Know it better

Some informatory crunch for all of us to know stuff better and brighter. Let there be light. Of knowledge everywhere.

1. Tell me, how do deep-sea fish live?

Ans-Deep sea fish live completely in the dark where green plants can not grow. They have to withstand a strong water pressure and intense cold. For this reason, many have luminous parts in their bodies. Others have eyes trained to pick up the tiniest glow or speck of light. And some of them are blind, relying on their powers of touch and many have very thick skins. All feed on remains floating on the surface and on other marine life.

2. Tell me, how many oceans are there?

Ans-The oceans are huge masses of water, between continents but all lived together to form one mass. There are three, the most easterly is the Pacific Ocean covering about 100,000 sq. km, then comes the Atlantic with around 106,000,000sq km and the Indian Ocean around 75,000,000 plus their glaciers seas of the Arctic and Antarctica cover 70% of earth’s surface altogether. 

3. Tell me, are there any sea monsters?

Ans-Hundreds of sea monsters have been reported of every size and description. But not a single one has ever been captured. We have to remember that when sailors spend months at sea, with time to look out on the expanse of the oceans, imagination can play strange tricks. And when science or technology cannot give an explanation, out of the ordinary sightings often lead to legends of sea monsters.

4. Tell me, how can we avoid sea sickness?

Ans-Sickness, giddiness, sweating and headache are all symptoms of seasickness. It is caused by the rolling of the boat and the longitudinal axis, from one broadside to the other or part to starboard and around the horizontal axis, from bow to stern. To avoid seasickness eat only solid, spicy food and keep to the centre of the boat in the open air, eyes closed to avoid looking at anything which is moving.

5. Tell me, what colour is the sea?

Ans-Sea Waters are clear, but the surface colour depends on the reflection of the sky. So with a grey sky, the sea will be grey and in bad weather, the sea would be grey. But the deeper the water, the deeper is the colour, becoming blue, then gradually darkening into violet. This is because the light from the rays of the sun are made up all of the gradual changes or graduations which are lost one by one as the light cuts through the water.

6. Tell me, how deep is the sea?

Ans-The Pacific Ocean is the deepest, with a minimum depth of 4,050 mts, maximum of 11,030 mts. Next is the Indian Ocean with minimum 3,900 mts, maximum 9,200 and the Atlantic, minimum 3,300,maximum depth 9,200 mts. The maximum depth of the Arctic Ocean is 5,500 mts, then the Mediterranean Sea with a maximum depth of 6,120 mts and minimum of1000 mts. Bottom of the deep sea league is the Baltic, minimum depth,460 mts and the North Sea,90 to 100 mts.

7. Tell me, why is the sea salty?

Ans-All water contains salt. The taste depends on the quantity and the water in which it is dissolved. In the sea, the saltiness depends on the temperature, the rivers flowing into it and the currents. With high temperatures, water evaporates and the salt gets very concentrated. Rivers are of clear water, so a sea which has a lot of river water has less salt than one where few rivers flow. The currents mix the waters and so dilute the quantity of salt.


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