How strong interpersonal skills can help you at work and in job search

Some of us may have heard of interpersonal skills but it’s exact definition may seem a bit fuzzy.The word ‘interpersonal’ means anything which involves interactions between people. From the perspective of business these skills are the behavioural aspects which allow you to work well with boss,colleagues,coworkers,clients,customers or anyone you come in contact with.These skills include communication,proper understanding,patience,empathy and more.Interpersonal skills are communication and behaviour-based tools that are used to interact effectively with people.These are skills that measure how well you get along with people.These are very important skills apart from the work skills that one learns to succeed in life.They can make or break your personal and professional rapport and image in society.

Interpersonal skills demarcate the difference between a  good and a great employee,a team member and a team leader.The cornerstone of interpersonal skills is your emotional intelligence or the ability to understand,handle and express your own emotions along with the capacity to read people and empathize with them.One must observe his/her own level of emotion,anxiety and vulnerability and try to become comfortable with it.

By developing and applying the interpersonal skills you can advance in job search,update the resume better,increase job interview prospects and help you hop ahead in time.

1.Show your perfect talking skills-A candidate needs to show that he /she can communicate with a diverse customer base and be good at interaction with other colleagues. It means that he has an adaptable nature and can balance to different people’s temperament, communicational style and energy levels.

2.Show your ability to convey message or information aptly—The candidate is required to communicate information clearly and concisely no matter what industry or work type he is in. It can include presentations, negotiations, discussions, training, team building measures or customer service.

3.Show what is your focus on–The people having  strong interpersonal skills and energy base do good in collective work environments or teams. They can be both leaders and decision-makers, utilize their skills to give every employee a fair, good chance and even offer to give articulated and balanced feedback. When you can showcase your skills well in a job interview it never goes unnoticed. The employers notice your skill sets during the interview itself when you are interacting with the jury members and from there they evaluate your propensity for team-oriented achievements.

4.Show your command on self by staying calm–The interpersonal skills need maturity and professionalism. You must remain calm and collected in conflicting situations or stressful circumstances. It can keep conflicts from blowing out of proportions and keep the office environment productive.

5.Show your adjustability quotient-–Interpersonal skills are not just about how you speak to people but also how it makes them feel about you. It is important because employers often think about company culture when they take interviews. They sure want to know that you are qualified to do the job but they also want to know whether your qualities will add value to the culture. In the same way, job hunters need to pay attention to the company culture during the interview. The job seeker may note the dress code, rules, work traditions, environment and the overall impact of the feels that he /she gets at the workplace.

Some additional interpersonal skills are:-

Communication,empathy and emotional intelligence are truly the most essential components of interpersonal skills but they don’t stand alone.There are some other skills that go with them too—-


2.Conflict Management

3.Conflict Resolution















Importance of interpersonal skills for career

It does not matter really about the company you work in or the type of job that you do.A candidate’s interpersonal skills impact the path of career.With strong interpersonal skills the rate of success will be more and most.We tend to like and dislike some people and it depends on how they interact with us.It is the first and foremost quality visible to others which decides a lot about the future of the company one works in and his own career growth.

Improvement pattern

If you want to improve over anything of yours,any quality,skill,knowledge base or aspect then self-assessment,analysis and introspection will help out a lot in understanding,practicing and applying those skills.There are some skill assessment platforms which aid to evaluate the current level of your interpersonal skills.One needs to have a keen sense of how people respond to you in both your personal and professional lives.

You don’t need to be an extrovert or that favorite people’s person to have good interpersonal skills.You should look for ways to increase your confidence setups.Confidence is a precious asset when it comes to interpersonal skills.A proper balance between confidence and humility supports you to hold your head high rather than approach conversations looking shy and feeling uneasy.If one of the conversants is uncomfortable the other is too.Confidence makes it easier to express your ideas in any meeting or discussion.If you are confident it allows you to be more adept and prominent at other interpersonal skills like negotiation,conflict resolution,constructive criticism and trust.And the best way to be confident is to know what you are talking about.

If you want to know how others feel when you interact with them then ask them to give honest feedback.Then listen openly to that feedback and welcome it as a way to help yourself.Try to grasp what they are saying and use it to identify areas and plans for improvement.You must also listen and ask thoughtful questions.One of the most common mistakes with communication is that we spend too much time speaking and too little time listening.You should try to be selfless in a conversation by listening actively and asking questions.And it requires concentration.In some ways listening is a  complex,multi-sensorial experience because you listen with both your ears and also your eyes.To improve these skills one can also take the help of experts or relevant courses offered at universities and colleges. 

Ways to show interpersonal skills in the job search

The interpersonal skills can be put to use to help in job searches:-

1.Use of the professional network–A professional network is one of the best assets to constantly grow and nourish while adding more connections. You can think back of former colleagues and supervisors you once had strong working relationships with. You can reach out to them and ask them to keep their eyes open for you for any suitable job prospect they come across.

2.Highlight interpersonal skills in the resume and cover letter–There are many ways to show these skills in your resume and cover letter to help make a great first impression. You can add bullets on your resume for each job that shows how you put your interpersonal skills to work. In the cover letter you will have the chance to show off your written communication skills.

3.Bring in the interpersonal skills to the interview—You need to constantly remember that your interpersonal skills matter and you need to go through that mental checklist which says to actively listen and show interest. Communicate clearly and confidently. And you may tell stories too that show off your skills. You need to come up with questions of your own which will show your active alert engagement in the process of interview.


No matter where we stay, what we do for our living we need to interact with maybe coworkers, bosses, clients and interpersonal skills are needed here which prove to be very crucial to your success. And whether you believe and realize it or not employers are looking for interpersonal skills which are equally important for them too. So one should never sideline the importance of interpersonal skills and take the pain to improve and perfect it out to land on the dream, perfect job one always wanted.

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