Successful tricks for content creation

Content creation has become one of the most powerful promotional tools being used worldwide but it can’t make a big impact on the target audience if it is not planned and executed properly. It has been proven in surveys that content marketing generates three times as other traditional marketing strategies and costs 62% less. Marketers who prioritize content generation are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI. According to 70% of marketers, content marketing increases engagement. Small businesses with blogs get 126%higher lead growth than small businesses without blogs. Bloggers should use state-of-the-art tricks and techniques to write proper blogs to use it to grow their brand or business.

1. RESEARCH IS A STRICT YES-No one can be unplanned and unprepared when starting to get work done. So the first thing that has to be done is to find everything about the topic. It can begin with audience analysis. The goal is to create an accurate reader persona.

2. KEYWORDS HAVE TO TOP OUTThe sure-fire way to get maximum traffic is through a search engine and that can be done by SEO(search engine optimization) as 93%of all traffic comes from search engines. And to rank at the top it’s important to find and use the best keywords in the posts. And the best way for it is to rely on professional keyword research tools. Many writers use Google Keyword Planner to identify the finest search terms and phrases and there are many such reliable platforms online.

3. FIND A CATCHY HEADLINE AND GRAB THOSE EYEBALLSWhen we start writing our post we need to start with the headline and it should not be rushed as if it is just a formality. Titles on the contrary deserve special treatment because 80% of readers don’t make it past the headline. A typical visitor on your website does not want to read a post if he finds the title boring and bland. So a writer has to find and come up with a standout headline.

4. STYLE OF WRITING IS VERY IMPORTANTA writer should focus on the style of writing trying to make it unique, classy, and informative, and in a way that is liked by the readers improving the readership base for the particular company. But it has to be remembered that the target audience dictates the style of writing. The techie writers want to sound trustworthy and authoritative and they prefer data-driven articles. Their style is plain and direct because that’s what the audience wants. A writer needs to first discover the most appropriate style of writing and not forget to use it consistently.

5. BE A REAL-WORLD PROBLEM SOLVERIt may be a good idea to talk on multiple topics and have a broader overview but a lot of time should not be wasted in theorizing. Modern readers expect content creators to solve real-world problems focusing on one issue at a time. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the given standard article structure:

 1.Introduction-Present the main idea and the problem being discussed.

2. Body-Here you explain the main problem or issue and how to deal with it.

3. Conclusion-This is where you make a brief overview of the post and remind readers of key messages.

6. LONG POSTS MAY BE THE IN-THINGA writer will find it hard to distinguish his content from others if his post is a brief 300-word write-up. It really takes a lot of text to present my own opinion. According to a report, the average Google first page result has 1,890 words. It’s a sign that people and search engines encourage high-quality articles.

 7. EASE OUT ON VOCABULARYUsers really don’t appreciate heavy vocabulary. They don’t like jargon or industry buzzwords that are irrelevant to the context. A typical consumer doesn’t like complex sentences and content which can be misinterpreted. The writer should try to write useful, topic related to practical content using a simple, easy to understand language. The best way to write a piece is to keep it conversational and actionable, leaving no room for possible misunderstandings. A line with more than 20 words per sentence is considered too long a sentence so we need to go easy on the content and simplify sentences.

8. WRITING TOOLS MUST BE USED TO IMPROVE THE CONTENTContent writing may be a challenging process but we don’t have to do all the work manually. Because the internet is a platform where there are many digital platforms that can make the final product better. The examples are—

1. GRAMMARLY- It is a very popular proofreading platform that checks mistakes and suggests corrections for your write-up.

2. EVERNOTE It is a useful platform to write down content ideas and organize writing activities.

3. HEMINGWAY APP It is a platform that proofreads and edits posts and it evaluates the overall readability of the post.

4. THESAURUS– It is a platform to replace words with synonyms.

9. REPURPOSE QUALITY CONTENTA writer howsoever proficient or creative sometimes gets in a dilemma and can’t think of a new topic. It is a creative draught faced by writers and then content repurposing may help out. According to a study, almost 30% of leading marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content. To do so, one just needs to add fresh information, stats, or images to old posts making them new and relevant to the context.

10. FOLLOW COMPETITORS The last strategy is to follow your niche rivals and know more about their style of content creation. The goal here is not to be a cheater cock stealing their ideas and stories but to keep an eye on their stories because it will keep us updated in many ways about their writing strategy, way, and more. This way you also learn from them titbits you will need to know.

Writing proper content is never easy but doing it consistently is even more difficult. To stay competitive in the long run one needs to follow the latest content creation strategies and tricks.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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