The unlearning factor: How to lead a satisfactory life during the Covid pandemic

We are not familiar with the word ‘unroutine‘ but it defines our lives and cycle of doing things nowadays. We see ourselves entangled in the recurring cycle of uncertainty and unpredictability. We are stuck in our humble yet boring-now-to-a-limit abodes, being sadly homebound and not being able to feel free what with so many regulations to follow in a day’s game plan. We cannot be normal in either thought or deeds as we are driven crazy by these set of weird covid-crazy rules to follow. In the process of maintaining social distancing from our loved ones to being the masked warriors fighting this dangerous battle with an unwanted disease we have started losing our minds and sanity in a slow but steady process. So in a sense, we are maintaining quite a stipulated distance from living a full and optimal life under irregular circumstances.

But all hope is not lost yet. We can still find good things for us and try to preserve them. Because when all is gloomy and grey shaded, we need to keep stock of our small joys thus taking the baby steps towards optimal living. And keep that creative flicker alive and burning. All of our positive efforts can really help to balance our moods, moments and mindset and even alleviate us from our piled-up trash of unwanted stress and tensions. Being faced by an unprecedented crisis like Covid-19 phenomenon, we need to show that we are capable to outsmart these trying times by understanding it and balancing all the aspects in our favour while learning to be imperfect.

About the unlearning phenomenon

Now unlearning is a new form of learning, one which should be embraced in the moment. It means shedding habits, practices and processes which are and have been an integral part of our routines. To live an optimised life, we need to study our minds and find new patterns of thinking, socialising, working, collaborating and co-existing. Our routines need to be modified to suit and fit in a brand new lifestyle.

And then the question comes that do we have the power to control ourselves when the external factors are way beyond our control? Over the years we have all setup a specific work-home routine to suit our lazy needs, forgetting the part of life that is truly irregular and topsy-turvy. Life is not a safe bracket, not a comfort zone for one and all, not at all a safe bet to rely on blindfolded and not our cosy carpet which can be rolled out fulfilling our desires and multiple needs. By defining ourselves in a limit or cocooning our fat asses in our suitable routine shells, we cannot gain much and make any headway. And so then the point of unlearning comes in.

As we all are now thanks to the Dracula-disease, close to the word and experience of terrible, as our lives have been led beautifully astray, and as they smell rotten and suck badly, we should start to know the process of ‘unroutine’.We should stand out ready to take new challenges, try out new stuffs and be ready to experience something we are not familiar with.

Life is a changing art, it acquires more beauty and power when we are ready to enquire, observe, try, learn and experience. It is mundane if we get stuck in enjoying what is routinely and obvious and becomes more of a burden than a boon when we stop our curiosity to ponder, wander and visualize a world different, better and more interesting than the present one. We are all able to create universes more beautiful than our power and more perfect than our imaginations. So why shouldn’t we step up to create wonders and do everything that we can? Because we are in command to handle life, our masterpiece.

It has been proven by research that people who are more willing to accept changes in any phase of life faster and easily than others shine out as winners in lesser time than their counterparts. The uncertainty of our lives puts our will, our strength and our collective abilities to a test to prove that we are head and heart strong together with having the right mix of passion, perseverance and integrity to fight through any toughness and challenge crossing our paths. The trying times are the test papers measuring us on every of the parameters which constitute vitals of a perfect life. We should try to accept non-conventional ways to do things and take negative and petty stuffs in our strides learning from them and making amends.

We must be confident of our competency status and not get stuck in unending speculations and worries of the future. We can’t make future perfect by wishing. Rather we can do so by making our present perfect and feeling the same too. We must try to reinvent, rediscover and reposition ourselves. We should focus on our inner treasures and update them before focussing on the outer world.

We should take one day at a time and give our best in that day. We should not overthink about what will happen tomorrow and ruin the present moment. We should not let other’s opinions deviate us from our faith, opinions and convictions. We must go after tiny things that are capable of giving us complete joys and satisfaction and which must be given a special position in our lives to take motivation from. We should try to find out ways to get through our obstacles and we must not go crazy after finding the diamond of perfection as sometimes a diamond with a flaw creates more sparkle than one without. A special sparkle of truth and divinity which only needs to be understood by the righteous.

So guys we should all put our crazy attires on and just run the show of life to enjoy it well, not always working to perfect that cranky shit because perfection is not a pleasure always. We need to bend our rules a bit and see the real better picture which requires strokes of craziness, happiness, imperfect shots and perfected smiles, maybe even loud banter decorated with the bliss of the moment which is crankier. Let’s for once forget who was the perfectionist. Let’s remember the crazy gist of our lives, the fun-on-the-run thing and embrace everything as it is. Because the beauty lies there in our acceptance of things. And in cute innocent imperfection!!!

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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