The suicidal spirit: Mental issue like suicide, it’s symptoms and possible cure

Mental issues are a common phenomenon now the world over. With the advancement in the quality and living standards and fast track pace of life, things have become very unnatural. People are caught in a frenzy and frolic of life together. Many people are winners as they manage any kind of situation well enough while most of the people are not able to handle the pressures and perils that this life offers and easily succumb to a mental breakdown. Individuals experience a medley of emotions and feelings during this lowdown phase and thinking about death and dying is a natural phenomenon that is equally scary. For many people suicide is a permanent solution to a common problem. People may under the control of depression and mental crisis periods feel too hopeless and miserable to carry on their lives and feel like they don’t belong to this world. And this might trigger the thought of suicide very easily.

Know the signs of suicide

Prevention of this condition(suicide) will firstly need identification of the warning signs of suicide which can be:-1. Talking frequently about death and suicide.

2.Feelings of hopelessness.

3.Saying that one is a burden.

4.Withdrawals from friends and family.

5.Losing interest in activities.

6.Extreme mood swings.

7.Giving away personal possessions.

8.Being a loner and saying goodbye to family and friends.

Suicide is a serious problem and any suicide threat or attempt should not be ignored and sidelined. To stop and help patients from this situation these points should be taken into consideration:-

1.Don’t ignore the patient’s feelingsThe thoughts that people share about suicide or death should not be taken for granted and ignored. They must be taken for it’s seriousness and dire consequences. One should listen to the problems of the patients without offering judgments and not dismiss their experiences as being bluff or unimportant.

2.Understand the cry for helpWhen a person attempts suicide, it isn’t a sign that they want to die but is an indicator that they are in great emotional pain but don’t know how to deal with it. Suicide for them appears to be their only option to escape from a situation they don’t know how to handle. If they are still alive they are seeking an alternative to death desperately and attempting suicide may be their way of reaching out for help.

3.Be a good listener-If one is able to talk with a caring friend and unburden self from mounting troubles it can go a long way to relieve the unbearable build-up of pressure which leads finally to a suicide attempt. It does not require any special skill to be a good listener. One should just be patient and accepting and try to avoid getting into an argument and offer simplistic solutions. One should just show that they care instead of providing quick-fix solutions that seem insensitive and which try to make the episode sound trivial.

4.Be encouraging to people with depression-Excepting some incidents which are a surprise mostly suicide cases stem from people having depression for a long period of time. So one should work to take away the stigma around depression and encourage people who are hurting to get the help that they need immediately to save lives because the problem is dealt with before it worsens.

5.Don’t leave the patient aloneIf a person seems to be in danger of hurting themselves people should not leave them alone.

6.Encourage the patient to see a mental health professionalThe patient should be encouraged to see a mental health professional which may take some patience and persistence.

If the thought of killing oneself is scary for you,  it is actually a good sign. Because the part of you that is scared is the one who wants to live. The emotion of fear is not anything funny but it at times can be a positive thing that motivates you to ask for help. So it is a fact that thinking about suicide does not mean you want to die at all. One may be having intrusive thoughts about death which may seem to come from nowhere. Everyone has them from time to time. Many people are able to take it in their strides but some get caught in it.


One should try to know about what is mental illness to feel a sense of control which can empower to help live a fruitful life. You should know that during the phase of mental crisis you are not alone. One should look out for support groups where people talk about their personal experiences and give empathy and needed counseling.

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