Let the child rule first: Autonomy based parenting is really good during the pandemic times

The parenting based on autonomy promotes the overall wellbeing of children and parents in the difficult phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To parents school-going children remotely is a challenge. Some parents have to do their jobs from home and also keep an eye on their children because they lack normal child support services like day care during the time of the pandemic. According to a new study allowing children some more freedom and self time maybe the most effective strategy for adults and children alike.

Research has tried to explore whether or not autonomy-supportive parental behaviour can facilitate adaptation and better child well-being. It has also been explored whether such parenting behaviour helps to create a positive emotional climate that can be beneficial to both parents and children. The study could find that autonomy-supportive parenting behaviour is positively connected with better child well-being and higher parental need fulfilment. And as an additional benefit it was also found that though this parenting style needed a ton of care and energy to maintain but it also provided a recharging effect for them.

About autonomy based parenting

Autonomy based parenting means allowing a child to operate in independence within a structured setup and reasonable boundaries. In this parental technique an adult communicates in a non-judgmental way to the child that allows them to explore their own strategies and solutions without fear of reprisal. This way the child gains the opportunity to own their actions and consequences. By excluding parental micromanagement, autonomy-based parenting helps to promote a child’s feeling of competence.

Considering the context of the current pandemic, autonomy-based parenting means that a child takes up more responsibility for the quality of their schoolwork just like they would have done if they were in a pre-pandemic normal classroom. And this method also returns some much needed time to the working and ultra busy parents to give them a sigh of relief and a moment to breathe.

The study methods

Through the use of parent questionnaires the researchers tracked the prevalence and effect of autonomy-based parenting over 3 consecutive weeks during the pandemic. The findings from the daily questionnaires suggested that autonomy-supportive parenting is beneficial for the well being of both children and parents. The study also found out that autonomy-based parenting improved family cohesion with parents experiencing enhanced vitality and a reduction in stress.

Autonomy-supportive behavior can have positive downstream effects not only on the receiving child but also on the social system and the provider of support.

So don’t boss over your kid. Let him take the lead and initiative to do things, right or wrong, but his way so that the corona pandemic becomes a learning period and a fun one too for your prince and princess. All good, and all happy!!!

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