virus but good vibes. So fretting and frowning is passé now and no one wants to play the gloom-doom game anymore. 

The situation created by the pandemic from regular times has not been different for homemakers or people who stay at home usually. But if we talk about travel enthusiasts and bloggers they have felt the heat and the effect better than others. They cannot travel, take pics and update their knowledge files as before. They feel stuck, out of job, bored and not useful to themselves. Some suggestions for travel bloggers at this time of the pandemic scare to satiate and feel pumped-up are:-

1.Spend time reading travel-oriented books to explore new ideas and to fulfil that ‘I-want-to-travel’ craving——You can read a variety of books ranging from fiction to nonfiction and travelogues which will help you know more about a place you wanted to visit, know about its culture, unknown facts, people, cuisine and related info of your interest. As the whole world is now off-limits, the next best thing to do after travelling is coming to know about that place which would be your next travel destination and updating the self knowledge bank. Reading about a place is more like visiting it in dreams and even imagining an adventure out there. It gives you a good feel when you grasp more and more information which makes you feel more useful, filled-up and confident about that particular place. Some travel books to read are-The rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald, A moveable feast by Don George, The art of travel by Alain De Botton, Lands of lost borders: A journey on the Silk Road by Kate Harris and many more.

2.Learn a new language——You may have travelled many places and the one essential thing you did not want to overlook during the travels was language, of course. You may have learnt a new language during your visit to your preferred travel destination as a parting gift which made you a master of a complete foreign language and which helped you stay on your feet during the visits. So while you are at home considering yourself to be either blessed or stranded, you can master a new language and use it in many ways like guiding other learners and earning through it. When we learn about a new language, we feel we belong to that place and find a connection in between us. It gives us pleasure and increases our opportunities to do something valuable by learning the language.

3.Write your travel experiences and stories-— Whenever you visit a new place or a new country, you meet new people, interact, come to know new things and also have new adventure stories to firstly experience, live and narrate later to an ‘all-ears’ audience. You may have many of them in your interest areas and you can probably share them on social networking sites like Instagram, word press etc. You may at this moment, not be able to make a physical journey to someplace but you can get packed up and ready for a journey of your mind, pen down the memories, relive and enjoy the events of your travel adventures brushing them up and decorating them on the graffiti wall of your life.

4.Watch documentaries, shows and more such stuff related to travel and natural wonders of the worldWe have many sites which are filled with films and documentaries giving us the needed information on nature, our planet, people, lesser-known places, remote cultures etc. So we can see them to satisfy our wanderlust, learn a new thing or two from them and ponder on issues of preservation and striking balance in nature and measures to do so.

5.Extend a helping hand–The travel industry is seeing a severe lowdown and every travel activity has halted in the whole world bringing in a spate of losses to the travel business. So we can do small gestures like pen a heartfelt, informative and useful review about a destination we visited on travel sites. We can mention some of their posts on social sites like Instagram or Twitter. And recommend them to family, friends for their future trips.

6.Do some in-house research—While being at home and having not lots of sunshine to soak in, you can do research on the places of your interest and the ones you will visit next. You can gather all the information that will help you out and also know more about the not-so-known things about that place.

7.Do not try any domestic travel in the time being–It’s advisable to not travel even in-country and visit places you want to because it probably is not the option to try right now and risk being sick by the coronavirus. You should better comply with the restrictions set out and find out other options which will provide some useful info bites to crunch on right from the comfort of your house.


It might be a very tough time for people of the world but they can still stir in some fun, excitement and creativity in the milkshake of their lives, become wiser, learn things and experience the power of positivity which keeps the state of affairs of life going steady. Being in a lockdown, we don’t need to feel stranded, out of the league, or feel to be a nobody. We can still use our times creatively, make emotional connections with people around us despite the physical distance and reap out a great harvest of lots of knowledge, experiences of good living and maybe feel that this whole coronavirus scenario did not go waste. It made us understand the hidden values of brotherhood, togetherness, unity which really made us better knowing and feeling people. We can all make the most of our times by engaging in things we love to do and feel useful, happy and important again.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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