Effect of social media on journalism

Social media has drastically brought a change in the way journalists do their jobs by changing the way they get information and ideas to how they share their stories. Social media offers journalists increased access to content. Now because of social media journalists have unprecedented access to their audience taking them closer to the contentContinue reading “Effect of social media on journalism”

Tools to enhance social media marketing

Social media is the new in-house favorite of the masses becoming a regular part of our lives.Marketers try to gather their audience by meeting them halfway on the social media channels.There are more and more brands today that use social platforms  to pass on the messages to their respective customers.Today more than 80%in the USContinue reading “Tools to enhance social media marketing”

Tools to find and target the right audience

In the world of online marketing, there are hundreds of free tools to help you learn more about your target audience. These tools can help you identify average income, geographic location, psychographics, etc. Here are 6 tools to identify your target audience— 1.Google Analytics-Audience Tab–  Google Analytics turns assumptions about your target audience into solidContinue reading “Tools to find and target the right audience”

How to create a successful social media strategy

A social media strategy is a summary of the plans and actions that you try and get done on social media. It is a guide for those plans and gives stats about your wins and losses in it.A specific,concise plan is very effective and should not be overloaded with information to make it lofty andContinue reading “How to create a successful social media strategy”

Print media and the rise of digital media

Today amidst the immense popularity and prevalence of electronic and digital media we find it difficult to imagine that there must have been a time when print media was invented. The earliest civilizations relied on oral communication.If there was a news to be told they ran to spread the word to others who did theContinue reading “Print media and the rise of digital media”

Voice modulation and it’s importance for a radio jockey: How to modulate your voice

Voice Modulation is the process of control and adjustment of voice suiting the requirements of one’s ongoing conversation. It’s the process when you choose to go louder, softer, faster or slower, dramatic or emotional. Voice modulation means using your voice and tone to communicate your message more effectively. Without proper voice modulation, you would beContinue reading “Voice modulation and it’s importance for a radio jockey: How to modulate your voice”

New Media Journalism

New Media journalism is a broad term in Media Studies that emerged in the latter part of the 20th century to describe the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word with the interactive power of computer and communication technology,computer-enabled consumer devices and most importantly the internet. The new mediaContinue reading “New Media Journalism”

Top 10 qualities of a hospitality employee

The hospitality sector is a very promising field for competent, trained, and dedicated professionals. If one wants to achieve success and work with the dedication he /she can surely make their life in it. By possessing some likable qualities a hospitality professional can work well. The aspirants must prove their worth by having an impressiveContinue reading “Top 10 qualities of a hospitality employee”

The right proctoring service and how to make use of it

Introduction We all know that e-learning is the future of learning. “It has been estimated that by 2025 the global e-learning market will surge up to reach $325 billion USD.” And the rapid growth of the e-learning industry has to be supported by suiting technologies. An area that is seeing a fast growth potential isContinue reading “The right proctoring service and how to make use of it”

About online proctoring system: Working and more.

In today’s times of advancement, e-learning has been considered the future of education which is here to stay. And the rapid growth of the e-learning industry has created the need for many supportive technologies to step forward. An area that is finding it’s space and importance accordingly is virtual proctoring. The introduction of an online proctoringContinue reading “About online proctoring system: Working and more.”