Traits of a good digital marketer

To be successful in the field of digital marketing you need a person with the right skills,knowledge and experience.Digital marketing as a career combines traditional marketing, web design, SEO, social media marketing, content writing and there is a requirement of a person with diverse and creative traits.A successful digital marketer is independent, self-motivated to learn and grasp new things and take decisions which will matter lot for the welfare and profit of the company.He must have leadership ability along with having a cooperative mentality to be able to work as part of a team and communicate with clients, coworkers and public alike.

These are some qualities an aspiring digital marketer should have to be a successful professional in this field—

1.The ability to self-start or take initiative

Digital marketing is a field that gives a great deal of professional freedom and if you can keep self motivated and on track then you can be a star performer being acknowledged for the same too.So finding self motivation is a must for the industry folks and it is mandatory to stay on a steady track being serious about your work in and out.And being able to manage the workload giving it a balanced shot is also truly needed.The professional has to manage all the given projects in the given time slots knowing all about the work assigned to him/her in clarity and detail.

2.Being challenge-worthy

The world is in a state of revolution with the ever-changing technology, consumer habits, increasing level of sophisticated internet norms and it’s users.And it is not very different with the field of digital marketing too which is also experiencing changes every minute and day.There seem to be always new things to learn, new skills to develop, new hurdles to overcome and one must have a penchant for solving issues,justify challenges and sign out victorious.One must have a knack to do interesting things and accept challenges as and when they come.Each of the projects in digital marketing is different so one must have the ability to think and act instantly providing the right solution fast enough,be creative and be ready to look at things from a different perspective, to achieve the goals the clients are trying to achieve too.

3.Having flexibility and being adaptable 

The world of digital marketing is moving at a very fast pace with regular new updates and changes taking place.And a professional here needs to be ready and willing to embrace changes in their careers too.For eg,one can look into the role of SEO and how it has changed in the past years.The digital marketing folks are required to be willing to change and adapt accordingly.A very important quality of a good digital marketer is flexibility because one has to be prepared to adopt new ways,methods,practices, update their skill set and knowledge base, keep in sync with the best industry practices and stay updated with all the current technologies and trends.An example of how things are changing constantly in digital marketing is Google Algorithm.It needs to be constantly updated.To be successful in your digital marketing career it is important to be a person who is not just open to change but who literally thrive on it.

The employers love this quality because their companies are quite fast-paced and they need employees who can be faster,willing to put their heart and soul into their work and have no problems with adapting to new concepts and situations.

4.Being a passionate learner craving for more to learn

A person of the digital marketing background must be a lifelong learner or must believe in this theory well enough.It is so because the field is constantly evolving along with the technologies that define it.One can keep abreast with up-to-date information, news of new technological advancements and practices by attending conferences,building a strong and stable peer network with fellow professionals,being in the know of latest industry news like knowing about the latest algorithms changes,taking refresher courses on important topics,learning new skills like web design and creation,copywriting etc.The love of learning is important because it makes you curious and willing to take chances and even undergo some risky situations.

5.A desire to help grow other businesses

The main goal of digital marketing is to assist businesses find exposure,find new leads,build credible brands,increase conversion and sales and grow their companies.Today with the advent of internet which is used by users for browsing and finding products,researching about any new idea or product,choose the choice of business,make informed and proper purchase decisions, it is very important that a company have an online presence if they want to reap out the best benefits.

6.Having the know-all desire

A student wanting to start a career in digital marketing has to be curious.He should have a creative desire to try new concepts and be analytical too to see the working and success rate of it.The curious desire helps employees develop skills needed to spot opportunities,solve problems and take risks.

7.Have right communication skills

In every way digital marketing is all about communication.It’s about disseminating messages, building relationships and all this is possible only with proper communication skills.One should know how to convey a message in a clear and concise way making it interesting too.This requires that the person is able to see things from another’s perspective,is clear in communicating ideas to others making sense all along and has a knack for creating interest in mundane subjects too.

8.Have leadership and management quality

Digital marketing is a multifaceted field that needs many different skill sets and qualities for it’s professionals.So digital marketing professionals have to work with people who can complement each other’s skills like an SEO expert who has to work in collaboration with a web designer and content writer. So it’s important that one must be able to lead and manage a team of workers to make things work systematically following a proper way which has certain aspects like delegating tasks,dividing projects amongst the team.He should also focus on the quality of the work which will get done keeping the client updated of all new developments.The art of co-working and team work must also be perfect in a successful digital marketer as digital marketing is team work rather than a solo endeavor. 

9.Being reliable and dedicated

In digital marketing you have to work with both professionals and clients and then it becomes more than evident to let your clients and fellow workers trust you.So the successful digital marketing professional must be hard working,dedicated and a reliable person who knows how to get the work done at any cost, on time according to plan and who doesn’t give up even when things get tough.The digital marketers must be dedicated to the cause of marketing excellence which means staying updated with the latest news to give the best services.

10.Being strategically correct with analytical thinking

The one important trait of a successful digital marketer is his/her ability to think strategically.Digital marketing is about setting a goal and then deciding how to help a client achieve that which requires the ability to analyze the situations,data and take the needed course of action.For eg,if a client wants to improve the number count of leads,conversions then the digital marketer must check out their current effort rate,help fellow workers make up to where they are lacking and come forward with a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to meet up to the results the client wants.


Digital marketing does not need too much of specialized knowledge but one must have or nurture competitive and required traits to be in the frontline of things. Some of the technical knowledge and skills can be learned but traits required to be successful cannot be learned in the same way. The professionals should have a liking and knack of learning and must be self-driven and passionate about their roles. To future proof one’s digital career one should also have a great attitude because it affects everything that you do. You should be enthusiastic, supportive, passionate and encouraging your colleagues and should try to strike the best rapport with everyone you meet and work with. Digital marketing also puts lot of emphasis on ‘soft skills’ and a potential digital marketer must imbibe and showcase all the listed qualities to be successful, have a balanced work scenario and to stand out knowing all, being the best.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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