Life and times in 2050: A sneak peek in the future

We all are humans. Curious beings. Curious to know more about life and everything concerning us. We are all more than keen to know what our lives and the state of the world will be like in the future.

A theoretical physicist Michio Kaku has published a book titled The future of humanity in which he focuses on the top question of our lives,’ what will our future be like?’ He is a popular scientist. He studies trends of the present to hypothesize the nearing future and everything concerning life and the living. Similar to Kaku futurists have been conceptualizing the fate and state of mankind for centuries. Now that we are very uncertain about our future the work of these scientists seems more relevant and useful. According to Kaku by 2050 we will be able to send memories, emotions, and feelings across the internet. The science of the brain will explode revolutionizing communication. Teenagers will instead of putting an emoticon at the end of every sentence use an emotion directly like happiness, anger, excitement, etc. It will replace the concept of entertainment via movies and render it obsolete. The pattern of communication will be old school but communication will be telepathic removing obstacles between people.

We will finally enter the age of the ‘brain net’. The world of medicine will see changes and a helluva rate of progress. We will have cured certain forms of cancer. We won’t fear diseases like the common cold and learn to live with them with the help of technology. There will come in smart toilets that will conduct liquid biopsies which are available already to detect cancer cells, genes, and enzymes. We will be able to detect tumors years before their formation when they are in their nascent phase as small colonies of several hundred cells in the blood. Smart objects will measure our biometrics automatically. An iPhone will be able to calculate a pulse. And there will come clothes which will detect heart attacks and give us the needed advice too.

Humanity will be laying down the foundations of immortality. We are on the way to discover the genes that will control the aging process and we will also come to know how to repair biological damage inflicted on our bodies in time. So the medicine will move past just providing a cure and will help us get closer to biological and evolutionary perfection. Man in a way will be God because we will possess the immortal body of Venus, the speed of mercury, and the power of the mind of Zeus. We will conquer longevity by human body shopping. We will grow organs to replace the dead ones out. We will use cells to grow skin, cartilage, nose, ears, heart valves, bladders, the liver, kidney, and pancreas too in the future.

According to Faith Popcorn, the best-selling author and futurist, she is the founder and CEO of Brain Reserve, a future-focused strategic consultancy established in 1974. She says that human doctors will be replaced by algorithms as being human has it’s lows in making mistakes, getting sick, and not being totally proactive. The algorithms will provide patients with the function of a doctor 24×7. Artificial Intelligence will tell us before time what are we allergic to, about our sensitivities, how much exercise we need, what are our stress levels, and much more. The AI psychologists are already proving to be very effective. They are able to measure the response of patients to questions. They know which questions fuel stress. They measure a patient’s biometrics during sessions which is not feasible by human therapists. By the start of 2050, science fiction will become just science. The ability to dispense medicine, that to predict cancer, the ability to measure the function of our hearts and lungs. Tiny chips may be implanted in our bodies at birth and we may store medical records at our fingertips. The phenomenon of pregnancy will become outdated. Babies will be grown in labs in fish tanks and gender issues will be irrelevant. We are already seeing gender fluidity where on Facebook 48% of millennials believe it to be a spectrum rather than identify it as homo or heterosexual. The traditional myths and conventions about gender that one boss or takes care of the other will prove to be baseless.

According to Amy Zalman, a global security futurist the style of work will change drastically. The work of white-collar professionals following a routine schedule like accountants, lawyers, journalists will change. The work of lesser-known areas like Data and criminal justice, data and homewares, data and medical services, data, and biotechnology, We will realize the need for how we live with artificial intelligence. There may be a significant change from automation and require a tweak in the social services system. We will find new ways for people to make money. There may be experiments in the universal basic income. We will create newer forms of work. The only thing that won’t change is wealth inequality. Some of us will be rich and some poor. Inequality will rise not only from automation but because of the economic reward system that money makes money. It will lead to a biological divide in society. There will come a concept of Genetic Enhancement.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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