My family member refuses to go to the hospital

It’s really bad to see people struggle with mental health issues and not accept any kind of extended help. It sometimes becomes a big problem if one sees that a person can be dangerous to himself and others but refuses to go to the hospital and then has a psychotic breakdown. It can be the result of drug use or a symptom of a mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

It is best if you can get them to go voluntarily. People have better experiences in the hospital if they decide to go on their own. The hospital staff may treat them differently and this process is more difficult for an involuntary approach by the patient.

It’s better to make treatment decisions together. If the family member refuses to go once doesn’t mean they won’t go ever. One should keep trying, asking questions, listening and reflecting. One should tell the patient that they are really worried for their welfare. One should reassure them that they will get proper help to pass this phase of time.

What if things get worse and they still won’t go?

A person may be involuntarily admitted in a hospital if they are a danger to themselves or others or are gravely disabled. They are a danger to themselves if they say they want to harm themselves or others and are gravely diasbled when they are sick and can’t make decisions for themselves.

Getting them to the hospital

A mobile crisis team is a group of health professionals that respond to mental health crisis situations in homes. This team includes nurses, social workers, psychiatrists or peer specialists. Mobile crisis teams sometimes work in association with police departments. These teams come to the house when called and do an assessment by asking some questions and then help you get your family member to the hospital. If you need to go to an inpatient mental health hospital it is best to visit there first for admission rather than going to the emergency room which is not well equipped to handle psychiatric emergencies.

At the hospital

When you admit the patient to the hospital tell the staff about the health condition of the same what is the patient going through. Then you need to tell them whether it’s the first time or is a continuing problem. You need to provide details of the patient’s condition completely. You must stay with them if it is their first time in a mental institution as they come to terms with their mental illness. One should be patient and supportive towards the patient in his recovery and rehabilitation.


Mental health issues are a common problem for hundreds of households. A mental patient is considered dangerous and bad for the society.vHe/she may at times not go to the hospital voluntarily which too has a solution.vBy following the above given steps one can facilitate the process of admission to a hospital easily.vMental health is a serious and important issue and must not be ignored to provide timely help to the person having it. It is an issue which can be commanded to a large extent.

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