Be the real-life Rapunzel with Henna: the perfect aid to have heavenly tresses, you bet!

In today’s fast paced, crazy and challenging setup of life, nothing can be left out on chance,the second person and destiny because literally these do not exist. Everything depends on us, humans who have to take care of our lives and all it’s aspects starting from routine ablutions, self and home management, studies, work, family, life affairs, pets, money matters, health and overall wellbeing being just a few.

One of the important issues a girl cannot scroll off her schedule is beauty management and self development which include all the aspects of skin, hair and weight management apart from many more in the unending list.

To get good hair one of the best products to use is henna. Henna is a dye made from a plant called Lawsonia Inermis or the Henna tree, the Mignonette tree and the Egyptian Privet. Henna has been used since long to dye hair, skin and was used in the Arabian peninsula, Indian subcontinent, and many parts of Africa. It is one of the most popular and trusted beauty ingredients in India which has been taking care of hair troubles for a long time. Henna is a fabulous ingredient to dye hair naturally and it also strengthens, conditions and nourishes hair from deep within. Some of the properties of henna are—

  • Henna is a natural hair growth booster-Henna has such natural properties which help the hair grow very fast in a healthy way. The henna powder can also be used to make an essential oil to nourish and promote undisturbed hair growth.
  • Henna helps stop and reduce hair fall-The application of henna affects the scalp directly helping in improving the follicle growth and health. It helps to stop unnecessary hair fall and hair thinning, helping the scalp get nourished and thickening hair quality making hair silkier, shinier, bouncier and beady.
  • Henna is an excellent hair conditioner-Henna is combined with hydrating ingredients like eggs to make a great conditioner. One should apply this henna pack for a short period of time to get that ‘gorgeous Rapunzel-like hair, all shiny, long and so beautiful.’
  • Henna is a hard-core dandruff busterHenna helps remove excess grease and dirt from the scalp and is a hardcore dandruff buster. One can use mehndi, a paste made from the dried leaves of henna tree too on hair to cure these dandruff issues and prevent their relapse.
  • Henna controls and stops scalp itching-Henna has natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties which cool and soothe the scalp and help to stop unwanted itching of the same.
  • Henna is a great natural dyeHenna is a great hair dye because it is the best natural alternative for other chemical options readily available in markets. So it is healthier and a good choice for the wallet too being decently priced.
  • Henna helps repair those unwanted split-endsThe dry hair generally is damaged in nature and has split ends. The solution for these is just not cutting them because the vicious circle of them growing again keeps repeating and henna can be very helpful here. Henna conditions hair in depth starting from scalp to each hair follicle and renews the entire texture of the hair if used regularly.
  • Henna provides thickness and added shine to hair-A chemical called ‘Tannin’ present in henna binds with hair to make it stronger without penetrating the hair cortex which ensures minimum damage and thicker, lustrous hair with each application.
  • Henna balances pH and oil production-Henna helps to calm down the overactive sebaceous glands which control oil production in the process. It also  helps to restore pH of the scalp to it’s natural and normal acid-alkaline level thus giving strength to the hair follicles. Henna has natural, nourishing properties which turns dry, damaged and unhealthy hair into soft, shiny and manageable tresses.

Henna in it’s natural form has no side effects. It is a cheap, healthy and effective product to nourish and condition totally thin, dry, damaged hair and also to overcome other hair issues down the list. It is used as mehndi too as a body art on other parts of the body and it is the best natural dye to use without worries.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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