The unhappy story: Age and it’s relation to our down phases, a temporary but strong learning episode to mark the age of periodic unhappiness and that of enriching wisdom

Being human is sometimes a matter of pride, at times that of a problem. As per human nature and capacity, we love to err. And thus we see that human life is a beautiful, complicated mess when regularised and visualized in different ways.  We all go through our share of blues and pinks necessarily which share no escape plan. We have to go through all terrible and terrific deals and live out every moment of our lives, pleasant or difficult and need to own it.

We would like to stay happy and sane forever but sadly God’s plans don’t confirm those wishes. Sometimes we have to embrace the scenario of gloom dooms too. No one can stay happy and feel blessed all the time. In today’s busy as ever world filled with heartless people, unhappiness is a common experience for most of us, welcome or not. According to anecdotal evidence, age has been seen to be a factor that affects our state of emotions. Childhood has been perceived to be an innocent, carefree, and fun-filled phase where we are free from worries and responsibilities and can live out our crazy ideas in the form of naughty mischiefs and adventures.

Unhappy Sad Alone Loneliness Sadness Depression

The difficult period is the one crossing the threshold of childhood and entering into mid-adulthood also referred to as ‘midlife crisis’. Midlife crisis is now an established phenomenon but a new term coined up more recently is ‘quarter-life crisis’ which describes an increase in the level of unhappiness experienced by people in their 20’s.

Unhappiness reached its peak in the late forties across Europe and the US specifically at the age of 49 years. In a general graph, unhappiness followed a hill-shaped curve in a lifespan. So according to the norms, children have a very low ratio of unhappiness which increases until the age of 49 years.

If I was to state my mind,  happiness or unhappiness is a state of mind and emotions. You need a reason to stay happy or not and it is a criterion independent of other parameters like age, the standard of living, gender, or caste. One can stay happy at the age of 99 or can be sad at 20. It depends on the situations and circumstances of life and how we choose to respond to them. Life surely is never a cakewalk but it is not equally a thorny carpet laid out to make us bleed to death. We are offered solutions to problems camouflaged in between them and it depends only on our senses to find them. 

So we can be happy or sad at any moment of our lives irrespective of any other tagalong criteria. We cannot pinpoint an exact period of our lives in which we will stay unhappy. It’s again all a matter of the mind and our perception of things which make us happy or sad. Come on life needs us as a fighter, a soldier, and also as a jester to change things, make a big difference, and finally gift all including ourselves a bright smile. 

Let’s get started from this moment on…

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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