Mental Health overview: Is this condition forever? Will I always feel this way?

About mental health

Psychosis is a mental health condition where a person loses contact with reality. For that individual, it becomes hard to differentiate between what is real and what is not. It’s symptoms can be mild or extreme. Psychosis shows up in multiple ways in either perception, behavior, or thoughts. Psychosis is a symptom and not an established mental illness. It is thought to be a symptom of schizophrenia but it can show up in bipolar disorders. Sometimes medications or recreational drugs can also lead to psychosis as can extreme stress and loss of sleep. It is a common phenomenon in the world today. It can get worse in time so it should be treated as early as possible.

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Everyone has to deal with their lives and experience their share of highs and lows. Sometimes you may touch the zenith of success while at others you may plunge deeper than your darkest fears. When at times we reach our lowest point we feel that we may never make things right and can never feel better. At times one does not even remember what life was before they started to experience the issue of mental illness as it’s easy to feel hopeless and good for nothing. The experiences of people though vary to great limits. For some, the struggle is for a small amount of time and after that, they don’t experience mental illness symptoms anymore. But some others have to struggle for their whole lifetime. 

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Treatment and self-help

There is no cure for mental illness and no one can guarantee that it is totally cured. But nonetheless, there are many treatments that are quite effective one of them being the self-help that one can do to improve their mental health. It’s very natural to feel a bit uncomfortable opening up to other people about one’s mental issues. For this one should read articles on the particular issue and learn more about mental illness. One should find someone who can be trusted and tell him/her about their own issues.

Depression can really prove fatal. It can drain our energies making us feel empty and all down. But by taking these steps we can bring a commendable change in our situations:-

1.Depression is a common ailment now. It affects many people. For the treatment of depression, it is important to be open, accepting, and understanding your own situation and knowing that where you are right now isn’t where you will always be.

2.One must not try to suppress feelings and emotions as a strategy to cope with the negative symptoms of depression as it is not the right process to follow. One should try to write down about what they are experiencing in the down phases and then write when the feelings and mood lift up too.

3.One must know that today’s emotions, moods, and thoughts don’t dictate tomorrow and don’t belong there. One should know that if they were not able to accomplish the goals of that day they should not feel disheartened because hope still lies in tomorrow. One should give himself some space to accept the fact that some days are naturally difficult but some may even be great. So one should try to look forward with new spirits, zeal, and energy with a fresh start.

4.Depression generally brings back recollections with negative emotions. In this phase one focuses on a particular thing that went wrong instead of the many things that went right. So one should stop this overgeneralization and try to make self recognize the good that is there. One can write down what was happy about the day or event and then write about what went wrong. So if we focus our attention on one thing then our thoughts may be directed away from the whole to the individual pieces that were positive.

5.There may be many things going on inside you. A negative, irrational voice in your head may deviate you from trying to help yourself. But if you learn to recognize it, you can learn to replace it by using logic as the reason for the same. One may address each thought individually as it occurs and one will soon see that the negative isn’t always the reality check.

6.Instead of making a long list of tasks one should consider setting one or two smaller tasks.

7.All goals are important and all successes are worth a celebration. When you achieve a goal you must even recognize it. You must recognize your own successes which is a powerful weapon against depression’s negativity. 

8.It may happen that the phase of depression may disrupt your daily routine so resetting a gentle schedule may help us feel balanced and in control. You should try to focus on those times when you feel most disorganized, torn, and scattered. One should try to focus on making a loose but structured routine that will help to keep the routine and the pace balanced.

9.Depression can feel more powerful than happy emotions. You must try to do something you love which is relaxing, satisfying and also energizing like painting, dancing, singing, hiking or anything that makes you happy.


Mental illness affects different people in different ways and each person’s recovery is different. People mostly are able to reduce their symptoms to a great level and luckier some are able to eliminate their symptoms totally. They are able to defeat this problem by wreaking havoc in their lives and controlling them. 


Many people learn about mental health, it’s symptoms, and how to recover from it. It’s a great learning experience for them. Recovery from a mental illness can be a long and hard process but it should still be combated with the power of positivity. One must not feel lost or deranged or broken because of this issue. They must know it’s just a passing phase and not the end of the world. So one must follow the required steps to understand one’s condition and work accordingly to improve it too.

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