Difficulty in online teaching

The system of education has been disturbed a lot because of the coronavirus pandemic and thus the system of online teaching has assumed importance. There are though some online teaching challenges that cannot be ignored.

ISOLATION— The first point that comes to mind when we talk about online teaching challenges is loneliness. Some students feel a strong sense of isolation without the routine buzz of the classroom, the noise of the student group, and the whole of the school atmosphere they are accustomed to. This creates a sense of loneliness which affects their learning desire and consequent productivity. Most of the students miss the good old school jargon and feel their power of performance gets affected by this change of setup to online learning.    Online learning can also hamper many features like group activity, class discussions, and other collaborative activities which will diminish the level of student engagement and those valuable learning experiences.

THE STRUGGLE FOR ADAPTABILITY-The system of online teaching comes with plenty of disadvantages. The learning experience of the student changes completely as he/she has to switch from the traditional classroom and face-to-face setup to computer-based training in a virtual environment. Most of them are resistant to change and it takes time for them to get accustomed to Course Management Systems(CMS). The transition from classrooms to living rooms, kitchens is a lot of distraction and there is no expert support also available 24×7. The method of their study in a classroom setup is quite easy-going and passive as they can talk to one another and take notes, listen to the lectures with half of their attention in it but in the case of online learning they need to stay alert, and active. The students with a traditional mindset find it a difficult aspect to deal with. The absence of the peer network too makes the study affair too boring, lonely, and bland. The students are not able to measure their achievements with their fellow students and the setup of a good learning environment by working and learning together does not take shape. So students are left to themselves to solve out their regular queries or wait for the availability of support groups online. The measurable goals are not properly set in the case of online learning because the set tasks are open-ended and don’t state the parameters of completion like time spent to complete the task, a measurable or quantifiable result, accountability. The student engagement declines in independent environments.

TECHNICAL DISCREPANCY-There are some technical issues too involved in the process of online teaching and learning. Many of the students do not have high bandwidth or a strong internet connection required for online classes and so they lag behind their classmates in studies. Most of the students live off-campus and find it difficult to keep track of the technical requirements of the chosen course. Some of the students do not own a computer and have to seek help in Learning Resource Centers for it. All the study materials which are used by the teachers too need to be created from scratch which needs time. The verbal lectures and instructions have to be translated into written documents that all students can access and understand. And it too takes a good deal of time.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, families like the Dykes and Dettwillers have been removed from their familiar classroom settings to a new home environment where education throughout Ohio has taken on a more individualized culture setting.Detwiller L0a7611

COMPUTER LITERACY-Today generally most of the students are tech-savvy and know the titbits of using a computer better but there are still some students coming from rural backgrounds for whom computer literacy is an issue. Many of these students are not able to operate basic computer programs like Microsoft Excel, Power point and thus find themselves helpless when having to work with them. If their computer faces an issue they are not able to help themselves out because of a lack of knowledge in that area.

MANAGEMENT OF TIME-It becomes an important and tough area for learners as their study and courses require extra dedication and intensive hard work. Because of the routine chores and other commitments, the students mingle their routines between school and home work and get jinxed. Online learning requires a properly fixed study routine and a time checker or a time schedule for each subject which will see to it that the assignments and studies of each subject are completed within the stipulated time.

BEING MOTIVATED-Self motivation is a very important necessity in online learning and many students lack it which is quite a surprising aspect. After taking up distance learning many students fall behind and lose interest in their subject matter because there is no strict setup and assistance of the teacher and no immediate pressure to do things on time.

LACK OF DEDICATION AND FORGETFULNESS-The level of diminished accountability is a cause of concern not only for students but the teachers too. Because of lack of face-to-face interaction teachers become irresponsible in their job and after giving assignments don’t bother or forget about it. Their level of dedication plunges and they show a non-serious attitude for their students and work.


E-learning is the latest wave in the educational scenario and is really good news for the students and instructors alike but in it’s nascent stage it poses certain discomfort and issues to deal with for the educational fraternity. The students if are able to take hold of this way of learning positively and try to familiarize themselves with online learning by upgrading to follow it’s norms and ways can really fare very well and achieve success just like they used to do in the traditional mode of study. The teaching faculty too is faced with challenges by online learning but if they too try to habituate themselves and start to take it as a positive,  new and more creative way of education parallel and similar to the traditional one can aid in the development of their students and the educational system on the whole.

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